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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Savoy Brown
Savoy Brown【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 120 首歌 】
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Songs from the Road 英文
1.Time Does Tell
2.Wang Dang Doodle
3.Little Red Rooster
Voodoo Moon 英文
1.Shockwaves (提供)
2.Natural Man (提供)
3.Too Much Money (提供)
4.She's Got The Heat (提供)
5.Look At The Sun (提供)
6.24/7 (提供)
7.Round And Round (提供)
8.Voodoo Moon (提供)
9.Meet The Blues Head On (提供)
Boogie Brothers/Wire Fire 英文
1.Highway Blues
2.Me And The Preacher (提供)
3.My Lover's Lying Down (提供)
4.You Don't Love Me
5.Always The Same
6.Same (提供)
7.Everybody Loves a Drinking Man
8.Rock N Roll Star (提供)
9.Boogie Brothers
10.Threegy Blues (提供)
11.Put Your Hands Together (提供)
12.Here Comes the Music
13.Ooh What A Feeling (提供)
14.Hero To Zero
15.Deep Water
16.Can't Get On (提供)
17.Born Into Pain
18.Stranger Blues
The Savoy Brown Collection 英文
1.She's Got a Ring in His Nose and a Ring on Her Hand
2.I Ain't Superstitious
3.Stay With Me Baby
4.Mr. Downchild
5.Train to Nowhere
Kings of Boogie 英文
1.Deep in My Heart
2.A Man Alone
3.Bad State of Mind
Jack the Toad 英文
1.Hold Your Fire
2.Endless Sleep
3.Casting My Spell
Hellbound Train 英文
1.Hard Way to Go (Live)
2.A Little More Wine (Live)
3.Money Can't Save Your Soul (Live)
4.All I Can Do (Live)
5.So Tired (Live)
6.Let It Rock (Live)
7.Jack the Toad (Live)
8.I Hate to See You Go (Live)
9.Love Me Please (Live)
Getting To The Point 英文
1.Honey Bee
Blue Matter 英文
1.She's Got a Ring in His Nose and a Ring on Her Hand
2.May Be Wrong
3.May Be Wrong (Live)
4.It Hurts Me Too (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Looking In
2.Doin Fine
3.So Tired
4.Flood in Houston
5.Got Love If You Want It
6.Double Lover
7.Street Corner Talking
8.I Can't Get Next to You
9.Shot Down By Love
10.Bad Breaks
11.Tell Mama
12.Wang Dang Doodle (Live)
13.Louisiana Blues
14.Tell Mama [Single Version]
15.Needle and Spoon
16.Black Night
17.It'll Make You Happy
18.Made up My Mind
19.Poor Girl
20.Stay While the Night Is Young
21.I'm Alright Now
22.Troubled by These Days and Times
23.All I Can Do
24.Walking By Myself
25.If I Could See an End
26.Second Try
27.When I Was a Young Boy
28.Life's One Act Play
29.Money Can't Save Your Soul
30.Hellbound Train
31.A Hard Way to Go
32.I'm Crying
33.Take It Easy
34.I'm Tired
35.This Day Is Gonna Be Our Last
36.She's the One
37.Lost and Lonely Child
38.Part Time Lady
39.I'll Make Everything Alright
40.A Little More Wine
41.Shot in the Head
42.Get on up and Do It
43.Just Cos' You Got the Blues Don't Mean You
44.Poor Girl (Live)
45.Laura Lee
46.Sad News
47.Street Corner Talkin'
48.Louisiana Blues (live)
49.Let It Rock (Rock and Roll on the Radio)
50.I'm Tired / Where Am I
51.Hard Way to Go
52.Love Me Please
53.Denim Demon
54.Leavin' Again
55.Jack the Toad
56.Hellbound Train (live)
57.Everybody Says They Want It
58.I Tried
59.Can't Take It With You
60.Strange Dream
61.Tolling Bells
62.Run to Me
63.Let Me Love You Baby
64.Train to Nowhere (Live)
65.The Saddest Feeling

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