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The Residents( 居民樂團 )【 共收藏 14 張專輯, 251 首歌 】
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Shadowland 英文
1.Fever Dream (提供)
2.Golden Guy (提供)
3.Herman The Human Mole
4.Benny The Bouncing Bump
5.Weightlifting Lulu
6.Betty's Body
7.Is He Really Bringing Roses (提供)
8.Hard and Tenderly
9.Mourning Glories
The Wonder of Weird 英文
1.Mr. LonelyThe Man in the Dark Sedan (提供)
2.CB Contraption 1 (提供)
3.Teddy (提供)
4.Struggle (提供)
5.Loser~WeedPicnic in the Jungle (提供)
6.Baby Sister (提供)
7.Jelly Jack The Boneless Boy
8.The Confused Transsexual
9.The Black Behind (提供)
10.Marching to the SeaIntermission
11.Santa Dog
12.CB Contraption 2 (提供)
13.Bathsheba Bathes
Ten Two Times 英文
1.Lottie (Have a Bad Day) (提供)
2.Santa (2012) (提供)
3.Picnic (Icky Flix) (提供)
4.Picnic (Our Finest Flowers) (提供)
5.Vileness (Original) (提供)
6.Vileness (New Soundtrack) (提供)
7.Santa (1972) (提供)
8.Black (Ozark) (提供)
9.Lottie (Bad Day Book bonus disc) (提供)
10.Black (The Bunny Boy) (提供)
11.Marching (Intermission) (提供)
12.Marching (Mole Suite) (提供)
13.Midnight (The Ughs) (提供)
14.Midnight (The Sandman Waits) (提供)
15.Window (Animal Lover) (提供)
16.Window (Talking Light Show) (提供)
17.Betty (The 12 Days of Brumalia) (提供)
18.Betty (Demons Dance Alone)
19.Sleepwalker (DDA Bonus Disc) (提供)
20.Sleepwalker (Lonely Teenager) (提供)
Mush-Room 英文
1.Mush Room (提供)
2.Musical Chairs in 34 (提供)
3.Dung Beetles at Work (提供)
4.Broken Brake (提供)
5.Yellow Marrow (提供)
6.When the Wealthy Were Wise (提供)
7.Song for Grace (提供)
8.Between a Rock and a Hard Space (提供)
9.The Birth of Mush Room (提供)
10.The Dream I Almost Remember (提供)
11.Only Room for One More Mush (提供)
12.Sticks and Logs (提供)
Coochie Brake 英文
1.Gotta Believe (提供)
2.Rot of Ages (提供)
3.Outside The Fence (提供)
4.Tied To a Cactus (提供)
5.Crocodile Tears (提供)
6.Dead Man On the Floor (提供)
7.Runaway (提供)
8.Bitter Biter (提供)
9.Please Don't Go (提供)
10.Theater of Shadows (提供)
11.Noche Called My Nombe (提供)
Lonely Teenager 英文
1.Six More Miles (提供)
2.My Window
3.The Unseen Sister (提供)
4.The Lizard Lady
5.The Sleepwalker (提供)
6.The Old Woman
7.Boxes Of Armageddon
8.Talking Light (提供)
Duck Stab 英文
1.The Booker Tease (提供)
Freak Show 英文
1.Bouncing Benny
2.Everyone Comes To The Freak Show
3.Harry The Head
4.Jello Jack - The Boneless Boy
6.Mickey - The Mumbling Midget
7.Nobody Laughs When They Leave
8.Wanda - The Worm Woman
9.Wanda Wanda Wanda
God In Three Persons 英文
1.Confused (By What I Felt Inside)
3.Fine Fat Flies
4.Hard And Tenderly
5.Kiss Of Flesh
6.Loss Of A Loved One
7.Main Titles (God In Three Persons)
8.Pain And Pleasure
9.Silver, Sharp And Could Not Care
10.Their Early Years
11.The Service
12.The Thing About Them
13.The Touch
Snakefinger 英文
1.Here Come The Bums
2.I Gave Myself To You
3.Kill The Great Raven
