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DJ BoBo( DJ 寶寶 )【 共收藏 18 張專輯, 237 首歌 】
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Circus 英文
1.Are You Ready To Party
2.Good Life
3.Fiesta Loca
4.Welcome To My Crazy Circus
5.For Once In My Life
6.Try Try Try
8.The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
9.Fly With Me
10.Born To Love You
12.Love Is Killing Me
Reloaded 英文
1.Somebody Dance With Me (Remady 2013 Mix) – Dj Bobo Feat. Manu-L
2.Pray (King & White Mix)
3.Take Control – Dj Bobo & Mike Candys
4.Everybody – Dj Bobo & Inna
5.Love Is All Around (David May Mix)
6.I Believe – Dj Bobo & Kim Wilde
7.There Is A Party (King & White Mix)
8.Chihuahua – Dj Bobo & The Baseballs
9.Freedom (King & White Mix)
10.Shadows Of The Night (King & White Mix)
11.What A Feeling (Bodybangers Mix) – Dj Bobo & Irene Cara
12.Respect Yourself – Dj Bobo & Jessica Folcker
13.Let The Dream Come True (King & White Mix)
14.Reloaded Megamix (Radio Version) (提供)
Visions 英文
2.Change The World
4.Do You Remember
5.I Believe
6.I Believe (Pop Version)
7.I'm Living A Dream
8.Let Me Be The One
9.Let's Come Together (We Are Family)
10.Like A Bird
11.Music Is My Passion
12.One Vision One World
13.Rock My World
World In Motion 英文
1.It's My Life
3.Shadows Of The Night
4.Don't Stop The Music
5.For Now And Forever
6.Let Me Feel The Love
7.Respect Yourself
8.We Are Children
9.World In Motion
10.Midnight (提供)
11.The Colour of Freedom
12.Interlude (提供)
13.Wonderful World
14.World in Motion (Gira el Mundo)
There Is A Party 英文
2.There Is A Party
3.Deep In The Jungle
4.Give Yourself A Chance
5.I Feel It
6.I Know What I Want
7.Let the Dream Come True
8.Love Is All Around
9.There's A Paradise
10.Too Many Nights
11.What About My Broken Heart
12.You Belong To Me
13.Technology (提供)
World In Motion - Winter Edition 英文
1.Can You Hear Me
Reloaded (Instrumental Album) 英文
1.Pray (King & White Instrumental Mix)
2.There Is a Party (King & White Instrumental Mix)
3.Shadows of the Night (King & White Instrumental Mix)
Reloaded (Instrumental Album Version) 英文
1.Pray (King & White Mix Instrumental)
2.There Is a Party (King & White Mix Instrumental)
3.Shadows of the Night (King & White Mix Instrumental)
Olé Olé - The Party 英文
1.Olé Olé (Football Arena Mix)
2.It's My Life
4.Vampires Are Alive (EAPM Remix)
5.Together (New Version)
6.Let the Music Take Control
7.Let the Games Begin
8.Everybody (Summer Sunshine Mix)
9.The Last Vampire
10.Its My Life
Live in Concert 英文
1.Rock My World (Live)
2.Together (Live)
3.Love Is the Price (Live)
4.What a Feeling (Live)
5.There Is a Party (Live)
6.Celebration (Live)
7.Chihuahua - Live
10.One Vision One World
12.It's My Life
13.Everybody (Live)
14.Around the World (Live)
15.Change the World (Live)
16.I'm Living a Dream (Live)
17.It's My Life (Live)
18.Celebrate (Live)
19.I Believe (Live)
20.Your Heart Is My Home (Live)
21.Do You Remember (Live)
22.One Vision One World (Live)
23.Somebody Dance With Me (Live)
24.Let the Dream Come True (Live)
25.Let the Dream Come True
Dancing Las Vegas 英文
1.Love Never Dies
2.You Drive Me Crazy
3.Robin Hood
Dance With Me 英文
DJ Bobo: Bonus Tracks & Instrumentals 英文
1.Olé Olé (Live Version)
2.The Last Vampire (Instrumental)
3.Everybody (Summer Sunshine Mix) [Instrumental]
Circus (Instrumental) 英文
