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Smokie Norful【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 79 首歌 】
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Forever Yours 英文
1.I Need A Word
2.No Greater Love
3.I've Got What You Need (提供)
4.Imperfect Me
5.Forever Yours
6.In The Meantime
7.Nothing Is Impossible (提供)
8.Run Run
9.He Loves Me
10.I Feel Good (Bonus) (提供)
11.Always Remember (Bonus) (提供)
12.Love (Bonus) (提供)
13.Say So (Bonus) (提供)
Once In A Lifetime 英文
1.In the Middle
2.I Need You Now
3.Once In A Lifetime
4.God Is Able
5.Um Good
6.Still Say Thank You (Live)
7.Where Would I Be?
8.Nothing Without You
WOW Gospel 2009 英文
1.Run Til I Finish
Live 英文
1.He's Gonna Come Through
2.I Will Bless The Lord
4.Mighty God
5.In The Presence Of The King
6.Dear God
7.No One Else
8.Jesus Is Love
9.Don't Quit
10.I've Been Delivered
The Collection 英文
1.Great & Mighty
2.Right Now
3.Healing in His Tears
4.I Know Too Much About Him
5.I Know the Lord Will Make a Way
7.I've Been Delivered
8.In the Presence of the King
9.I Will Bless the Lord
10.God Is Able
Nothing Without You 英文
1.I Understand
Nothin Without You 英文
1.Power (reprise)
3.God Is Able
4.In the Middle
5.Can't Nobody
6.Nothing Without You
7.Continuous Grace (提供)
暫存 英文
1.The Blood Will Never Loose Its Power
2.Still Say, Thank You
3.Were You There?
4.Life's Not Promised
5.Same Sad Song (Urban Remix)
6.The Least I Can Do
7.Praise Him
8.Same Sad Song
9.Psalm 64
10.Somethin', Somethin'
11.Run Till I Finish
12.I Now Too Much About Him
13.Say So
14.Healing In His Tears
15.It's All About You
16.The Lord Will Make A Way
17.Still Say Thank You - I Need You Now Album Version
18.All About You
19.Just Can't Stop
20.Celebrate - Live
21.God Is Able - Live
22.Can't Nobody (live)
23.Put Your Hands Together
24.Run to You
25.No One Else (Live)
26.O Holy Night
27.O Holy Night (Follow the Star)
28.Praise Him (Performance Track In Key of Eb With Background Vocals)

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