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Slim Dusty( 史林·杜斯蒂 )【 共收藏 37 張專輯, 377 首歌 】
AO MBE(生於David Gordon Kirkpatrick; 1927年6月13日至2003年9月19日)是澳大利亞鄉村音樂創作歌手,吉他手兼製作人,他是澳大利亞的文化偶像,也是該國最受矚目的明星之一,擁有職業生涯跨越近七十年,錄製了大量唱片,他是原型鄉村音樂之父。他被稱為錄製了澳大利亞的遺產,特別是灌木叢生活的歌曲,還有著名的澳大利亞布什詩人Henry Lawson和Banjo Paterson代表了這種生活方式,音樂類型創造了“布什抒情曲”,這是Buddy Williams最早流行的一種風格,這是第一位在澳大利亞表演流派的藝術家,也是他的許多卡車歌曲。

Dusty是第一位擁有國際熱門歌曲的澳大利亞人,擁有Gordon Parsons的“無啤酒酒吧”版本。他獲得了無與倫比的37金吉他和兩個澳大利亞唱片行業協會(ARIA)獎項,併入選了ARIA名人堂和鄉村音樂名片。在他去世的時候,76歲的達斯蒂一直在為他的第106張專輯製作EMI唱片。 2007年,他在澳大利亞的國內唱片銷量超過700萬張。在他一生中,Dusty被認為是澳大利亞國寶。在2000年悉尼奧運會閉幕式上,他演奏了澳大利亞民族歌曲“Waltzing Matilda”。
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Ringer From The Top End 英文
1.Ringer From The Top End
2.When The Country's Wet (提供)
3.I've Been, Seen And Done That
4.Where I Want To Be (提供)
5.Life's Getting Better After All (提供)
6.Down At The Woolshed
7.Georgina's Son
9.Old River Gum (提供)
10.You Can't Take Australia From Me (提供)
11.Pooncarie (提供)
12.Shanty On The Rise
13.Fiddle Man (提供)
14.Bunda Waterhole
15.After All
Columbia Lane - The Last Sessions 英文
1.Blue Hills (In The Distance)
2.Rolling Down The Road (提供)
3.Nature's Gentleman (提供)
4.Answer To Billy
5.Long Distance Driving (提供)
6.Gonna Take My Dog For A Run
7.Get Along
Where Country Is 英文
1.G'day Blue
2.Dinkum Bushman's Hands
3.Where Country Is
4.The Big Wet Is Over (提供)
5.Mack (A Final Tribute) (提供)
6.No Place On Earth Like Australia
7.One Truckie's Epitaph
8.The Bogong (提供)
9.The Ocker (提供)
10.Inigo Jones (Indigo Jones) (提供)
11.Redford (提供)
12.Big Yabbies From The Creek
Tall Stories And Sad Songs 英文
1.Believe It Or Not
2.The Jimberella Kid
3.The Dog Who Stole My Hat (提供)
4.From The Gulf To Adelaide
5.Only The Two Of Us Here
6.Happy Jack
7.The Man From Iron Bark
8.The Hangover Song
9.Give It A Go
10.I Hope They Fight Again
11.Ballad Of The Drover
12.Holy Dan
13.Cane Toad's Plain Code
Looking Forward Looking Back 英文
1.Looking Forward Looking Back
2.Never Was At All
3.There's A Rainbow Over The Rock (提供)
4.Matilda No More
5.The Bloke Who Serves The Beer
6.Paddy William (提供)
7.Clean Up Our Own Backyard
8.Old Time Country Halls
9.A Bad Day's Fishing
10.Port Augusta (提供)
11.Good Heavens Above
12.Hooks & Ride
13.Keela Valley Coals
14.Memories And Dreams (提供)
15.Looking Forward Looking Back (Reprise)
Who's Riding Old Harlequin Now? 英文
1.Every Little Bit Of Australia - 1992 Digital Remaster
2.The Brass Well - 1992 Digital Remaster
3.Banjo's Man - 1992 Digital Remaster
West Of Winton 英文
1.West of Winton
2.The Old Saddle
3.Truthful Fella
4.Waltzing Matilda (提供)
Trucks On The Track 英文
1.Three Hundred Horses
2.Long Black Road
3.I'm Married To My Bulldog Mack
4.Trucks On The Track
5.From Here To There And Back
6.Dribbler Bill
7.Dieseline Dreams
8.Fill'er Up
9.Home Cookin'
10.Trucks, Tarps And Trailers
11.Dogs, Dust And Diesel