4.Living In Vain
5.Picnic In The Jungle
6.The Golden Goat
7.The Man In The Dark Sedan
8.The Spot
9.The Vultures Of Bombay
Fingerprince 英文
2.Home Age Conversation
3.Six Things To A Cycle
4.Tourniquet Of Roses
5.You Yesyesyes
13th Anniversary Show 英文
1.Semolina (Live)
2.Hello Skinny (Live)
3.Constantinople (Live)
4.Picnic in the Jungle (Live)
5.Tourniquet of Roses (Live)
6.Walter Westinghouse (Live)
7.Amber (Live)
8.Red Rider (Live)
9.Die in Terror (Live)
暫存1 英文
1.My Work Is So Behind
2.Jungle Bunny
3.Gone Again
4.Make Me Moo
5.Dead Wood
6.Death In Barstow
7.Demons Dance Alone
8.From The Plains To Mexico
10.Hanging By His Hair
11.My Brother Paul
12.I'm Dreaming Of A White Sailor
13.Forty-Four No More
14.The Car Thief
15.Mother No More
16.Lizard Lady
17.Six More Miles (To The Graveyard)
18.Hey Good Lookin'
19.A Fool Such As I
21.Blue Rosebuds
22.Ship Of Fools
24.Mr. Mysery
25.God's Magic Finger
26.Judas Saves
27.Burn, Baby, Burn
28.Dinah And The Unclean Skin
29.How To Get A Head
30.Boo Who?
31.What Have My Chickens Done Now?
33.Olive And Gray
34.Blue Tongues
35.Ghost Child
36.Kick A Picnic
37.Six Amber Things
38.Perfect Goat
41.Honey Bear
42.Mickey Macaroni
43.Mahogany Wood
44.Melon Collie Lassie
45.Blue Suede Shoes
46.Fire Fall
47.Tent Peg In The Temple
48.Red Rider
49.Walter Westinghouse
51.Heartbreak Hotel
52.Spotted Pinto Bean
53.Picnic Boy
54.He Also Serves
55.Big Hunk O' Love
56.The Observer
57.It Never Stops
58.Bach Is Dead
59.His Latest Flame
60.Life Would Be Wonderful
61.Give It To Someone Else
62.The Weatherman
64.The Electrocutioner
65.Wanda:The Worm Woman
66.Love Is...
67.Elvis And His Boss
68.All Shook Up
69.Sinister Exaggerator
70.Harry The Head
71.Hello Skinny
72.Die In Terror
73.Laughing Song
74.Birthday Boy
75.Shorty's Lament
76.Act Of Being Polite
77.Tragic Bells
78.Handful Of Desire
79.Birds In The Trees
80.Elmer's Song
81.Two Lips
83.Dimples And Toes
85.Easter Woman
86.Nice Old Man
87.Possessions (提供)
88.Suburban Bathers
89.Loss Of Innocence
90.The Monkey Man
91.Ups And Downs
暫存 英文
1.Mr. Misery
2.Troubled Man
3.The Nameless Souls
4.End Of Home
6.Dead Men
7.Less Not More
8.Burn My Bones
9.The Whispering Boys
11.Margaret Freeman
12.Perfect Love
14.Bury Me Not
15.N-Er-Gee (Crisis Blues)
16.Guylum Bardot
17.Seasoned Greetings
19.Flight of the Bumble Roach
20.Easter Women
22.This Is a Man's World
24.I Left My Heart in San Francisco
25.Gingerbread Man Concentrate
26.The Weaver
27.Burning Love
28.Don't Be Cruel
29.The Walrus Hunt
30.Hitler Was a Vegetarian
31.The Ultimate Disaster
32.Honey Bear (Live)
33.The Act of Being Polite
34.The Bunny Boy
35.Kaw-Liga (Prairie mix)
36.Daydream Believer
38.Ugly (At the End)
39.Part Two: The Making of a Soul
40.Part Four: Never Known Questions

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