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Seals And Crofts( Seals & Crofts )【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 146 首歌 】
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One On One Motion Picture 英文
1.My Fair Share
2.The Party (提供)
3.Time Out (提供)
5.It'll Be Alright (提供)
6.Love Conquers All
7.Reflections (提供)
8.Flyin' (提供)
9.Picnic (提供)
10.John Wayne
11.Janet's Theme (提供)
12.This Day Belongs To Me
13.The Basketball Game (提供)
I'll Play For You 英文
1.Ugly City
2.Freaks Fret (提供)
3.Golden Rainbow
4.Wayland the Rabbit
5.Fire And Vengeance
6.Truth Is But A Woman
7.Blue Bonnet Nation
8.I'll Play for You
9.Castles in the Sand
Traces 英文
2.Summer Breeze
3.The Euphrates
4.Get Closer
5.We May Never Pass This Way (Again)
6.Diamond Girl
7.Love Takes No Prisoners
8.Change the Copper Into Gold
9.Paint You
10.Not Be Found
One on One (soundtrack) 英文
1.Reflections (提供)
2.My Fair Share
3.Flyin' (提供)
4.Janet's Theme (提供)
5.Picnic (提供)
6.It'll Be Alright (提供)
7.Time Out (提供)
8.The Party (提供)
9.The Basketball Game (提供)
10.This Day Belongs to Me (Reprise)
11.Love Conquers All
12.John Wayne
14.This Day Belongs To Me
Unborn Child 英文
1.Dance by the Light of the Moon
2.Unborn Child
6.Follow Me
7.Desert People
8.Story of Her Love
9.Big Mac
10.King of Nothing
11.29 Years From Texas
Diamond Girl 英文
1.Dust On My Saddle (Mud On My Boots)
2.Wisdom (提供)
3.When I Meet Them
4.Funny Little Man
6.Fiddle in the Sky
7.The Boy Down the Road
8.Advance Guards
9.Yellow Dirt
10.Purple Hand
11.Midnight Blue
12.Magnolia Moon
13.Kite Dreams
14.In Tune
15.I Keep Changing the Faces
16.Summer Breeze (Philip Steir Remix)
17.High On A Mountain
18.Granny, Will Your Dog Bite?
19.Gabriel Go On Home
20.Forever Like the Rose
21.First Love
23.The Longest Road
24.A Tribute To Abdu'l-Bahá
25.Sudan Village
26.Silver Rails
27.Seven Valleys
28.Seldom's Sister
29.See My Life (Reprise)
30.East of Ginger Trees
31.It's Gonna Come Down (On You)
32.Ruby Jean and Billie Lee
33.Standin' on a Mountain Top
34.Sweet Green Fields
35.Dust On My Saddle
36.Million Dollar Horse
37.Nine Houses
39.Intone My Servant
40.Baby I'll Give It To You
41.Ashes In the Snow
42.Goodbye Old Buddies
43.You're The Love
44.Put Your Love In My Hands
45.Egypt, Israel & America
46.Takin' It Easy
47.Jekyll And Hyde
49.Birthday Of My Thoughts
50.My Fair Share (Love Theme From One On One)
51.If And Any Day
52.Hand-Me-Down Shoe
53.Nobody Gets Over Lovin' You
I And II 英文
Collection 英文
暫存 英文
1.'Cause You Love
2.Paper Airplanes
3.One Planet, One People, Please
5.Irish Linen
6.Hollow Reed
7.Year of Sunday
8.Try Your Love
10.See My Life
11.Sea of Consciousness
12.Don't Fail
13.Baby Blue
14.Red Long Ago
15.Breaking In A Brand New Love
17.Ancient of the Old
18.Tin Town
19.One More Time
20.Springfield Mill
21.Cotton Mouth
22.Ridin' Thumb
23.Thunderfoot (提供)
24.Eighth of January (提供)
25.Prelude / Windflowers
26.My Fair Share (The Love Them from 'One On One')
27.It'll Be All Right
28.The Báb
29.Garden of Ridván
30.Summer Breeze (Tsuper Tsunami remix)
31.Cows of Gladness
32.If and Any Love
33.Summer Breeze (Remastered Album Version)
34.Summer Breeze (45 Version)

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