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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Solomon Burke
Solomon Burke【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 110 首歌 】
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Soul Arrives! 1955-1961 英文
1.How Many Times (提供)
2.Why Do Me That Way (提供)
3.I'm in Love (提供)
4.To Thee (提供)
5.No Man Walks Alone
6.Walking in a Dream (提供)
7.This Is It (提供)
8.I Need You Tonight (提供)
9.For You and You Alone (提供)
10.Don't Cry (提供)
11.They Always Say (提供)
12.My Heart Is a Chapel (提供)
13.Friendship Ring (提供)
14.Doodle De Doo (提供)
15.It's All Right
16.This Little Ring (提供)
17.I'm Not Afraid (提供)
18.You Don't Send Me Anymore (提供)
19.Always Together (提供)
20.Honk, Honk, Honk Pt 1 (提供)
21.Christmas Presents (提供)
22.I'm All Alone (提供)
23.Just Out Of Reach
24.A Picture of You (提供)
25.You Can Run but You Can't Hide (提供)
26.You Are My One Love (提供)
27.Leave My Kitten Alone (提供)
28.Mama, Mama Dear (提供)
29.Honk, Honk, Honk Pt 2 (提供)
30.Keep the Magic Working
31.Be Bop Grandma (提供)
The Last Great Concert (Live) 英文
1.That's How I Got to Memphis (Live)
2.None of Us Are Free (Live)
3.A Change Is Gonna Come (Live)
4.Detroit City (Live)
5.He'll Have to Go (Live)
6.Tonight's the Night (Live)
7.If You Need Me (Live)
8.Like a Fire (Live)
9.Diamond in Your Mind (Live)
10.Fast Train (Live)
11.Atta Way to Go (Live)
12.Proud Mary (Live)
Nothing's Impossible 英文
1.Oh What A Feeling (提供)
2.Everything About You (提供)
3.Dreams (提供)
4.Nothing's Impossible (提供)
5.It Must Be Love (提供)
6.You Needed Me
7.Say You Love Me Too (提供)
8.You're Not Alone (提供)
9.New Company (提供)
10.When You're Not Here (提供)
11.The Error Of My Ways (提供)
12.I'm Leavin' (提供)
Nashville 英文
1.'til I Get It Right
2.Up to the Mountain
3.Millionaire (提供)
4.Atta Way to Go
5.Honey Where's the Money Gone
6.Ain't Got You
7.That's How I Got to Memphis
8.We're Gonna Hold On
Like A Fire 英文
1.A Minute To Rest And A Second To Pray
2.Ain't That Something (提供)
3.If I Give My Heart To You
4.Like A Fire (提供)
5.Thank You
6.The Fall (提供)
7.Understanding (提供)
8.We Don't Need It
9.What Makes Me Think I Was Right (提供)
10.You And Me
暫存 英文
1.Goodbye Baby (baby Goodbye)
2.If You Need Me
3.Just Out Of Reach (of My Two Open Arms)
4.Cry To Me
5.Got To Get You Off My Mind
6.I Got the Blues
7.What Good Am I?
8.It Makes No Difference
9.At the Crossroads
10.Shame On Me
11.Why, Why, Why
12.Lonesome Highway
13.You're Good For Me
14.Keep a Light In the Window
15.I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You
16.Wealth Won't Save Your Soul
17.Take Me (Just As I Am)
18.None of Us Are Free
19.Tonight's The Night
20.Can't Nobody Love You
21.My Rose Saved From The Street
22.More Beauty
23.Down in the Valley
24.You Can't Love 'Em All
25.I Will Survive
26.Got to Get You Off My Mind (Edit)
27.Good Rockin' Tonight (Live)
28.Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Live)
29.Don't Give Up On Me (Live At the Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland 2006)
30.Come Rain or Come Shine
31.The Do Right Song
32.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
33.Everybody Needs Somebody
34.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Single/LP Version)
35.If You Need Me (Re-Recorded Version)
36.The Other Side of the Coin
37.The Electronic Magnetism

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