12.That's Not Me (提供)
To Whom It May Concern 英文
1.A Letter From Arrabury - 1992 Digital Remaster
2.5 A.M. Blues - 1992 Digital Remaster
3.And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - 1992 Digital Remaster
4.Highway Fever - 1992 Digital Remaster
5.42 Tyres - 1992 Digital Remaster
The Son of Noisy Dan 英文
1.Singer From Down Under - Remastered
2.Things I See Around Me - Remastered
3.Up the Old Nulla Road
4.Walk A Country Mile - Remastered
The Man Who Steadies The Lead 英文
1.The Man Who Steadies The Lead
2.Leave Him In The Long Yard
4.The Foxleigh Rodeo (提供)
5.Now I'm Easy
6.An Independent Bloke
7.The Ballad Of Big Bill Smith
8.No Man's Land
9.Plains Of Peppimenarti
10.The Clearing Sale
11.Foolscap Tombstones (提供)
12.Give My Regards To Edna
13.The Pearl Of Them All (提供)
The Man Who Is Australia 英文
1.I've Been Talking to Grannie
2.Waltzing Matilda (提供)
3.Walk a Country Mile
4.Walk a Country Mile (long version)
5.When the Rain Tumbles Down in July (Composite version)
6.The Pub With No Beer (Featured in the Slim Dusty Movie)
7.I'm Going Back Again to Yarrawonga
8.Kilometres Are Still Miles to Me
9.Ramblin' Shoes
10.The Sunset Years of Life
Songs From Down Under 英文
1.Old Riders In The Grandstand - 1993 Digital Remaster
2.A Certain Kind Of Gold - 1993 Digital Remaster
3.Waltzing Matilda - 1993 Digital Remaster
4.Waltzing Matilda (提供)
Song of Australia 英文
2.Once When I Was Mustering
3.Sequel to the Pub With No Beer
4.Born to Be a Rolling Stone
5.Along the Road of Song
6.Man From the Never Never
7.Back to the Saltbush Plains
8.Laughter in the Hills
9.Condamine Horse Bell
Slim Dusty... Live Into the 90's 英文
1.G'Day G'Day - Live
2.When the Currawongs Come Down - Live
3.Been a Fool Too Long - Live
4.Three Hundred Horses - Live
Slim Dusty Live 英文
1.Looking Forward Looking Back - Live
2.No Good Truckin' Man (Live From Australia/2000)
3.Never Was At All
4.Looking Forward Looking Back (Live From Australia/2000)
5.Leave Him In the Longyard
6.Good Heavens Above (Live From Australia/2000)
7.A Pub With No Beer (Live From Australia/2000)
8.Abalinga Mail (Live From Australia/2000)
9.Brown Bottle Blues - Live
10.Duncan - Live
11.Names Upon The Wall - Live
12.Never Was At All - Live
13.Lights On the Hill (Live From Australia/2000)
Singer From Down Under 英文
1.Singer From Down Under - 1996 Digital Remaster
2.Traveller's Prayer
3.You've Gotta Drink the Froth to Get the Beer
4.Stringybark and Greenhide
5.They Drank And Drank And Drank - 1996 Digital Remaster
6.Henry Lawson's Pen - 1996 Digital Remaster
7.Tonight The Woolshed Swings - 1996 Digital Remaster
Rodeo Riders 英文
1.Rough Riders
2.Old Riders In The Grandstand
3.Mareeba's Rodeo Song (提供)
4.Rope And Saddle Blues
5.Rodeo Riders (提供)
6.Not Much To Show (提供)
7.Cattle Camp Reverie
8.The Battle With The Roan
9.Stock Horses
10.Isa Rodeo
11.How Will I Go With Him Mate
