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Diane Schuur( 黛安·舒爾 )【 共收藏 6 張專輯, 65 首歌 】
Diane Joan Schuur(1953年12月10日出生),綽號“Deedles”,是美國爵士樂歌手和鋼琴家。截至2015年,舒舒公司已經發行了23張專輯,並擴展了她的爵士樂曲目,包括拉丁音樂,福音,流行音樂和鄉村音樂的精髓。她最成功的專輯是Diane Schuur&Count Basie樂團,在Billboard爵士樂榜上排名第33位。她贏得了1986年和1987年最佳女性爵士樂聲樂表演的格萊美獎,另外還有三次格萊美提名。

舒爾曾在卡內基音樂廳,肯尼迪中心和白宮等場地表演,並與許多藝術家合作過,包括雷·查爾斯,弗蘭克·辛納屈,昆西·瓊斯和史蒂夫·旺德。 Schuur的專輯表演包括Barry Manilow,JoséFeliciano,Maynard Ferguson,Stan Getz,Vince Gill,Alison Krause和B. B. King。她的專輯B. B. King在Billboard爵士樂榜上排名第一。她在NBC的“今夜秀”中一直是約翰尼·卡森的嘉賓。

由於早產兒的視網膜病變,舒舒爾因出生而失明,但具有絕對的聲調記憶和清晰的聲調。 1996年,她是芝麻街的客座演員,在那裡接受了Elmo的採訪,並向他介紹了一個盲人如何學會運用其他感官來適應世界。 2000年,她被美國盲人基金會授予海倫凱勒成就獎。
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I Remember You: With Love to Stan and Frank 英文
1.S' Wonderful (提供)
2.Second Time Around (提供)
3.I Get Along Without You/Don't Worry About Me (Medley) (提供)
4.I Remember You (提供)
5.Didn't We (提供)
6.Here's To That Rainy Day (提供)
7.How Insensitive (提供)
8.I've Got You Under My Skin (提供)
9.Watch What Happens (提供)
10.Nice 'N' Easy (提供)
11.For Once In My Life (提供)
The Gathering 英文
1.Today I Started Loving You Again
2.Am I That Easy To Forget
3.Beneath Still Waters
4.Nobody Wins
5.Healing Hands Of Time
6.Til I Can Make It On My Own
7.Don't Touch Me
8.Why Can't He Be You
9.When Two Worlds Collide
10.Til I Get It Right
Blues for Schuur 英文
1.I Want To Go Home
Love Walked In 英文
1.How Deep Is the Ocean
2.I Wanna Be Loved
3.You're a Sweetheart
Collection 英文
1.By Design
暫存 英文
1.All Caught Up in Love
2.Nobody Does Me
3.Louisiana Sunday Afternoon
4.Red Cab To Manhattan
5.Sweet Georgia Brown
6.The Very Thought of You
7.The Best Is Yet To Come
8.Teach Me Tonight
9.Come Rain Or Come Shine
10.For The First Time
11.Sure Thing
12.I Could Get Used To This
13.Love Dance
14.Louisana Sunday Afternoon
15.You'd Be so Nice to Come Home To
16.Look Around
17.God Bless The Child
18.Stay Away from Bill
19.You Don't Remember Me
20.Caught A Touch Of Your Love - Live
21.I Just Found Out About Love - Live
22.By Design (feat. Jose Feliciano)
23.The Man I Love
24.Sophisticated Lady
25.New York State of Mind
26.Amazing Grace
27.Try a Little Tenderness
28.Prelude to a Kiss
30.Good Morning Heartache
31.Funny (But I Still Love You)
32.For Your Love
33.All Right, Ok, You Win (I'm In Love With You)
34.Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me
35.It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got that Swing)
36.When Did You Leave Heaven
37.We Can Only Try
38.My One and Only Love
39.I Only Have Eyes for You

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