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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手TIMBALAND & MAGOO( Timbaland And Magoo )
TIMBALAND & MAGOO( Timbaland And Magoo )【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 108 首歌 】
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Welcome To Our World 英文
1.15 After Da' Hour
2.Beep Beep
3.Clock Strikes
4.Clock Strikes (Remix)
5.Deep In Your Memory
6.Feel It
7.Intro Buddha
9.Luv 2 Luv U
10.Luv 2 Luv U (Remix)
11.Man Undercover
12.Ms. Parker
13.Peepin' My Style
14.Sex Beat (Interlude)
15.Smoke In Da' Air
16.Up Jumps Da' Boogie
17.Up Jumps Da' Boogie (Remix)
18.Writtin' Rhymes
Tim's Bio: Life From Da Bassment 英文
1.3:30 In The Morning
3.Can't Nobody
4.Fat Rabbit
5.Here We Come
6.I Get It On
7.John Blaze
8.Keep it Real
9.Lobster & Scrimp
10.To My
11.What Cha Know About This
12.What Cha Talkin' 'bout
13.Who Am I
Indecent Proposal 英文
1.All Y'all
2.Baby Bubba
3.Beat Club
4.Considerate Brotha
6.I Am Music
7.Indian Carpet
8.In Time
9.It's Your Night
10.Love Me
11.Party People
12.People Like Myself
13.Roll Out
15.Voice Mail
16.Mr. Richards
暫存 英文
1.Beep Beep'(feat. Missy
2.Up Jumps Da' Boogie'(feat. Missy
3.Luv 2 Luv U (Remix)'(feat. Shaunte
4.Luv 2 Luv U'(feat. Playa, Shaunte
5.Smoke In Da' Air'(feat. Static
6.Intro Buddha'(feat. Buddha Brothers
7.Man Undercover'(feat. Aaliyah, Missy
8.Joy'(feat. Ginuwine, Playa
9.Up Jumps Da Boogie (Remix)'(feat. Missy
10.I Get It On'(feat. Bassey
11.To My'(feat. Mad Skillz, Nas
12.Here We Come'(feat. Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott
13.Wit' Yo' Bad Self'(feat. Mad Skillz
14.Lobster & Scrimp'(feat. Jay-Z
15.What Cha Know About This'(feat. Babe Blue (1 Life 2 Live), Mocha
16.Can't Nobody'(feat. 1 Life 2 Live, Lil' Man
17.What Cha Talkin' 'bout'(feat. Lil' Man & Static
18.Put 'Em On'(feat. Static & Yoshamine
19.Fat Rabbit'(feat. Ludichris
20.Who Am I'(feat. Twista
21.Talking On The Phone'(feat. Kelly Price, Missy
22.Keep It Real'(feat. Ginuwine
23.John Blaze'(feat. Aaliyah, Missy
24.Birthday'(feat. Playa
25.3:30 In The Morning'(feat. Missy
26.Bringin' It'(feat. Troy Mitchell
27.Drop'(feat. Fatman Scoop
28.All Y'all'(feat. Sebastian, Tweet
29.It's Your Night'(feat. Sebastian, Sin
30.Indian Carpet'(feat. Static
31.Party People'(feat. Jay-Z, Twista
32.People Like Myself'(feat. Static (Playa)
33.Serious'(feat. Petey Pablo
34.Roll Out'(feat. Petey Pablo, Smokey (Playa)
35.Love Me'(feat. Tweet
36.Baby Bubba'(feat. Petey Pablo
37.In Time'(feat. Mad Skillz, Ms. Jade
38.Considerate Brotha'(feat. Ludacris
39.Beat Club'(feat. Sebastin, Sin, Troy Mitchell
40.I Am Music'(feat. Aaliyah, Static (Playa)
41.N 2 da Music
42.Intro / Straight Outta Virginia
43.That Shit Ain't Gonna Work
44.Can We Do It Again
45.We At It Again
46.I Got Luv 4 Ya
49.Naughty Eye
50.Man Undercover (Featuring Aaliyah)
51.Don't Make Me Take It There
52.Drop(Dirty Album Version)
53.Hold On
56.Cop That Sh**
57.Hold Cutz
58.Indian Flute
59.Cop That Shit (feat. Missy Elliott)
61.Cop That Shit (original mix)

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