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The Stranglers【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 224 首歌 】
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Giants 英文
1.Freedom Is Insane (提供)
2.Another Camden Afternoon (提供)
3.Giants (提供)
5.Boom Boom
6.My Fickle Resolve (提供)
7.Time Was Once On My Side
8.Mercury Rising
9.Adios (tango) (提供)
10.15 Steps
Feel It Live 英文
3.Lost Control
4.Something Better Change
5.No More Heroes
6.Waltzinblack (提供)
7.Hanging Around
9.5 Minutes
Rattus Norvegicus 英文
1.Down In The Sewer
2.Get A Grip (On Yourself)
3.Goodbye Toulouse
4.Hangin' Around
5.London Lady
7.Princess Of The Streets
La Folie 英文
1.Ain't Nothin' To It
2.Everybody Loves You When You're Dead
3.Golden Brown
4.How To Find Tue Love And Happiness In The Present
5.It Only Takes Two To Tango
6.La Folie
7.Let Me Introduce You To The Family
8.Non Stop
9.Pin Up
10.The Man They Love To Hate
The Epic Years 英文
1.Was It You? (Live)
2.Ships That Pass In the Night
3.Let Me Down Easy
4.Down In the Sewer (Live)
5.Nice 'N' Sleazy (Live)
6.Nuclear Device (Live)
7.Peaches (Live)
8.No More Heroes (Live) (提供)
9.Shakin' Like a Leaf (Live)
10.Instead of This (Sunny Side Up Mix)
11.Punch & Judy (Live)
12.Straighten Out (Live)
13.Uptown (Live)
14.Souls (Live)
15.Spain (Live)
16.Toiler On the Sea (Live)
17.European Female (Live)
18.North Winds Blowing (Live)
19.All Day And All of the Night
BBC In Concert: The Stranglers (8th February 1982) 英文
1.Down In the Sewer (BBC In Concert) [Live]
2.Tramp (BBC In Concert) [Live]
3.Let Me Introduce You to the Family (BBC In Concert) [Live]
4.Duchess (BBC In Concert) [Live]
5.How to Find True Love and Happiness In the Present Day (BBC In Concert) [Live]
6.Golden Brown (BBC In Concert) [Live]
7.Who Wants the World (BBC In Concert) [Live]
8.The Man They Love to Hate (BBC In Concert) [Live]
9.Just Like Nothing On Earth (BBC In Concert) [Live]
10.Genetix (BBC In Concert) [Live]
About Time 英文
1.Still Life (Live)
2.Lies & Deception (Live)
3.Face (Live) (提供)
No More Heroes 英文
2.Bring On The Nubiles
3.Burning Up Time
4.Dagenham Dave
5.Dead Ringer
6.English Towns
7.I Feel Like A Wog
8.No More Heroes
9.Peasant In The Big Shitty
10.School Mam
11.Something Better Change
Aural Sculpture 英文
1.Ice Queen
3.Let Me Down Easy
4.Mad Hatter
5.No Mercy
6.North Winds
7.Punch And Judy
8.Skin Deep
10 英文
1.96 Tears
2.In This Place
3.Let's Celebrate
4.Man Of The Earth
5.Never To Look Back
6.Out Of My Mind
7.Someone Like You
8.Sweet Smell Of Success
9.Too Many Teardrops
10.Where I Live
暫存1 英文
1.Southern Mountains
2.Gain Entry To Your Soul
3.Enough Time
4.Big in America
5.Golden Brown (Live)
6.All Roads Lead to Rome
7.Sweden (All Quiet On The Eastern Front)
8.Baroque Bordello
9.Sugar Bullets
10.Always the Sun
11.Skin Deep (Live)
12.Skin Deep
13.Death And Night And Blood (Yukio)
14.Never See
15.The Raven
19.Wet Afternoon
20.This Town
21.Vicious Circles
22.Laughing At The Rain
23.Five Minutes
24.Midnight Summer Dream
25.School Mam
26.Leave It To The Dogs
27.Heaven Or Hell
28.Brain Box
29.Don't Bring Harry
31.Straighten Out
33.No Mercy
34.Dead Ringer
35.Dead Loss Angeles
36.Outside Tokyo
38.Toiler On The Sea
39.Grand Canyon
42.London Lady
43.Vladimir And The Beast
44.Walk On By
45.European Female
46.Nice In Nice
47.Strange Little Girl
48.Time To Die
49.Go Buddy Go (1996 - Remaster)
50.Princess Of The Streets - 1996 Remastered Version
51.London Lady - 1996 Remastered Version
52.Goodbye Toulouse - 1996 Remastered Version
53.Sometimes - 1996 Remastered Version
54.Choosey Susie (1996 Remastered Version)
55.Mean to Me
56.Norfolk Coast
57.Big Thing Coming
58.Bear Cage
59.Shut Up
60.Thrown Away
61.Ugly (1996 Remaster)
62.Bitching - 1996 Remastered Version
63.Bring On The Nubiles - 1996 Remastered Version
64.I Feel Like A Wog - 1996 Remastered Version
65.Get A Grip [On Yourself] - 1996 Remastered Version
66.Who Wants the World
67.Walk On By - Edit
68.Rok It to the Moon (1996 Remastered)
69.5 Minutes (1996 Remastered)
70.Tomorrow Was the Hereafter (Early Demo)
71.Long Black Veil
72.European Female (Edit)
73.In Heaven She Walks
74.School Mam - 1996 Remastered Version
75.Straighten Out - 1996 Remastered Version
76.School Mam (1996 Digital Remaster)
77.Peaches - 1996 Remastered Version
78.Always the Sun (Long Hot Sunny Side Up mix)
79.In the Shadows (Live at the Hope and Anchor)
80.Hey! (Rise of the Robots)
81.Four Horsemen
82.See Me Coming
83.Hanging Around - Live
84.The Meninblack (Waiting for 'Em) [Instrumental]
85.Down in the Sewer (Medley)
86.Sometimes (Live)
87.Curfew (Live)
88.The Raven - Live
89.Tank - Live
90.Lowlands (Live)
91.Time Was Once On My Side (Live)
92.Relentless (Live)
93.Boom Boom (Live)
94.The Meninblack (Waiting for 'em)
95.Shah Shah a Go Go (12″ version)
96.Valley of the Birds (Live)
97.The Spectre of Love
98.She's Slipping Away
99.A Soldier's Diary
暫存 英文
1.Skin Deep (12' version)
2.Midnight Summer Dream (Special 12' Mix)
3.You'll Always Reap What You Sow
4.Was It You (7″ version)
5.Southern Mountains (Acoustic Version 2011)
6.Dutch Moon (Acoustic Version 2011)
7.Golden Brown (Struggler's Disco Remix)
8.It's a Small World
9.Let's Tango in Paris
10.Sweet Smell of Success (Strangled House Mix)
11.Tomorrow Was Hereafter
12.Ugly (live)
13.Daddy's Riding the Range
15.All Day & All of the Night (live)
16.Strange Little Girl (live)
18.The European Female (live)
19.Never Say Goodbye
20.Mayan Skies

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