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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Raspberries
The Raspberries【 共收藏 4 張專輯, 62 首歌 】
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The Essential 英文
1.Go All the Way - Remastered
2.I Wanna Be with You - Studio Version, Remastered
3.Let's Pretend - Remastered
4.Tonight - Remastered
5.Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) - Remastered
6.Ecstasy - Live
Greatest 英文
1.Go All The Way - 1999 Digital Remaster
2.Party's Over - Digitally Remastered '04
3.Starting Over - 1999 Digital Remaster
4.Cruisin' Music - 24-Bit Remastered 99
5.I Don't Know What I Want - 24-Bit Remastered 99
6.Last Dance - 1999 Digital Remaster
7.Ecstasy - 24-Bit Remastered 99
8.I'm A Rocker - 24-Bit Remastered 99
9.Tonight - 2000 Digital Remaster
10.If You Change Your Mind - 24-Bit Remastered 99
11.Nobody Knows - 24-Bit Remastered 99
12.I Reach For The Light - 24-Bit Digitally Remastered 03
13.Let's Pretend - 24-Bit Remastered 99
14.Drivin' Around - 24-Bit Remastered 99
15.I Wanna Be With You - 24-Bit Remastered 99
16.I Can Remember - 24-Bit Remastered 99
17.I Saw The Light - 24-Bit Digitally Remastered 03
18.Don't Want To Say Goodbye - 24-Bit Remastered 99
19.Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) - 24-Bit Remastered 99
Fresh Raspberries 英文
1.Goin' Nowhere Tonight
2.Let's Pretend
3.I Wanna Be With You
4.Drivin' Around
5.If You Change Your Mind
6.Might as Well
7.It Seemed So Easy
8.Nobody Knows
9.Every Way I Can (提供)
10.I Reach for the Light
暫存 英文
1.Money Down
2.I Saw The Light
3.I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine
4.Play On
5.Don't Want To Say Goodbye
7.If You Change You Mind
8.I'm a Rocker
10.Starting Over
11.I Want to Be with You
12.Come Around and See Me
13.Go All the Way
14.I Don't Know What I Want
15.I Can Remember
16.Cruisin' Music
19.Overnight Sensation
21.Hands On You
22.On The Beach
23.Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)
24.Party's Over
25.Rose Coloured Glasses
26.With You In My Life
27.Get It Moving

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