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Smokie(原名Smokey)是來自英國約克郡布拉德福德的英國搖滾樂隊。與Mike Chapman和Nicky Chinn合作後,樂隊在海內外獲得了成功。他們已經有了一些陣容變化,並在2016年仍然在積極巡迴演出。他們最著名的單曲是“如果你認為你知道如何愛我”,“不要把你的搖滾”卷給我“,”在某人的懷裡“,”午夜我會見你“。他們最受歡迎的單曲“隔壁的愛麗絲”在英國單曲榜榜單上位列第五,1977年3月在Billboard Hot 100榜單上排名第25位。



Terry Uttley - 低音,主唱(1964-1966,1968至今)
史蒂夫·賓內爾 - 鼓(1986年至今)
Martin Bullard - 鍵盤(1986年至今)
Mike Craft - 主唱,節奏吉他(1995年至今)
米克麥康奈爾 - 主音吉他(1996年至今)


主唱吉他(Alan Silson),主唱(1964-1996)
克里斯諾曼 - 主唱,節奏吉他(1964-1986)
羅恩·凱利 - 鼓(1964-1973)
Arthur Higgins - 低音,主唱(1966-1968)
皮特斯賓塞 - 鼓(1973-1986)
艾倫·巴頓 - 主唱,節奏吉他(1986-1995; 1995年去世)


這些靴子是誰的? (1990)
野馬 - 納什維爾專輯(1998)


