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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Strawbs( Strawbs )
The Strawbs( Strawbs )【 共收藏 25 張專輯, 162 首歌 】
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Prognostic 英文
1.Heartbreak Hill
2.Through Aphrodite's Eyes
3.Something For Nothing
4.Starting Over
5.The River – Down By The Sea (提供)
7.Lay A Little Light On Me – Hero's Theme – Round And Round
Hero & Heroine In Ascencia 英文
1.Hero And Heroine
2.Out In The Cold
3.Sad Young Man
4.Just Love
5.Prologue (提供)
6.Shine On Silver Sun
7.Midnight Sun
8.Out In The Cold
9.Lay A Little Light On Me/Hero's Theme
10.Round And Round
Dancing To The Devil's Beat 英文
1.Revenge (Can Be So Sweet)
2.Beneath The Angry Sky
4.Pro Patria Suite: Back Along (We Were Young)/All For Each Other/Home Is
5.Where Silent Shadows Fall
6.Man Who Would Never Leave Grimsby
7.Ballad Of Jay And Rose Mary
8.Dancing To The Devil's Beat
Nomadness 英文
1.To Be Free
2.Little Sleepy
3.The Golden Salamander
4.Absent Friend
5.Back On The Farm
6.So Shall Our Love Die?
7.Tokyo Rosie
8.A Mind Of My Own
9.Hanging In The Gallery
10.The Promised Land
11.Still Small Voice
12.It's Good To See The Sun (提供)
Strawbs 英文
1.Man Who Called Himself Jesus
2.All The Little Ladies
3.Pieces Of 79 And 15
4.Tell Me What You See In Me
5.Oh How She Changed
6.Or Am I Dreaming
7.Where Is This Dream Of Your Youth
8.Where Am I
9.That Which Once Was Mine
10.Poor Jimmy Wilson
11.The Battle
Dragonfly 英文
1.The Weary Song
3.I Turned My Face Into The Wind
4.Josephine, For Better Or For Worse
5.Another Day
6.Til The Sun Comes Shining Through
7.Young Again
8.The Vision Of The Lady Of The Lake
9.Close Your Eyes
10.We'll Meet Again Sometime
12.Weary Song
13.Josephine For Better Or Worse
14.Vision Of The Lady Of The Lake
The Broken Hearted Bride 英文
1.The Call To Action
2.Christmas Cheer (Everything's Going To Be Alright)
3.Too Many Angels
4.The Broken Hearted Bride
6.Through Aphrodite's Eyes
7.Deep In The Darkest Night
8.You Know As Well As I
9.Everybody Knows
10.Action Replay (提供)
11.We'll Meet Again Someday
Burning For You 英文
1.So Close And Yet So Far Away
2.Burning for Me
3.Cut Like a Diamond
4.I Feel Your Loving Coming On
5.Barcarole (For the Death of Venice) (提供)
6.Alexander the Great
7.Keep on Trying
8.Back in the Old Routine
10.Carry Me Home
11.Goodbye (Is Not an Easy Word to Say) (提供)
Strawbs: Live At Nearfest 2004 英文
1.Out In the Cold (Live)
2.Round and Round (Reprise) [Live]
3.Hero and Heroine (Live)
4.Down By the Sea (Live)
5.The River (Live)
6.This Barren Land (Live)
7.Heartbreaker (Live)
8.Remembering/You and I When We Were Young (Live)
9.Autumn (Live)
10.New World (Live)
11.Burning for Me (Live)
12.Lay Down (Live)
13.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Live)
Strawbs By Choice 英文
1.Lay Down
Ringing Down The Years 英文
1.The King
Just A Collection Of Antiques And Curios 英文
Halcyon Days 英文
1.Blue Angel
3.Absent Friend
Grave New World 英文
1.Benedictus2.Ah Me, Ah My
Ghosts 英文
1.Grace Darling
From The Witchwood 英文
Early Strawbs 英文
1.The Battle
Don't Say Goodbye 英文
1.Big Brother
Classic Strawbs 英文
Bursting At The Seams 英文
1.Will You Go
2.Tears And Pavan
Blue Angel 英文
1.The Plain
All Our Own Work 英文
A Taste of Strawbs 英文
1.It's Just Love
2.Sail Away to the Sea
3.The Battle
4.Or Am I Dreaming
5.Going Home
7.Out In the Cold / Round & Round
8.The Winter & the Summer
9.The Actor
10.Another Day
30 Years In Rock Classic Rock Legends 英文
1.Simple Visions
暫存 英文
1.The Hangman and the Papist
2.Part of the Union
3.A Boy And His Dog
4.Two Weeks Last Summer
5.No Return
6.Thirty Days
8.Simple Visions
9.Where Am I Show You Where To Sleep
10.Cold Steel
11.The Man Who Called Himself Jesus
12.A Glimpse Of Heaven
13.Beat The Retreat
14.Turn Me Round
15.Silver Smile (提供)
16.Lady Fuchsia
17.I Don't Want to Talk About It
18.A Song For Me
19.Ringing Down The Years
21.Autumn: Heroine's Theme / Deep Summer's Sleep / The Winter Long
22.Where Is This Dream of Your Youth? (live)
23.Who Knows Where the Time Goes
24.The Flower and the Young Man
25.Lay a Little Light On Me (Early Version)
26.Stormy Down
27.The Winter and the Summer
28.Thank You
30.Martin Luther King's Dream
31.I'll Carry On Beside You
32.Where Do You Go (When You Need a Hole to Crawl In)
33.The Life Auction
34.Medley: Ghosts/Sweet Dreams/Night Light/Guardian
35.I Only Want My Love to Grow In You
36.Part of the Union (Live)

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