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Tower Of Power【 共收藏 13 張專輯, 144 首歌 】
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East Bay Grease/Bump City 英文
1.Social Lubrication (提供)
2.Price (提供)
3.Back on the Streets Again
4.Skunk, the Goose, and the Fly (提供)
5.Flash In the Pan (提供)
6.Skating on Thin Ice (提供)
7.Of the Earth (提供)
Bump City 英文
1.Down to the Nightclub
2.You Got to Funkifize
3.You're Still a Young Man
4.Gone (In Memory Of Jacqueline Mesquite)
Great American Soulbook 英文
1.You Met Your Match
2.I Thank You
4.It Takes Two
5.Me & Mrs. Jones
6.Star Time (Tribute To James Brown) (提供)
7.Mr. Pitiful
8.Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
9.Since You've Been Gone (Baby, Baby, Sweet Baby)
10.Heaven Must Have Sent Your Precious Love (提供)
12.Who Is He (And What Is He To You)?
The East Bay Archive Volume I 英文
1.Check It Out (提供)
2.Clean Slate (提供)
3.Soul Vaccination
4.This Time It's Real
5.Back On The Streets
6.Don't Change Horses
7.Knock Yourself Out (提供)
8.Main Nerve (提供)
9.Get Yo Feet Back On The Ground (提供)
10.Sparkling In The Sand
11.Both Sorry Over Nothin (提供)
12.You Got To Funkafize
13.Just Another Day
14.Don't Fight It (提供)
15.Down to the Nightclub
16.You're Still a Young Man
17.So Very Hard to Go
18.What Is Hip?
What Is Hip?: The Tower of Power Anthology 英文
1.Back on the Streets Again
2.Sparkling in the Sand
3.Oakland Stroke
4.As Surely as I Stand Here
5.You Ought to Be Havin' Fun
7.A Little Knowledge (Is a Dangerous Thing)
8.So Very Hard to Go
9.Soul With a Capital 'S'
The Very Best Of Tower Of Power: The Warner Years (US Release) 英文
1.You Got To Get Funkifize - Remastered
2.Willing To Learn - Remastered
3.Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream) - Remastered
4.Soul Vaccination - Remastered
5.Will I Ever Find A Love? - Remastered
6.So Very Hard To Go - Remastered
7.You're Still A Young Man - Remastered
8.Down To The Nightclub - Remastered
9.What Happened To The World That Day - ? Remastered
10.Only So Much Oil In The Ground - Remastered
T.O.P. 英文
1.Soul With a Capital 'S'
2.I Like Your Style (Live)
3.Come On With It
5.Mama Lied
6.Come to a Decision
7.The Real Deal
8.Please Come Back (To Stay)
9.It All Comes Back
10.Soul With a Capital 'S'
Souled Out 英文
1.Soothe You
2.Diggin' On James Brown
3.Sexy Soul
4.Do You Wanna (Make Love to Me)
5.Once You Get a Taste
Soul Vaccination: Tower Of Power Live 英文
1.Willin' To Learn - Live
2.Diggin' On James Brown - Live
3.You Strike My Main Nerve - Live
4.Can't You See (You Doin' Me Wrong) - Live
5.So I Got To Groove - Live
6.Down To The Night Club (Bump City) - Live
7.Soul Vaccination - Live
Soul Vaccination: Live 英文
1.Soul Vaccination
2.I Like Your Style
3.So I Got to Groove
4.You're Still a Young Man
5.So Very Hard to Go
6.You Got to Funkifize
7.Can't You See (You Doin' Me Wrong)
8.You Strike My Main Nerve
9.To Say the Least, You're the Most
10.Souled Out
11.Willin' to Learn
12.Down to the Night Club (Bump City)
13.Soul With a Capital 'S'
Live And In Living Color 英文
1.Down To The Nightclub - Live Version
2.Knock Yourself Out (Live)
3.Sparkling In the Sand (Live)
4.Knock Yourself Out - Live Version
5.What Is Hip? - Live Version
6.You're Still A Young Man - Live Version
7.So Very Hard to Go
40th Anniversary (Live) 英文
1.Soul With a Capital 'S' (Live)
2.Credit (Live)
3.Only So Much Oil In the Ground (Live)
4.Time Will Tell (Live)
5.Souled Out (Live)
6.This Time It's Real (Live)
7.As Surely As I Stand Here (Live)
8.You Got to Funkifize (Live)
9.It's Not the Crime (Live)
10.A Little Knowledge (Is a Dangerous Thing) [Live]
暫存 英文
1.Attitude Dance (Album Version)
2.15. So Very Hard To Go
3.Drop It in the Slot
4.Miss Trouble
5.You Ought to Be Having Fun
6.Miss Trouble (Got a Lot of Nerve)
7.You Got to Get Funkifize
8.Man From The Past
9.Don't Change Horses (In The Middle Of A Stream)
10.Ball and Chain
11.Keep Comin' Back
12.Do You Wanna
13.I Love That Girl So Much
14.Funk the Dumb Stuff
15.What Happened to the World That Day?
16.Only so Much Oil in the Ground
17.By Your Side
18.Attitude Dance
19.Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now
20.Unconditional Love
21.Time Will Tell
22.I Got the Chop
23.Keep Your Monster On A Leash
24.Am I A Fool
25.You're Gonna Need Me
26.Crazy for You
27.That Was Then and This Is Now
28.You Can't Fall Up (You Just Fall Down)
29.Believe It
30.Clever Girl
31.Pocketful Of Soul
32.Oakland Zone

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