Pass It Around (1975)
Changing All the Time (1975)
Midnight Café (1976)
Bright Lights & Back Alleys (1977)
The Montreux Album (1978)
The Other Side of the Road (1979)
Solid Ground (1981)
Strangers in Paradise (1982)
Midnight Delight (1982)
All Fired Up (1988)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (1989)
Whose Are These Boots? (1990)
Chasing Shadows (1992)
Burnin' Ambition (1993)
The World and Elsewhere (1995)
Light A Candle (1998)
Wild Horses – The Nashville Album (1998)
Uncovered (2000)
Uncovered Too (2001)
On the Wire (2004)
Take a Minute (2010)
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Midnight Delight Remastered 英文
1.Warm Nights With You (提供)
2.Hiding From The Night (提供)
3.One More For The Road (提供)
4.Time Keeps Turning
5.Midnight Delight
6.Number On My Wall
7.Time Of Your Life (提供)
8.Winter's Day (提供)
9.You're A Lady (提供)
10.Don't Throw It Away (提供)
11.The Book (提供)
12.A Cry In The Night
Bright Lights & Back Alleys [New Extended Edition] 英文
1.I Can't Stay Here Tonight
2.Think of Me
3.No One Could Ever Love You More
4.The Dancer
5.Walk Right Back
6.Now You Think You Know
7.Here Lies a Man
8.Alone in a Cell (提供)
Original Album Classics 英文
1.No More Letters
Uncovered Too 英文
1.You're So Vain
Chasing Shadows 英文
1.Respect2.I'd Die For You
Changing All The Time 英文
1.Julia2.It's Natural
北京演唱会 (Live in Beijing 2000) 英文
1.Lay Back in the Arms of Someone (Live in Beijing 2000)
2.Wild Angels (Live in Beijing 2000)
3.Ain't It Funny How It Works (Live in Beijing 2000)
4.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Live in Beijing 2000)
5.Goodbye Yesterday's Heartache (Live in Beijing 2000)
6.Oh Carol (Live in Beijing 2000)
7.Living Next Door to Alice (Live in Beijing 2000)
8.Needles and Pins (Live in Beijing 2000)
9.Have You Ever Seen the Rain (Live in Beijing 2000)
The World and Elsewhere 英文
1.Have You Ever Seen the Rain (1995 version)
2.I Can Be a Heartbreaker Too (1995 version)
3.Steppin' On Seashells (1995 version)
4.Tell Me Why (1995 version)
5.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (1995 version)
6.Steppin' On Seashells
7.Have You Ever Seen the Rain
The Other Side Of Road 英文
1.Do To Me
Take a Minute 英文
1.Sally's Song (The Legacy Goes On)
2.If I Can't Love You
3.Nothing Hurts Like a Broken Heart
4.Celtic Days
5.Can't Change the Past
Strangers In Paradise 英文
1.Can You Feel My Heartbeat
2.Come On Home
3.Falling For You (提供)
4.Long Way From Home (提供)
5.Love Remains A Stranger
6.Mirror Mirror
7.Now It's Too Late
8.Strangers In Paradise
9.Two Strangers Falling
10.Yesterday's Dreams
11.You'll Be Lonely Tonight
Pass It Around 英文
Merry Christmas 英文
1.When a Child Is Born
2.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
3.A Spaceman Came Travelling
Live 英文
1.Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Live)
2.If You Think You Know How To Love Me (Live)
3.Lay Back In the Arms of Someone (Live)
4.Have You Ever Seen the rain (Live)
5.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Live)
6.Needle and Pins (Live)
7.Rock 'n' Roll Rodeo (Live)
8.When the Lightning Strikes (Live)
9.Rose-A-Lee (Live)
10.Oh Carol (Live)
Live in South Africa 英文
1.Lay Back (In the Arms of Someone New) [Live]
2.Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (Live)
3.Oh Carol (Live)
4.If You Think You Know How to Love Me (Live)
5.Meet You at Midnight (Live)
6.Don't Play Your Rock and Roll to Me (Live)
7.Don't Give Me That (Live)
8.Baby It's You (Live)
9.Home Is Anywhere You Are (Live)
10.Changing All the Time (Live)
11.Tomorrow (Live)
12.Living Next Door to Alice (Live)
Light A Candle 英文
1.Light A Candle
Burning Ambition 英文
1.Bang Bang
Burnin' Ambition 英文
2.Derry Girl
3.Relying On You
暫存1 英文
1.Be My Baby
2.Changing All The Time
3.Don't Play Your Rock 'N' Roll to Me
4.If You Think You Know How to Love Me
5.I'll Meet You at Midnight
6.Lay Back In the Arms of Someone
7.Livin' Next Door To Alice
8.Oh Carol
9.Take Good Care of My Baby
10.The Other Side Of The Road
11.Think About The Night
12.Who The Fuck Is Alice?
13.Wild Wild Angels
14.Liverpool Docks
15.Run To Me
16.In The Heat Of The Night
17.Changing All The Times
18.Mexican Girl
19.For a few dollars more
20.It's your life
21.I Do Declare
22.Everything A Man Could Need
23.Living Next Door to Alice
24.Power Of Love
25.Little Town Flirt
26.Melody Goes On
27.Something's Been Making Me Blue
28.Needles and Pins
29.Wild Wild Angles
30.Stumblin' In
31.San Francisco Bay
32.It Never Rains In Southern California
33.Petesey's Song
34.We're Flyin' High
35.Arms Of Mary
36.Pass It Around
37.Can't Cry Hard Enough
38.Back To Bradford
39.Baby It's You
40.Poor Lady (Midnight Baby)
41.Don't Turn Out Your Light
42.Will You Love Me
43.It Makes Me Money
44.Sunshine Avenue
45.Oh Well, Oh Well
46.Goin' Tomorrow
47.Talking Her 'Round
48.Give It To Me
50.Too Many Pennies In Hell
51.Umbrella Day
52.Naked Love (Baby Love Me...Disco-Fox-Mix)
53.Looking For You
54.Wrong Reason
55.London's Burning
57.Wild Wild Angels - Live
58.It's Your Life - Live
59.For A Few Dollars More - Live
60.If You Think You Know How to Love Me (Celebration Edit)
61.Alice! (Who the Fuck is Alice....?) - Live version
62.I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight
63.I Swear
65.What Can I Do
66.You're so Different Tonight (from original 1995 release 'Don't Play That Game With Me')
67.What Can I Do - 2003 version
68.Whiskey in the Jar
69.Rock Away Your Teardrops
70.The Coldest Night
71.If You Think You Know How to Love
72.Little Lucy
73.When My Back Was Against the Wall
74.Train Song
75.Love's a Riot
77.I'll Meet You At Midnight (from original album release 'The Collection')
78.Living Next Door To Alice (2009 Version)
79.Baby It's You (2009 Version)
80.When It's the Right Time (1998 Version)
82.Going Tomorrow
83.Naked Love (Baby Love Me...) (disco fox version)
84.And the Night Stood Still
85.Always the Last to Know
86.How Long
87.Can't Fight This Feeling
88.Drift Away
89.Who'll Stop the Rain
90.Make Ya Boogie
91.Going Home
92.What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
93.Miss You Nights
94.Hot Girls and Summer Nights
95.Garden Party
96.Will You Still Love Tomorrow [Live]
97.When It's the Right Time
98.Don't Stop This Love
暫存 英文
1.Living Next Door to Alice / Arms of Mary / Take Good Care of My Baby
2.A Fistful of Dollars
3.I Just Died In Your Arms
4.I Died in Your Arms Tonight
5.Stumblin' In (Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro)
6.We're Flying High
7.In the Heat of the Night (live)
8.My Woman
9.'Tis Me
10.Lay Back in the Arms
11.Take Me In
12.Shy Guy
13.Godebye Yesterday's Heartache
14.If You Think You Know How to Love Me (Jay Frog & Amfree Mix)
15.At the End of the Rainbow
16.Fistfull Of Dollars
17.Oh Christmas Tree
18.Wrong Reasons
19.Love Take Me Away (Sleeping Beauty)
20.Wild Wild Angels (Neuaufnahme 1990)
21.Don't Play That Game With Me
22.Young Hearts (maxi version)
23.The Girl Can't Help It - Live
24.I'll Meet You at Midnight (Live @ Gruga-Halle Essen, 1978)
25.I Want to Be Needed
26.Sarah (You Take My Breath Away)
27.Broken Heroes
28.Some Hearts Are Diamonds
29.Midnight Lady
30.Alice (Who the X Is Alice) (Living Next Door to Alice)
31.Jet Lagged
32.Every Little Kiss
33.Brave New World
34.Runaway Train
35.You Took Me by Surprise
36.I Won't Back Down
37.A Winters Tale

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