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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Scooter Lee( 斯庫特·李 )
Scooter Lee( 斯庫特·李 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 153 首歌 】
出生: 1957 年 3 月 10 日,美國路易斯安那州紐奧良
專輯: High Test Love, Welcome to Scooterville, Go to the Rock, 更多
類型: 鄉村流行樂, 福音音樂
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Big Bang Boogie 英文
1.Big Bang Boogie (提供)
2.Never Made It To Memphis (提供)
3.Open Book (提供)
4.Blue Eyes (提供)
5.Boogie Woogie Rhythm (提供)
6.Put The Western Back In Country (提供)
7.Latter Rain (提供)
8.Bossa Nova (提供)
9.Deal With It (提供)
10.Slip Away (提供)
11.I'm Not Giving Up (提供)
12.Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy (提供)
Sing a New Song Dance a New Dance Gospel 英文
1.Til the Shackles Fall Off (提供)
2.King David Danced (提供)
3.Sweet Chariot Dance Mix (提供)
4.Go to the Rock (提供)
5.I Can Only Imagine
6.My God (提供)
7.Pray It Away (提供)
8.East of Jerusalem (提供)
9.Going Home to Jesus (提供)
Home to Louisiana 英文
1.Home to Louisiana (提供)
2.Let the Four Winds Blow (提供)
3.Soldier Boy (提供)
4.Shama Lama Ding Dong (提供)
5.Put a Little Love In Your Heart (提供)
6.Start Again (提供)
7.Ooh Poo Pah Do (提供)
8.See You Later Alligator (提供)
9.Same Kind of Crazy As Me (提供)
10.Got a Letter (提供)
11.Sing a New Song (提供)
12.Going Back to Louisiana (提供)
13.What the World Needs Now Is Love (提供)
14.The Way Things Are (提供)
15.Midnight Hour / Knock On Wood (提供)
Go to the Rock 英文
1.Blame It On the Bossa Nova
2.Put the Western Back In the Country (提供)
3.I Go to the Rock (提供)
4.Oh Happy Day (提供)
5.Swing Low Sweet Chariot (提供)
6.Something Stupid (提供)
7.Kiss Me Once (提供)
8.Who Did You Call Darling (提供)
9.Don't Walk Away (提供)
10.Speak to the Sky (提供)
11.Operator (提供)
12.At Last
13.Over the Rainbow (提供)
14.Be Young Be Foolish (提供)
15.The Hustle (提供)
Test Of Time 英文
1.Stupid Cupid
2.You Never Can Tell (提供)
3.Steppin' Stone (提供)
4.Test of Time (提供)
5.Fly Me to the Moon (提供)
6.Who the Hell Is Alice (提供)
7.If I Could Bottle This Up (提供)
8.Cab Driver (提供)
9.Let There Be Peace (提供)
10.This Little Light of Mine
11.Heartbreak Hotel (提供)
12.Two Step Alone (提供)
13.Livewire (提供)
14.The Daniels Boys (提供)
15.Blanket On the Ground (提供)
16.If You Only Knew (提供)
17.Bandstand Boogie (提供)
18.Hooked On Country (提供)
Walking On Sunshine 英文
1.Seacruise (提供)
2.Walking On Sunshine (提供)
3.Show You How to Zydeco (提供)
4.I Feel Lucky (提供)
5.Stand By Me (提供)
6.Pretend (提供)
7.Why Me (提供)
8.Sweet Sweet Smile (提供)
9.634-5789 (that's My #) (提供)
10.At the Hop (提供)
11.I Only Want to Be With You (提供)
12.To Sir With Love (提供)
13.My Guy (提供)
14.Waltz Across Texas (提供)
15.Oh Lonesome Me (提供)
16.This Love of Ours (提供)
17.Evil Girl (提供)
19.Down At the Twist & Shout (提供)
20.Sweet Home New Orleans (提供)
21.We Are Family (提供)
Set the Northpole On Fire 英文
1.Holidays In the Bayou (提供)
2.Christmas In Each Others Arms (提供)
3.Spending Christmas By Myself (提供)
4.Ain't Nobody Got the Blues (提供)
5.Traditional Christmas Medley (提供)
6.Mary's Boy Child (提供)
7.Sexy Little Christmas Thang (提供)
8.The Christmas Song - Chestnuts Roasting (提供)
9.Set the Northpole On Fire (提供)
10.A Christmas Card (提供)
Puttin' On the Ritz 英文
1.I Love the Nightlife
2.Be Bop a Lula
3.Birmingham (提供)
4.Can't Help It (提供)
5.Merry Go Round (提供)
6.No Options Here (提供)
7.Oeeoeeo (提供)
8.Please Please (提供)
9.What Kind of Fool
10.Where's Hank Williams (提供)
11.Would You Consider (提供)
12.Baby You Know Where I Am (提供)
13.Jam Up and Jelly Tight (提供)
14.Let's Break Up Tomorrow (提供)
15.Wasn't That Love (提供)
16.Cool Cool Mardi Gras (提供)
17.Wild Wild West (提供)
18.Called to Say I Love You (提供)
19.Lying Cheatin' Heart (提供)
20.Wasted Days and Wasted Nights (提供)
By Request... the Disco/Dance Album 英文
1.Midnight Hour/Knock On Wood (提供)
2.Stayin' Alive (提供)
3.Dancing Queen
4.That's the Way (I Like It)
5.If I Can't Have You (提供)
6.On the Radio/Last Dance (提供)
7.Dizzy (Extended Dance Mix) (提供)
8.Bad Thang (Public Dance Mix) (提供)
High Test Love 英文
1.Rompin' Stompin' (提供)
2.High Test Love
3.Shadows In the Night (提供)
4.It's a Merry-Go-Round (提供)
5.Twistin' the Night Away (提供)
6.Honey Hush (提供)
7.Rock & Roll Waltz (提供)
8.You Know Where I Am (提供)
New Album 英文
1.Don't Walk Away With My Heart (提供)
2.Last Time Uh-Huh (提供)
3.Heartbreak Hotel-A Tribute (提供)
4.Baby Once I Get You (提供)
5.Losing My Mind (提供)
6.Daniels Boys (提供)
7.Commit Me for Hangin' On (提供)
8.Last Time Uh-Huh (Dance Mix) (提供)
9.Baby Once I Get You (Dance Mix) (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Rose Garden
2.Wasn't That a Party
3.Puttin' On the Ritz
4.Someone Must Feel Like a Fool
5.J'ai Du Boogie
6.Hello Walls
8.Honky Tonk Twist (dance mix)

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