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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Robbie Fulks
Robbie Fulks【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 54 首歌 】
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Upland Stories 英文
1.Alabama at Night (提供)
2.Katy Kay (提供)
3.Sweet as Sweet Comes (提供)
4.A Miracle
5.America is a Hard Religion (提供)
6.South Bend Soldiers On (提供)
8.Aunt Peg's New Old Man (提供)
9.Sarah Jane (提供)
10.Never Come Home
11.Baby Rocked Her Dolly (提供)
12.Fare Thee Well, Carolina Gals (提供)
Gone Away Backward 英文
1.I'll Trade You Money For Wine (提供)
2.Where I Fell (提供)
3.Long I Ride (提供)
4.That's Where I'm From (提供)
5.When You Get To the Bottom (提供)
6.Snake Chapman's Tune (提供)
7.Imogene (提供)
8.Pacific Slope (提供)
9.Sometimes the Grass is Really Greener (提供)
10.Guess I Got It Wrong (提供)
11.Many Disguises of God (提供)
12.Rose of the Summer (提供)
The Man Of Somebody's Dreams: A Tribute To The Songs Of Chris Gaffney 英文
1.King Of The Blues (提供)
South Mouth 英文
1.I Told Her Lies
2.Busy Not Crying
3.Fuck This Town
Robbie Fulks on Audiotree Live 英文
1.Alabama At Night - Audiotree Live Version
2.The Buck Starts Here - Audiotree Live Version
3.Aunt Peg's New Old Man - Audiotree Live Version
Let's Kill Saturday Night 英文
1.Let's Kill Saturday Night
2.Pretty Little Poison
3.She Must Think I Like Poetry
5.Little King
6.You Shouldn't Have
7.Down in Her Arms
Country Love Songs 英文
1.Every Kind of Music but Country
2.Rock Bottom, Pop. 1
3.We'll Burn Together
4.Let's Live Together
5.Papa Was a Steel-Headed Man
暫存 英文
2.Can't Win for Losing You
3.I Like Being Left Alone
4.Take Me To The Paradise
5.She Took A Lot Of Pills (& Died)
6.God Isn't Real
7.Goodbye, Good-Lookin'
9.Mad At a Girl
11.Georgia Hard

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