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Frank Stallone【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 89 首歌 】
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Frankie & Billy with the Billy May Orchestra 英文
1.Long Ago and Far Away
2.Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You (提供)
3.I Didn't Know What Time It Was (提供)
4.By the River Saint Marie (提供)
5.Baby Won't You Please Come Home (提供)
6.Close Your Eyes (提供)
7.I Can't Believe (提供)
8.I Got a Right to Sing the Blues (提供)
9.Exactly Like You
10.Saturday Night
Heart and Souls 英文
1.Case of You
2.I Want You Back Again (提供)
3.You've Come to This (提供)
4.Crying (提供)
5.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (提供)
6.Night to Remember (提供)
7.The Sea Song (提供)
8.Blue of the Night (提供)
9.With a Song In My Heart (提供)
10.Raining In My Heart (提供)
Songs From The Saddle 英文
1.Love And Trust (提供)
2.Wake Up Call (提供)
3.Holding On (提供)
4.Down Below (提供)
5.Love Me Tonight (提供)
6.My Guiding Light (提供)
7.When She Tells Me Goodbye (提供)
8.Waltz In The Night (提供)
9.I'm So Lucky (提供)
10.Injured Hearts (提供)
11.Wish We Could Start Over (提供)
12.What Did I Do To Your Love (提供)
13.Real Romance (提供)
14.Cold Night (提供)
Stallone On Stallone By Request 英文
1.Far From Over (Staying Alive)
2.Never Going To Give You Up (Staying Alive) (提供)
3.I Hope We Never Change (Staying Alive) (提供)
4.Love Is Like A Light ( Frank Stallone) (提供)
5.Moody Girl ( Staying Alive)
6.Once More Never Again (Staying alive) (提供)
7.If We Ever Get Back ( Frank Stallone) (提供)
8.Finding Out the Hard Way ( Staying Alive) (提供)
9.Waking Up (Staying Alive) (提供)
10.Take You Back (Rocky)
11.Na Na Ninni/Two Kinds Of Love ( Rocky II (提供)
12.Bad Nite (Over The Top)
13.Peace In Our Life ( Rambo II) First Blood
Full Circle 英文
1.My Time Will Come (提供)
2.The Chain (提供)
3.Stop What Your Doing (提供)
4.Winter White (提供)
5.It's Needles (提供)
6.Candy Sweet (提供)
7.Let's Be Friends (提供)
8.Love Will Reveal Itself (提供)
9.Twist Shout (提供)
10.Keeping It To Myself (提供)
In Love In Vain 英文
1.Day in Day Out
2.Witchcraft (提供)
3.I Wish I Were in Love Again (提供)
4.Beyond the Sea (提供)
5.One For My Baby (提供)
6.In Love in Vain
7.At Long Last Love (提供)
8.Spring Is Here
9.The Lonesome Road
10.But Beautiful (提供)
11.All of You (提供)
12.Like Someone in Love
Frank Stallone 英文
1.Music Is Magic (提供)
2.Love Is Like a Light (提供)
3.Darlin' (提供)
4.If We Ever Get Back (提供)
6.She's So Popular
7.Once More Never Again (提供)
8.I Do Believe in You (提供)
9.Fly Together (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Far From Over
3.Take You Back
4.Take You Back (Tough Gym)
5.Take You Back ( Rocky Balboa ) A Capella
6.Carry On
7.I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me
8.Far From Over (From 'Stayin' Alive')
9.I'm Never Gonna Give You Up
10.Moody Girl
11.Le Jos de Terminar

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