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Three Dog Night( 三隻狗之夜樂團 )【 共收藏 14 張專輯, 180 首歌 】
三狗夜是美國搖滾樂隊。 他們成立於1967年,由歌手Danny Hutton,Cory Wells和Chuck Negron組成。 Jimmy Greenspoon(鍵盤),Joe Schermie(貝司),Michael Allsup(吉他)和Floyd Sneed(鼓)很快就增強了這一陣容。 樂隊在1969年至1975年間錄製了21首Billboard Top 40首歌曲。它幫助將主流觀眾介紹給許多歌曲作者,其中包括Paul Williams(“老式的情歌”),Hoyt Axton(“Joy (“來自西班牙”),Laura Nyro(“Eli's Comin”),Harry Nilsson(“One”),Randy Newman(“媽媽告訴我不要來”)和Leo Sayer 顯示必須繼續“)。
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Suitable For Framing 英文
1.Feeling Alright(Album Version)
2.Lady Samantha(Album Version)
3.Dreaming Isn't Good For You(Album Version)
4.A Change Is Gonna Come(Album Version)
5.Eli's Coming(Single Version)
6.Easy To Be Hard(Single Version)
7.Ain't That A Lotta Love(Album Version)
8.King Soloman's Mines(Album Version) (提供)
9.Circle For A Landing(Album Version)
10.Celebrate(Album Version)
Coming Down Your Way 英文
1.'Til The World Ends(Single Version)
2.You Can Leave Your Hat On(Album Version)
3.Good Old Feeling(Album Version)
4.Mind Over Matter(Album Version) (提供)
5.Midnight Flyer(Eli Wheeler)(Album Version) (提供)
6.Kite Man(Album Version) (提供)
7.Coming Down Your Way(Album Version) (提供)
8.When It's Over(Album Version)
9.Lean Back, Hold Steady(Album Version) (提供)
10.Yo Te Quiero Hablar(Album Version) (提供)
Around The World With Three Dog Night 英文
1.One Man Band(Live / 1973)
2.Never Been To Spain(Live / 1973)
3.Going In Circles(Live / 1973)
4.The Family Of Man(Live / 1973)
5.Midnight Runaway(Live / 1973)
6.Liar(Live / 1973)
7.Good Feeling 1957(Live / 1973)
8.Organ Solo(Live / 1973) (提供)
9.Eli's Coming(Live / 1973)
10.Joy To The World(Live / 1973)
11.Black And White(Live / 1973)
12.Pieces Of April(Live / 1973)
13.Out In The Country(Live / 1973)
14.Mama Told Me(Not To Come)(Live / 1973)
15.Drum Solo(Live / 1973) (提供)
16.An Old Fashioned Love Song(Live / 1973)
17.Jam(Live / 1973)
Three Dog Night 英文
1.Let Me Go
2.Find Someone To Love
American Pastime 英文
1.Everybody's A Masterpiece(Album Version) (提供)
2.Easy Evil(Album Version)
3.Billy The Kid(Album Version) (提供)
4.Mellow Down(Album Version) (提供)
5.Yellow Beach Umbrella(Album Version)
6.Hang On(Album Version) (提供)
7.Southbound(Album Version)
8.Drive On, Ride On(Album Version) (提供)
9.Dance The Night Away(Album Version) (提供)
Greatest Hits Live 英文
1.Mama Told Me
2.Try a Little Tenderness
3.Easy to Be Hard
4.Joy to the World
5.Never Been to Spain
6.Old Fashioned Love Song
9.Eli's Coming
11.One Man Band
12.The Family Of Man
Harmony 英文
1.In My Heart
It Ain't Easy 英文
Celebrate: The Three Dog Night Story 1965-1975 英文
1.Mamma Told Me (Not To Come)
1965-1975 英文
1.Mamma Told Me (Not To Come)
Three Dog Night: Greatest Hits Live 英文
1.One Man Band (Live)
2.Joy to the World (Live)
3.One (Live)
4.Celebrate (Live)
5.Liar (Live)
6.An Old Fashioned Love Song (Live)
7.Mama Told Me (Not to Come) [Live]
8.Never Been to Spain (Live)
9.Easy to Be Hard (Live)
10.The Family of Man (Live)
11.Try a Little Tenderness (Live)
Robotech Soundtrack 英文
1.In My Heart
Hard Labor 英文
1.I'd Be So Happy - Single Version
2.Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) [Single Version]
3.Put Out the Light
4.Sitting in Limbo
5.On the Way Back Home
6.The Show Must Go On
暫存 英文
1.Black And White
2.Mama Told Me (Not to Come)
3.Pieces Of April
4.An Old Fashioned Love Song
5.Out In the Country
6.Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)
7.'Til the World Ends
10.Feeling Alright
11.Heaven Is in Your Mind
12.Peace Of Mind
13.Chest Fever
14.Your Song
15.Night In the City
17.If You Knew
18.It Ain't Esay
19.Good Feeling
20.Liar (single version)
21.Ridin' Thumb
22.In Bed
23.Brickyard Blues (Play Something Sweet) (Live)
24.An Old Fashion Love Song
25.Ain't That A Lotta Love
26.Let Me Serenade You
27.Sitting In Limbo
29.Freedom for the Stallion
30.Tulsa Turnaround
32.Good Time Living
34.I Can't Get Enough Of It
35.Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad
36.The Loner
37.Lady Samantha
38.Feelin' Alright
39.My Old Kentucky Home
40.Family of Man (Live)
41.A Change Is Gonna Come
42.Circle For A Landing
43.Joy to the World (Edit)
44.Murder In My Heart for the Judge
45.Momma Told Me Not To Come
46.Sure As I'm Sittin' Here
47.Lay Me Down Easy
48.It's for You
49.Show Must Go On
50.I'd Be So Happy
51.Heavy Church
52.My Impersonal Life
53.Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer
54.Going in Circles
55.Play Children Play
56.Pieces of April (Single Version)
57.Anytime Babe
58.Don't Make Promises
59.The Writings On the Wall
60.I Can Hear You Calling
62.Black And White - Single Version
63.Never Been To Spain - Single Version
64.Mama Told Me (Not To Come) - Single Version
65.Shambala - Single Version
66.The Family Of Man - Single Version
67.Play Something Sweet
68.One - Single Version
69.The Show Must Go On - Single Version
70.Joy To The World - Single Version
71.Celebrate - Single Version
72.Intro Poem: Mistakes and Illusions
73.Dreaming Isn't Good for You
74.Feeling Alright - Live At The Forum
75.One - Live At The Forum
76.Eli's Coming (Live At The Forum)
77.Chest Fever (Live At The Forum)
78.It's for You (Live At The Forum)
79.Feelin' Alright (Live At The Forum)
80.Joy to the World - Three Dog Night
81.Sure as I'm Sitting Here
82.Sure as I Am Sitting Here
83.Till the World Ends
84.Black & White
85.Fire Eater
86.Ain't That a Lot of Love
87.One Is the Loneliest Number
89.An Old Fashoned Love Song
90.Easy Evil
91.Yellow Beach Umbrella
93.That No One Ever Hurts This Bad
94.Good Feeling (1957)
95.Rock & Roll Widow
96.You Can Leave Your Hat On
97.Mama Told Me Not To Come - Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas/Soundtrack Version w/Dialogue

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