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Sicko【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 70 首歌 】
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You Can Feel The Love In This Room 英文
1.You Gotta
You Are Not the Boss of Me 英文
1.Window of Opportunity
2.Yakuri Abe
3.Summer Never Came
4.If Im Vacant
5.What Happened
6.Washington My Home
7.My Tribute to the Misfits a.k.a. Your Sister Is a Werewolf Tonight
8.Attention Please
9.The One That Got Away
10.An Indie Rock Daydream
11.Mike TV
12.A Song About a Rabbit
13.The Best Thing in the World
Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy 英文
1.Wave Motion Gun
2.Snow Cone
4.Who Owes
5.The Juice Is Loose
6.Little Star
8.Bad Year
9.Johnny Be Not So Good
10.When to Quit
11.Farm Song
12.What's On
Chef Boy R U Dumb 英文
1.Half the Battle (提供)
3.Computer Geek
4.The Inland Empire Strikes Back
7.You Are a Space Alien
8.Obsessive Compulsive Complainers
9.The Dateless Losers
10.60 Pound Mall Rat
11.Don't Ask Don't Tell
12.I Hate Big Deal People
13.The Breakfast Song (Live)
A Brief History of Sicko 英文
1.fB Song
2.Dateless Losers (live)
3.An Indie Rock Daydream (live)
4.Farm Song (live)
5.Little Star (live)
6.Kenny (live)
7.Ya Ya (live)
8.High Hopes (live)
9.Little (live)
10.Mike TV (live)
11.When to Quit (live)
12.Rehashed (live)
13.Last Word
14.Three Tea
15.Count Me Out
16.Kathy's Dance
17.Pain in the Ass
18.Broken String
19.A Song About a Rabbit (live)
暫存 英文
1.Where I Live
2.Hipster Boyfriend
3.On The Dole
4.On The Clcok
5.High Hopes
7.Closer To Fine
8.Believe (Live)
9.Bad Situation
10.Attention Span
11.80 Dollars
12.Cover Up

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