1.Are You Ready to Party (Instrumental Version)
2.Good Life (Instrumental Version)
3.Welcome to My Crazy Circus (Instrumental Version)
4.For Once in My Life (Instrumental Version)
5.Fly With Me (Instrumental Version)
6.Born to Love You (Instrumental Version)
7.Love Is Killing Me (Instrumental Version)
Circus (Instrumental Album) 英文
1.Good Life (Instrumental)
2.For Once In My Life (Instrumental)
3.Born To Love You (Instrumental)
4.Love Is Killing Me (Instrumental)
Celebration 英文
1.Wonderful Day
暫存1 英文
1.Another Night With You
2.Around The World
3.Best Of My Life
4.Black Rain
6.Colour Of Freedom
7.Colors Of Life
8.Come Take My Hand
9.Dame Tu Mano
10.Intro (Dance With Me)
11.Do You Believe
12.Don't Break My Heart
13.Dreaming Of You
14.Everything Has Changed
15.Gira El Mundo
16.Happy Birthday
17.Hard To Say I'm Sorry
18.Here Comes Tomorrow
20.I'Il Be There
21.I'll Be Waiting
22.I Want You Back
23.I Want Your Body
26.It's Time For Christmas
28.Keep On Dancing
29.Last Day Of 1999
30.Let's Come Together
31.Let's Groove On
32.Let The Party Begin
34.Love Is The Price
35.Love Of My Life
36.Man In The Mirror
37.Merry Christmas
40.Music Is My Life
41.Mystasia (The Land Beyond Your Dreams)
42.Open Your Heart
43.Radio Ga Ga
44.Return To Silence
45.Say It Again
46.Somebody Dance With Me
47.Take Control
48.Intro (Technology)
49.Tell Me When
50.Tell Me Why
51.There's A Party
52.This World Is Magic
53.Time To Turn Off The Light
55.Top Of The World
56.Way To Your Heart
57.What a Feeling
58.Where Is Your Love
59.It's A Wonderful World
61.Shadows of the Night (Extended Version)
62.It's Time for Christmas (Christmas Mix)
63.Bye Bye Bye
65.Life Goes On (Radio Edit)
66.Somebody Dance With Me (feat. Manu-L) - Remady 2013 Mix Radio Edit
67.Believe (Radio Edit)
68.Keep On Dancing (classic radio mix)
69.We Gotta Hold On (Radio Edit)
70.Because of You (Radio Version)
71.Allez allez
72.Pirates of Dance (Instrumental Version)
73.Hard to Say I'm Sorry (Radio Version) [Instrumental]
74.Chihuahua (Extended Version) [Instrumental]
75.Feels Like Heaven (提供)
76.This Is My Time (Instrumental)
77.Everybody's Free (Instrumental Version)
78.Viva Las Vegas (Instrumental Version)
79.Everybody's Gonna Dance (Live Version)
80.Love Is All Around (Live Version)
81.Vampires Are Alive (Single Version)
82.What a Feeling (Radio Version)
83.Chihuahua (Rikki & Daz Radio Version)
84.Take Control (Trime'n Delgado Remix)
85.Ole Ole (single edit)
86.The Sun Will Shine on You
88.DJ BoBo - Megamix (Continuous Mix)
89.Around the World (B & B remix)
90.Keep On Dancin' (classic radio mix)
91.Chihuahua (single version)
92.Megamix (single version)
93.Amazing Life (radio dance version)
94.Love Is All Around (Hyper NRG Mix)
95.Freedom (Feel the Spirit Mix)
96.It's My Life (B & B remix)
97.Respect Yourself (Rob'n Raz remix)
98.Chihuahua (Beverly Hills Chihuahua Version)
99.Hard to Say I'm Sorry (radio version)
暫存 英文
1.Love Is All Around (radio version)
2.Love Is All Around (extended mix I)
3.Vampires Celebrate
4.No Matter What People Say
5.Somebody Dance With Me (Remady 2013 Remix)
6.Somebody Dance With Me (Remady 2013 Mix Extended)
7.Somebody Dance With Me (Remady 2013 mix)
8.What a Feeling (feat. Irene Cara)
9.Respect Yourself (Radio Mix)

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