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Southwest Passage 英文
1.Southwest Passage (提供)
2.All Contempt Reciprocated (提供)
3.Human Extinction (提供)
4.Dwelling In The Fullmoon Forests (提供)
5.Obscure And Darkened Contemplation (提供)
6.Requiem For A Lonely Ghost (提供)
Perceiving the World With Hate - EP 英文
1.The Dark Forest's Embrace
2.Trails of Desolation
3.Call of the Redwood Forest
4.Origin of Paranormal Possibilities (提供)
5.Ethereal Moon (提供)
6.Negative Emanations
7.When the Moon and the Earth Collide Into the Sun
8.Perceiving the World With Hate (提供)
9.The End
In the Heart of the Rainforest / Misanthropic Isolation - EP 英文
1.Forest of Fear
2.In the Heart of the Rainforest
3.As Twilight Falls
4.The Dawn of Winter
5.Out of the Fog She Appeared Dressed In Black
6.Nocturnal Transparent Rainbow (提供)
7.Misanthropic Isolation (提供)
8.The Long Dark Path (提供)
9.To the Gate of Beliar (提供)
10.As the Night Emits Its Shadow (提供)
11.Where Cold and Darkness Meet (提供)
12.House Covered In Thorns (提供)
13.Into the Gloomy Moon's Silhouette (提供)
Black Desolate Winter 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Black Desolate Winter (提供)
3.Outro (提供)
4.Black Animism (提供)
5.Entangled In the Black Roots of the Forest (提供)
6.Depressive Hibernation (提供)
7.The Evil Lurking In the Woods (提供)
8.Hate In the Eye of the Beholder (提供)
9.In the Gloom of the Foreboding Night (提供)
Trepidation 英文
1.Pavor Nocturnus (提供)
2.Journey of a Misanthrope (提供)
3.Reaping the Fields of the Black Death (提供)
4.Black Gaia (提供)
5.Dismal Snow Set In the Sombre Forests (提供)
6.The Everlasting One of the Forest (提供)
7.Winter Frost, Hail and Snowfall (提供)
8.Trepidation (提供)
9.Catawampus (提供)
10.Whispering Spirit (提供)
The Foreboding Silence 英文
1.Intro I (提供)
2.A Lonely Walk In a Desolate Cold Pine Forest
3.Interval, Pt. 1 (提供)
4.The Foreboding Silence
5.Interval, Pt. 2 (提供)
6.Weeping Abandoned Spirit
7.Interval, Pt. 3 (提供)
8.Intro II
9.My Journey Through the Hills and Paddocks
10.Somnambulant Nightmares Return (提供)
Mysterious Semblance 英文
1.A Sour Pale Ghostly Dawn (提供)
2.Mysterious Semblance of Spectral Trees
3.Dark Storm Brooding / Lightning In the South (提供)
4.Looming Black Apparition5 (提供)
5.The Ghostly Pallid Hand of Fear
6.As Sad As a Cemetery In the Winter Darkness
7.The Screaming Winds (提供)
8.Lurking the Murky Damp Forest (提供)
9.Loneliness… (提供)
Autumnal Melancholy 英文
1.The Scrying Mirror (提供)
2.The Void and Countless Sky (提供)
3.As a Hermit Hiding In the Trance of Night
4.In Oppressive Silence (提供)
5.The Manifestation of Black Residual Energy (提供)
6.Autumnal Melancholy
7.Meandering In Sorrow
8.Transifiguration of Terror
Spiritual Catharsis 英文
1.Grief and Trepidation (提供)
2.Within the Depths of Darkness and Sorrow
3.Beneath the Fields of Rapacious Blood
4.Glorification of Mother Nature (提供)
5.Spiritual Catharsis
6.The Haunted Gum Trees (提供)
7.Misanthropic Necroforest (提供)
8.Dicksonia Antartica (提供)
9.The Radiance of Hate Emanation from Within (提供)
10.Black Metal Is the Forest Calling… (提供)
11.Eternal Blackness Surrounds the Bushland (提供)
Solitude 英文
1.Ektoplasmic Dreams (提供)
3.Pernicious Paths of Perception
4.The Untouched Land (提供)
5.Doppelganger (提供)
6.The Failure of Human Nature
7.The Grandeur of Melancholy
8.Homosapiens Devoid (提供)
GhostWoodlands 英文
1.Bete Noirs (提供)
2.Wandering the Wilderness of Eternal Misery (提供)
3.Light Anomalies In the Phantom Woods (提供)
4.With Animosity I Bequeath Thee (提供)
5.Sinister Scraping of the Spectres (提供)
6.GhostWoodlands (提供)
7.Descending Into Utter Despair (提供)
Nefaria / A Tragic Journey Towards the Light 英文
3.Bleeding Black Tears of Hate
4.Black Apparitional Void
Embittered Darkness / Isle de Morts 英文
1.Wrapped in a Cocoon Out of Harm's Way
2.Embittered Darkness
3.Digging a Ditch to Die In
暫存 英文
1.Son of the Moon

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