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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Sun Glitters
Sun Glitters【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 50 首歌 】
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Galaxy 英文
3.Clouds in Your Eyes (提供)
4.Galaxy (La Fine Equipe Remix) (提供)
5.Galaxy (Alphaat Remix) (提供)
Diving Into Reality 英文
1.Everyday Is A New Start (提供)
2.Waving Marinella (提供)
3.No Birds Or Yoga Allowed (ft Doseone) (提供)
4.Always The Same (提供)
5.Holy Mistakes (提供)
6.In A Minute Or So… (提供)
Fading Days 英文
1.Tell Me, Why You (提供)
2.I Tear You Apart (提供)
3.Fading Days (提供)
4.Here It Comes (提供)
Scattered into Light 英文
1.Feeling Young (提供)
2.Too Much to Lose
3.Lonely Trip (提供)
4.Scattered into Light (提供)
5.Only You (提供)
6.And the Sun Goes Down (提供)
7.I, You, We… Know (提供)
8.Three, Four Days (提供)
9.Closer to the Sun (提供)
10.When the Train Comes (提供)
11.Soft Breeze (提供)
Mouth Tight 英文
1.Mouth (提供)
2.Tight (提供)
3.Mouth (Shigeto Remix) (提供)
4.Mouth (Life & Limb Remix) (提供)
5.Tight (Twin Empire Remix) (提供)
6.Tight (Blackbird Blackbird Ambient Remix) (提供)
It’s snowing and the girls are singing 英文
1.Loving Poem by JemInEye vs Sun Glitters
2.He waits for me (feat. Deborah Lehnen) (提供)
3.Is it (feat. Nicole Millar)
4.Run (feat. CoMa)
5.As I Sleep (feat. And Then)
6.Koskaan (feat. Anna-Maria Marjamaki) (提供)
7.Inside (feat. Ours Ghost) (提供)
8.Breathe In (feat. bvitae) (提供)
9.Life In A Ferris Wheel (feat. CoMa) (提供)
10.Surullinen (feat. Anna-Maria Marjamaki) (提供)
11.Turning (feat. Steffaloo)
Everything Could Be Fine 英文
1.Too Much to Lose
2.Feel It
3.Find Your Way (See)
4.Everything Could Be Fine (提供)
暫存 英文
1.There (Stumbleine remix)
2.The Wind Caresses Her Hair
3.Too Much To Lose (Regal Safari Remix)

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