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Tyler Hilton【 共收藏 8 張專輯, 96 首歌 】
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Forget the Storm 英文
1.You'll Ask For Me
2.Kicking My Heels
3.Prince of Nothing Charming
4.Loaded Gun
6.Can't Stop Now
7.Ain't No Fooling Me
8.Leave Him
9.I Belong
10.Hey Jesus
The Tracks Of (U.S. Release) 英文
1.When It Comes - Revised
2.The Letter Song - Revised
3.Our Time - Revised
4.Kiss On - Revised
5.Slide - Revised
6.Picture Perfect - Revised
One Tree Hill soundtrack Volume 2 英文
1.Missing You
Live in London 英文
1.One More Song (Live)
2.Indian Summer (Live)
3.This Is Where My Heart Breaks (Live)
4.Picture Perfect (Live)
Live In Atlanta 英文
1.Kicking My Heels (Live)
2.Jenny (Live)
3.Missing You (Live)
4.California (Live)
5.Hey Jesus (Live)
6.Can't Stop Now (Live)
7.You'll Ask for Me (Live)
8.Prince of Nothing Charming (Live)
9.Loaded Gun (Live)
Ladies and Gentlemen 英文
1.Sunset Blvd.
2.I Believe In You
3.This World Will Turn Your Way
4.Keep On
Indian Summer 英文
1.One More Song
2.Only Ones Left in the World
3.Time's a Wastin'
5.Give Me That Summer
6.Studio Chatter, Pt. 1
7.I Want to Be in Love so Bad
8.This Is Where My Heart Breaks
9.Indian Summer
10.That Kind of Night
11.I See Home (Live) [Bonus Track]
暫存 英文
1.When It Comes
2.When the stars go blue
3.How Love Should Be
4.H0W l0VE SH0UlD BE
7.Our Time
8.You, My Love
9.New York Can Wait
10.I Believe We Can Do It
11.Rollin' Home
12.If I'm Not Right
13.Letter Song
14.Meant Something To Me
15.How Love Should Be (Album Version)
16.Don't Blame Me
17.Picture Perfect
19.It's Always The Same
20.Pink and Black
21.Rolling Home
22.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Single Version)
23.You, My Love (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]
24.Not Getting Your Name
25.Kiss On
26.Someone Like You
27.Kiss On Me
28.Nora Marie
29.Shy Girl
30.That's All Right
31.Don't Forget All Your Clothes
32.I Believe In You (Acoustic)
33.Tore The Line
34.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
35.Up Late Again
36.Last Promise
37.Missing You - Acoustic Version New
38.Glad - Pre-Release
39.My Last Promise
40.Missing You (Acoustic Version)
41.Faithful (Live)
42.Ain't No Fooling Me (Acoustic)
43.Next to You (Acoustic)
44.Glad (acoustic)
45.It's Only Love
46.Merry Little Christmas
47.Milk Cow Blues
49.Next to You
50.The Way That She Loves

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