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Travis Cottrell【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 96 首歌 】
Travis Cottrell是美國當代基督教音樂(CCM)藝術家,作曲家,作家和崇拜領袖。

Cottrell在北卡羅來納州的Boone被提出。 1990年,他搬到田納西州納什維爾,在貝爾蒙特大學學習。在1992年畢業後獲得音樂學位,Cottrell致力於創作。同年,他寫了Larnelle Harris的歌曲“It's Only Thunder”。然後他與凱瑟·希爾(Kathie Hill)一起工作,出演了一首音樂劇“維特斯:青年音樂大師等待著耶和華”。 Cottrell則繼續在音樂出版公司擔任編輯工作。

在1994年,教會Cottrell出席了 - 兩河浸信會 - 失去了他的崇拜部長,並在教會的要求下,科特雷花了一年半的時間作為教會的崇拜領袖。科特雷爾說:“在兩河浸信會教會的領導下,傑里·薩頓博士給我的機會是一個祝福。此後,科特雷爾還與他的演唱人員合作,多次以Don Moen為首的讚美和崇拜專輯。他還在貝絲·摩爾的會議上主持了自1998年以來的“活檢證明”活動。

自2002年以來,他還發行了幾張讚美和崇拜的個人專輯,多次獲得鴿子獎提名。他還繼續為Amy Grant,Alan Jackson和Garth Brooks等其他藝術家寫歌,提供背景。 2010年,特拉維斯搬到田納西州傑克遜,成為恩格伍德浸信會教會的音樂部長。
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When The Stars Burn Down 英文
1.All My Fountains
2.I'm Changed
3.Faithful God
4.Refine Me
5.Just As I Am
6.Power In The Blood (with Nothing But The Blood) (提供)
7.O My Soul March On (提供)
8.The Word Of God Has Spoken
9.All The Poor And Powerless
10.When The Stars Burn Down (提供)
11.We Will Dance (提供)
12.Thanks Be To Our God
13.Lord, We Come* (提供)
Jesus Saves Live 英文
1.Do It Lord
3.God Is Here
4.I Am Persuaded
5.I Will Sing
6.In Christ Alone
7.Lord We Come (提供)
8.Mercy Seat
9.My Inheritance
10.Our God Saves
11.Praise The King
12.This Is The Lord (提供)
13.To The King
14.Victory In Jesus
Unashamed Love 英文
1.Unashamed Love
2.The Power of Your Love (Live)
3.Better Than Life (Live)
4.In Your Presence O God (Live)
The Reason 英文
1.No Other Fount
2.In Christ Alone / The Solid Rock (Medley)
3.Do It Again
4.Even Now
5.Kings and Kingdoms
6.Thousand Tongues
7.Abide With Me
8.Do the Impossible
9.The Reason
10.Glorious Day
Jesus Saves (Live/Instrumental Performance Trax) 英文
1.To the King (Performance Trax/Live)
2.Do It Lord - Performance Trax/Live
3.In Christ Alone (Performance Trax)
4.Victory In Jesus (Performance Trax)
5.Do It Lord (Performance Trax)
6.Jesus Saves (Performance Trax/Live)
7.I Am Persuaded (Performance Trax/Live)
8.Mercy Seat (With Lord, Have Mercy) (Performance Trax/Live)
9.Jesus Is the Lord (Performance Trax/Live)
10.My Inheritance (Performance Trax/Live) (提供)
11.Our God Saves (Performance Trax/Live)
12.In Christ Alone - Performance Trax/Live
I'm Living Proof 英文
1.God Is Able
3.Revelation Song
4.Man of Sorrows
5.Beneath the Waters (I Will Rise)
6.Hope's Anthem
7.Victor's Crown
All That Is Within Me (Live) 英文
1.Alive (Live)
2.Good, Good Father (Live)
3.Even So, Come (Come, Lord Jesus) (Live)
4.Soon and Very Soon (Medley/Live)
5.The Blood of Jesus Speaks for Me (Live)
Alive Forever 英文
1.Praise to the Lord the Almighty
2.My Passion
3.Alive Forever Amen
4.Blessed Be Your Name (提供)
5.Friend of God (提供)
6.Praise to the Lord the Almighty (Solo by Tammy Jensen)
7.Sweeter (提供)
8.All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises (提供)
9.Be Unto Your Name
10.Medley: In Christ Alone / Solid Rock
11.God Is Great (提供)
暫存 英文
1.In Rest
2.2000 Years
4.We Long for You
5.Peace, Hope, and Joy
6.God and Man At Table Are Sat Down
7.He Reigns with Awesome God
8.Made Me Glad
9.Shadow Of Your Wings
10.Just As I Am (Performance Track)
11.Just As I Am I Come Broken To Be Mended
12.Our Heart
13.In Christ Alone / Solid Rock (Medley)
14.I Will Sing of My Redeemer / You Set Me Free (Medley)
15.Medley: Worthy Is the Lamb / Crown Him With Many Crowns (Original Key with Background Vocals)
16.Worthy Is the Lamb / Crown Him With Many Crowns
17.The Lamb Has Overcome
18.Medley: In the Cross / Worthy Is the Lamb / Crown Him with Many Crowns
19.God of Wonders (Live)
20.At the Name of Jesus

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