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Sweethearts Of The Rodeo【 共收藏 5 張專輯, 58 首歌 】
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Restless 英文
1.You Can't Hold Me Back (提供)
2.Restless (提供)
3.What Does Love Mean to You? (提供)
4.Maybe Tonight (提供)
5.Too Little Too Late (提供)
6.Running Out of Road (提供)
7.Hopeless Rose (提供)
8.Love It Away (提供)
9.Sinful Thoughts (提供)
10.Gone to Kentucky (提供)
11.Heart Out in the Rain (提供)
12.Get Together (提供)
Sweethearts of the Rodeo 英文
1.Hey Doll Baby
2.Since I Found You
3.Chains of Gold
4.Everywhere I Turn
5.Midnight Girl-Sunset Town
One Time, One Night 英文
1.Satisfy You
2.Gone Again
3.If I Never See Midnight Again
4.I Feel Fine
5.You Never Talk Sweet
6.One Time, One Night
7.Don't Look Down
8.So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
9.We Won't Let That River Come Between Us
10.Blue to the Bone
11.Until I Stop Dancing
Beautiful Lies 英文
1.Beautiful Lies
2.When the Morning Comes
3.Catch the Wind
4.Pretty Words
5.One More Night
暫存 英文
1.Blue To The Bone (1988)
2.Chains Of Gold (1987)
3.Satisfy You (1988)
4.Since I Found You (1986)
5.Blue Sky
6.Brand New Tennessee Waltz
7.Hoping That You're Hoping
8.You Look At Love That Way
9.What It Does To Me
10.Uphill All The Way
11.This Heart
12.Steel Rail Blues
13.I Don't Want You To Know
14.He Doesn't Tell Me Anything
15.Hard Road To Go
16.Please Help Me, I'm Falling
17.Broken Arrow
18.Jenny Dreamed Of Trains
19.Long Time Gone
20.Como Se Dice (I Love You)
21.Get Rhythm
22.Deep River Blues
23.Hey Doll Baby (live)
24.Don't Wake Me Up
25.Como Se Dice

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