12.Whoa Bullocks Whoa
People And Places 英文
1.Middleton's Rouseabout - 2004 Digital Remaster
2.Game As Ned Kelly - 2004 Digital Remaster
3.Sweeney - 2004 Digital Remaster
4.Charley Gray's Barn Dance - 2004 Digital Remaster
Old Time Drover's Lament 英文
1.When You're Short Of A Smoke (提供)
2.Keep The Lovelight Shining (提供)
3.Love's Game Of Let's Pretend
4.I Love You The Best Of All
5.When You're Short Of A Quid
6.Where The Golden Sliprails Are Down
7.Middleton's Rouseabout
8.The Old Time Drover's Lament
10.Grasshopper Loose In Queensland
11.If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here
12.Sniff The Digger's Dog
14.Darwin (Big Heart Of The North)
15.The Frog
16.The Min Min Light (提供)
Makin' A Mile 英文
1.My Heaven On Earth (提供)
2.Recycled Ringer
3.Boomaroo Flyer
4.Star Trucker
5.Names Upon The Wall (提供)
6.The Lady Is A Truckie
7.Mechanised Swaggies
8.No Good Truckin' Man
9.The Flood Of '95 (提供)
10.Ringers, Rigs & Drivers (提供)
11.Big Old Mack
12.Dead On Time
13.Haulin' For The Double 'T'
14.Something In The Pilliga
Lights On The Hill 英文
1.Pushin' Time (提供)
2.The Home Run (提供)
3.Worst In The World (提供)
4.Foggy Mirrors
5.Ridin' This Road (提供)
6.Interstater (提供)
7.Lights On The Hill
8.Bent-Axle Bob
9.There Lies A Workhorse
10.Truckin's In My Blood
11.A Truckie's Last Will Testament
12.Hear 'Em Go
Land Of Lots Of Time 英文
1.Old Bush Mates Of Mine - 1997 Digital Remaster
2.Charley Gray's Barn Dance - 1997 Digital Remaster
3.The Dying Stockman - 1997 Digital Remaster
4.Mad Jack's Cockatoo
King of Kalgoorlie 英文
1.Still the Way I Feel
2.Like a Family to Me
3.King of Kalgoorlie
4.City of Mount Isa
5.A Thousand Years Ago
I've Been There (And Back Again) 英文
1.Country Revival - 1996 - Remaster;
2.Walk a Country Mile
3.Indian Pacific (live)
4.Lights on the Hill (live)
5.Old Time Country Halls (live)
6.Gumtrees By the Roadway (Live)
7.Ringer from the Top End (Remastered)
8.When the Rain Tumbles Down In July (Remastered)
I'Ll Take Mine Country Style 英文
1.Cunnamulla Feller - 1995 Digital Remaster
2.Christmas On The Station - 1995 Digital Remaster
3.My Pal Alcohol - 1995 Digital Remaster
4.Along The Road To Gundagai - 1995 Digital Remaster
5.A Word To Texas Jack - 1995 Digital Remaster
Henry Lawson and 'Banjo' Paterson (Remastered) 英文
1.Sweeney - Remastered
2.Ballad of the Drover
3.The Man from Iron Bark
4.Only the Two of Us Here
5.A Mate Who Can Do No Wrong
6.A Prouder Man Than You - Remastered
7.Peter Anderson & Co - Remastered
8.Since Then - Remastered
9.As Good As New - Remastered
10.Middleton's Rouseabout - Remastered
11.Waltzing Matilda (提供)
Henry Lawson & Banjo Patterson 英文
1.Second Class Wait Here
2.Andy's Return
3.Break O'Day
4.Mount Bukaroo
5.The Man From Ironbark
6.On the Night Train
7.To an Old Mate
8.The Old Jimmy Woodser
9.A Prouder Man Than You
10.Do You Think That I Do Not Know?
