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Otis Redding【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 224 首歌 】
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The King of Soul 英文
1.These Arms Of Mine
Legenden des Soul 英文
2.She's All Right (提供)
3.Send Me Some Lovin'
5.I've Got Dreams To Remember
6.Stay in School
7.Trick or Treat
8.There Goes My Baby
10.Mr. Pitiful
11.You Got Good Lovin'
12.Good to Me
13.These Arms Of Mine
14.Direct Me
15.Gone Again
16.I Can't Get No Satisfaction
17.Little Ol' Me
18.Remember Me
19.Pounds and Hundreds
20.I'm Coming Home
Stax-Volt: The Complete Singles 1959-1968 英文
1.Pain In My Heart (Single/LP Version)
3.I'm Depending On You (提供)
5.Don't Leave Me This Way
6.Come To Me
7.These Arms Of Mine
8.That's What My Heart Needs
9.I Can't Turn You Loose
10.Shake [Live Europe Version] (Single/LP Version)
11.Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa [Sad Song] (Single/LP Version)
12.That's How Strong My Love Is (Single/LP Version)
13.Try A Little Tenderness
Live At the Whisky a Go Go 英文
1.Pain In My Heart (Live / Set 1 / Friday, April 8, 1966)
2.Security (Live / Set 2 / Friday, April 8, 1966)
3.Just One More Day (Live / Set 1 / Sunday, April 10, 1966)
4.Any Ole Way (Live / Set 1 / Sunday, April 10, 1966)
5.Good To Me (Live / Set 1 / Saturday, April 9, 1966)
6.Chained and Bound (Live / Set 1 / Sunday, April 10, 1966)
7.Ole Man Trouble (Live / Set 1 / Saturday, April 9, 1966)
8.These Arms of Mine (Live / Set 3 / Saturday, April 9, 1966)
暫存1 英文
1.Hard To Handle
2.Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
3.Try A Little Tenderness
4.some kind of wonderful
5.I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)
7.A Change Is Gonna Come
8.Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
9.Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
10.Respect (Alternate)
11.Hawg for You
12.The Happy Song (Dum-Dum)
13.I've Got Dreams to Remember
14.Down in the Valley
15.I'm a Changed Man
16.Wonderful World
17.Home In Your Heart
18.Keep Your Arms Around Me
19.These Arms Of Mine - Live
20.I've Been Loving You Too Long
21.Champagne And Wine
22.Ole Man Trouble
23.Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay
24.Chain Gang
25.I'm Coming Home To See About You
26.Stay In School (Radio Spot)
27.Are You Lonely For Me Baby
28.The Happy Song
29.Mary's Little Lamb
31.Think About It
32.My Girl
33.Shout Bamalama
34.I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) - Live
35.You Don't Miss Your Water
36.Don't Be Afraid of Love
37.Chained and Bound
38.Can't Turn You Loose
39.Come to Me
40.Love Have Mercy
41.It's Growing
42.Your One And Only Man - Live
43.Stay In School
44.Any Ole Way - Live
45.Can't Turn You Loose - Live
46.Something Is Worrying Me
48.Your Feeling Is Mine
49.Change Gonna Come
50.A Fool for You
51.Groovin' Time
52.I Love You More Than Words Can Say
53.Love Man
54.Tramp (With Carla Thomas)
56.the Dock of the Bay
58.My Lover's Prayer
59.You Left the Water Running
60.You Made a Man Out of Me
61.Just One More Day
62.Sweet Lorene
63.Cigarettes and Coffee
64.A Lover's Question
65.She Put the Hurt on Me
67.Knock On Wood
68.Open the Door
69.Lovey Dovey
70.Your One and Only Man
71.I'm Sick Y'all
72.Treat Her Right
73.Ton of Joy
74.Don't Mess with Cupid
75.Stand by Me
77.Satisfaction - Live
78.Free Me
79.Day Tripper
80.The Match Game
