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Stray【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 65 首歌 】
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Since You’ve Been Gone 英文
1.Woozy (提供)
2.Colour Of Love (提供)
3.EZ Diesel (提供)
4.Since You've Been Gone (提供)
5.Tonight (提供)
6.Wolf (feat. Zia) (提供)
7.Alone (提供)
8.Hide (提供)
9.Valentine (提供)
10.Daydream (提供)
11.Hey You! (提供)
Paradise EP 英文
2.Walk On By (提供)
3.Movements (提供)
4.Queen (提供)
5.Without U (提供)
6.Branflakes (提供)
7.Dizzy (提供)
Chatterbox EP 英文
1.Award Tour (提供)
2.Eazy Boy (提供)
3.Chatterbox (提供)
4.Fragile (提供)
Matchsticks 英文
1.Prof Popper (提供)
2.Dropping Bombs (提供)
3.Bounce That (提供)
4.Matchsticks (提供)
Stray 英文
1.Yesterday's Promises
2.Time Machine
3.Move On
4.Taking All the Good Things
5.Around the World in Eighty Days
6.Only What You Can Make It
7.In Reverse / Some Say
8.All in Your Mind
Saturday Morning Pictures 英文
1.How Could I Forget You
2.Our Song (Single Edit)
3.After the Storm
Abuse By Proxy 英文
1.Kindred Soul
2.The Tie That Binds
3.Fade Into You
4.Hold On
5.Intoxicate (提供)
6.Lost Command (提供)
7.Break Me Free
8.Does It Really Matter?
9.Sleep As Metaphor (提供)
10.Abuse By Proxy
11.In Times Of Misanthropy (提供)
12.Overcome (提供)
13.Too Late (提供)
14.Something For Your Mind (提供)
15.The Bitter Pill Of Being (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Leave It Down To Us (Live)
2.Suicide (Live)
3.Come On Over
4.Miles From Here (Set Free remix by Dorntec)
5.Remember Me
6.Son of the Father
7.Run Mister Run
8.Move It
9.Oil Fumes & Sea Air
10.Customs Man
11.Move It (Single Edit)
12.Queen of the Sea
13.The Dogs

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