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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Steve Aoki( 史帝夫.青木 )
Steve Aoki( 史帝夫.青木 )【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 110 首歌 】
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How Else 英文
1.How Else
Back 2 U 英文
1.Back 2 U
4OKI (EP) 英文
2.Dope Girlz
3.Bring the Funk Back
4.Kids (提供)
Neon Future Odyssey 英文
1.Transcendence (feat. Ray Kurzweil) [Intro]
2.Neon Future (feat. Luke Steele)
3.Back To Earth (feat. Fall Out Boy)
4.Born To Get Wild (feat.
5.Rage the Night Away (feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
6.Delirious (Boneless) [feat. Kid Ink]
7.Free the Madness (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
8.Afroki (feat. Bonnie McKee)
9.Get Me Outta Here (feat. Flux Pavilion)
10.Beyond Boundaries (feat. Aubrey de Grey) [Outro]
11.Youth Dem (Turn Up) [feat. Snoop Lion]
12.Hysteria (feat. Matthew Koma)
13.Darker Than Blood (feat. LINKIN PARK)
14.Tars (feat. Kip Thorne) [Interlude]
15.Heaven On Earth (feat. Sherry St. Germain)
16.Holding Up the World (feat. Harrison & Albin Myers)
17.Light Years (feat. Rivers Cuomo)
18.Warp Speed (feat. J.J. Abrams) [Outro] (提供)
19.The Power of Now (提供)
20.Phenomena (提供)
21.Interstellar (提供)
22.Titanic (提供)
23.Cake Face (提供)
24.I Love It When You Cry (Moxoki) [Steve Aoki Es Vedra Remix] (提供)
Neon Future II 英文
1.Home We'll Go (Take My Hand) (提供)
2.Heaven On Earth (提供)
3.Holding Up the World (提供)
4.Light Years
5.Warp Speed (Outro) (提供)
6.Time Capsule (Intro) (提供)
7.I Love It When You Cry (Moxoki) [Radio Edit]
8.Youth Dem (Turn Up) (提供)
9.Hysteria (提供)
10.Darker Than Blood
11.Lightning Strikes
12.Tars (Interlude) (提供)
Neon Future I 英文
1.Transcendence (提供)
2.Neon Future (提供)
3.Back to Earth (提供)
4.Born to Get Wild (提供)
5.Rage The Night Away (提供)
6.Delirious (Boneless) (提供)
7.Free The Madness (提供)
8.Afroki (提供)
9.Get Me Outta Here (提供)
10.Beyond Boundaries (提供)
Wonderland 英文
1.Earthquakey People
2.Ladi Dadi
4.Come With Me (Deadmeat)
6.Livin My Love
7.Control Freak
8.The 80?s (提供)
10.Cudi The Kid
12.The Kids Will Have Their Say
It’s the End of the World As We Know It 英文
Wonderland Remixed 英文
1.Earthquakey People (feat. Rivers Cuomo) [Alvin Risk Remix]
2.Ooh (Mustard Pimp remix)
3.The Kids Will Have Their Say (Bassnectar remix)
4.Emergency (Clockwork remix)
5.Come With Me (Deadmeat) (Jidax remix)
6.Ladi Dadi feat Wynter Gordon – Tommy Trash Remix
7.Heartbreaker feat Lovefoxxx – Metal Mouse Remix
8.Emergency feat Lil Jon and Chiddy Bang – Laidback Luke Remix
9.Cudi the Kid feat Kid Cudi and Travis Barker – Lucky Date VIP Drumstep Edit
10.Control Freak feat Blaqstarr & Kay – Dillon Francis Remix
11.Heartbreaker (James Frew remix)
12.Beat Down (feat. Iggy Azalea)
13.Ladi Dadi - Part II
14.Ladi Dadi (Tommy Trash remix)
15.Cudi the Kid (Lucky Date Vip Drumstep)
16.The Kids Will Have Their Say feat Sick Boy with former members of The Exploited and Die Kreuzen – Bassnectar Remix
暫存 英文
1.I'm In The House
2.We Are Rockstars
3.Boys Wanna Be Her (Weird Science Remix)
4.New Noise
5.How Else (feat. Rich the Kid & ILoveMakonnen)
6.Cudi the Kid - Radio Edit
7.Darker Than Blood (feat. Linkin Park) [Bassjackers Remix]
8.Back To Earth (feat. Fall Out Boy) [The Chainsmokers Remix]
9.Born To Get Wild (feat. [Club Edit]
10.Heartbreaker (Nadastrom Remix)
11.Hysteria (feat. Matthew Koma) [Dirty Audio Remix]
12.Get Me Outta Here (feat. Flux Pavilion) [Botnek Remix]
13.Back To Earth (LA Riots Remix)
14.Emergency (Evil Genius Remix By DJ Green Lantern)
15.Ladi Dadi (Tommy Trash Remix) (Instrumental)
16.Earthquakey People (Alvin Risk Remix)
17.Come With Me (Deorro remix)
19.I'm in the House (feat. Zuper Blahq) (The Count a.k.a. Hervé's Burning Down Your House)
20.I'm In the House (The Count Aka Hervés Burning Down Your House Remix)
21.Tomorrowland 2014 Mix (Continuous Mix)
23.Come With Me (Deadmeat) [Polina]
24.Steve Jobs
25.Misfits - Travis Barker
26.Beat Down
27.Light Years (Royal Disco Remix)

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