11.Men Who Come Behind
12.St. Peter
13.Since Then
14.As Good as New
15.Middleton's Roustabout
16.Peter Anderson & Co
17.Waltzing Matilda (提供)
Give Me The Road 英文
1.Angel Of Goulburn Hill - 1996 Digital Remaster
2.Danger! Road Train - 1996 Digital Remaster
3.Road Train Blues - 1996 - Remaster
4.Road Train Blues
Dusty Tracks 英文
1.Leaning Post - 1995 Digital Remaster
2.I Don'T Want No Woman Around - 1995 Digital Remaster
3.A Friend Indeed - 1995 Digital Remaster
4.I Don't Want No Woman Around
5.Leaning Post
Down The Dusty Road 英文
1.You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mother's Eye - 1994 Digital Remaster
2.Last Train to Nowhere
3.Paddy Gramp
4.You Can Never Do Wrong in a Mother's Eye
5.Old Men's Home - 1994 Digital Remaster
6.Road Train Blues - 1994 Digital Remaster
7.Answer To The Old Rusty Bell - 1994 Digital Remaster
8.Down the Dusty Road to Home
Dinki-Di Aussies 英文
1.The Desert Lair - 1996 Digital Remaster
2.Brigalow Bill
3.A Rose of Red
4.Road Trains
5.So Long, Old Mates
6.The Man from Never Never
7.Dinki-Di Aussie - 1996 Digital Remaster
8.Little Old One Horse Pub - 1996 Digital Remaster
Country Livin' 英文
1.Teenage Country Style
Coming Home 英文
1.The Only Time a Fisherman Tells the Truth
2.Further Out
3.Good Hard Dog
4.Clara Waters
Cattlemen from the High Plains 英文
1.The Mad Cook
2.The Bush has had enough
3.Innamincka Muster
4.Axe Mark on a Gidgee
5.Big Gulf Rivers
6.A Land he calls his own
Beer Drinking Songs of Australia 英文
1.He's a Good Bloke When He's Sober, but ...
2.Answer to the Pub With No Beer
3.Joe Maguires Pub
4.Born With an Endless Thirst
5.My Pal Alcohol
6.Mad Jacks Cockatoo
7.The Hangover Song
8.Pay Day at the Pub
9.Whiskey Blues
10.Pub With No Beer
11.You've Got to Drink the Froth to Get the Beer
12.Callaghans Hotel
暫存 英文
1.Somewhere up in Queensland
2.Paddy Gramp - 1996 - Remaster
3.Ghosts Of The Golden Mile - 1996 Digital Remaster
4.Cattlemen From The High Plains - 1987 Digital Remaster
5.By A Fire Of Gidgee Coal - 1996 Digital Remaster
6.The Birdsville Track
7.Angels In Disguise - 1996 Digital Remaster
8.I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke - 2004 Digital Remaster
9.A Mate Can Do No Wrong - 1998 Digital Remaster
10.I Hope They Fight Again - Live
11.Calvary Hill - 1996 Digital Remaster
12.About This Hat - 1996 Digital Remaster
13.The Drover's Yarn - 1996 Digital Remaster
14.Kelly's Offsider - Live;1996 - Remaster;
15.An Old Fashioned Locket - 1996 Digital Remaster
16.A Picture Of Home - 1996 Digital Remaster
17.Old Mates - 1996 Digital Remaster
18.Althea - 1996 Digital Remaster
19.I Heard The Bluebird Sing - 1996 Digital Remaster
20.A Pub With No Beer (1979 version)
21.Mechanised Swaggie
22.Three Rivers Hotel - 1996 Digital Remaster
23.In My Hour of Darkness
24.I Don't Sleep at Night
25.The Biggest Disappointment
26.The Man From Snowy River
27.Cunnamulla Fella - 1998 Digital Remaster
28.Losin' My Blues Tonight - 1998 Digital Remaster
29.Waltzing Matilda - 1998 Digital Remaster
30.We've Done Us Proud
31.Losin' My Blues Tonight
32.A Pub With No Beer - 1998 - Remaster;
33.Where Country Is - 1998 Digital Remaster
34.Plains Of Peppimenarti - 1998 Digital Remaster
35.Duncan - 1998 Digital Remaster
36.G'Day G'Day - 1998 Digital Remaster
37.Saddle Boy
38.Big Frogs in Little Puddles
39.Letter From Down Under
40.Clancy of the Over Flow
41.The Drover's Cook (Remastered)
43.Danger! Road Train
44.Gotta Keep Moving
45.When the Rains Tumble Down in July
46.St. Peter (Remastered)
47.All My Mates Are Gone
48.A Girl From the Land
49.Another Day, Another Town (1996 - Remaster)
50.I Knew Your Father Real Well
51.Eumerella Shore
52.Rock 'N Roll in a Cowboy Hat
53.Can I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight Mister
54.The Melbourne Cup
55.Australia Is His Name
56.Christmas on the Station
57.A Song of Granny
58.Answer to the Silvery Moonlight Trail
59.Ah, Forget It
60.Written Afterwards
61.Any Old Time
62.A Little Girl Dressed in Blue
63.Down the Track
64.Easy Goin' Drifter
65.Dry Weather Wind
66.Lace Up Shoes
67.Country Livin'

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