81.The Dog
82.I Need Your Lovin'
83.Shout Bamalama - With The Pinetoppers
84.That's How Strong My Love Is
85.New Year's Resolution
86.Any Ole Way
暫存 英文
1.Merry Christmas, Baby
2.Bring It On Home To Me
3.I'll Let Nothing Separate Us
4.Rock Me Baby
5.Nobody's Fault but Mine
6.You Send Me
7.Nobody Knows You (When You're Down And Out)
8.Nothing Can Change This Love
9.When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
10.Tennessee Waltz
11.Hey Hey Baby
12.That's a Good Idea
13.You're Still My Baby
14.Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
15.Let Me Come On Home
16.Spanish Harlem
17.Slippin' And Slidin'
18.White Christmas
19.Ooh Carla, Ooh Otis
20.I Want To Thank You
21.Tell the Truth
22.Pain in My Heart
23.A Little Time
24.Look At The Girl
25.Look at That Girl
26.Higher And Higher
27.Got to Get Myself Together
28.Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher & Higher
29.Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher
30.Thousand Miles Away
31.A Waste of Time
32.Pounds And Hundreds (Lbs + 100s)
33.Louie Louie
34.Try a Little Tenderness (Remastered)
35.Johnny's Heartbreak
36.The Huckle-Buck
37.I Got The Will
38.Wholesale Love
39.My Girl [Live Europe Version]
40.I've Got Dreams To Remember (Single/LP Version)
41.Respect [Live Europe Version]
42.Pain in My Heart (Live)
43.Day Tripper [Live Europe Version]
44.Woman, Lover, A Friend
45.I'll Let Nothing Seperate Us
46.Just One More Day (Live)
47.Good To Me (live)
48.Satisfaction (I Can't Get No) (Live)
49.I've Been Loving You Too Long - Remastered Mono Mix of Stereo
50.You Don't Miss Your Water - Remastered Stereo
51.Rock Me Baby - Remastered Mono
52.You Don't Miss Your Water - Remastered Mono
53.Wonderful World - Remastered Stereo
54.Ole Man Trouble - Remastered Mono Mix of Stereo
55.Any Ole Way - Remastered Stereo Single Version
56.I'm Depending On You - Remastered Live at the Whisky 1968
57.Change Is Gonna Come - Remastered Stereo
58.Down In The Valley - Remastered Stereo
59.Shake - Remastered Stereo
60.Wonderful World - Remastered Mono
61.Try A Little Tenderness (45 Version)
62.Change Gonna Come (Remastered) [Mono]
63.Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) [Live Europe Version]
64.A Woman, a Lover, a Friend (Alternate Version)
65.Change Is Gonna Come - Remastered Mono
66.My Girl (Remastered Mono Version)
67.I've Got Dreams to Remember (Single Version)
68.The Happy Song (Dun-Dum)
69.I Love You More Than Words Can Say (Remastered Single Version)
70.I Can't Get No Satisfaction (Live In Paris)
71.Day Tripper (Alternate Take)
72.Respect (London)
73.The Dock of the Bay (Sittin' on)
74.Hard to Handle (remix)
75.A Hard Day's Night (Live Whisky a Go Go, Los Angeles, CA April 8, 9, 10, 1966)
76.Match Game
77.I've Been Loving You
78.Old Man Trouble
79.Woman, a Lover, a Friend
80.It Takes Two
81.Let Me Be Good to You
82.Tell It Like It Is
83.Respect (Live, Olympia, Paris 21 Mars 1967)
84.Shake (live)
85.Sitting on The Dock of a Bay
86.Come To Me - Alternate
87.Merry Christmas Baby (take 1)
88.I need your loving
89.The Happy Song (Dum-Dum-De-De-De-Dum-Dum)
90.For your precious love
91.Loving by the Pound
92.Dock of the Bay
93.You Don't Miss Your Water (Mono) - Remastered
94.A Little Tenderness
95.Pain in My Heart (alternate take)
96.Bring It On Home

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