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The Ozark Mountain Daredevils【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 243 首歌 】
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The Lost Cabin Sessions 英文
1.Feelin' Good
2.Long Time To Here
3.Lost Cabin
4.Outside My Country Home
5.Sheriff's Comin'
6.The Rhythm of Joy (提供)
7.Lovin' Again (提供)
8.On Our Carousel (提供)
9.Someday Darlin' (提供)
10.Walking In The Morning (提供)
11.Rainbird (提供)
12.I Threw Away The Chains
The Best 英文
1.Keep On Churnin'
3.Road to Glory
4.Country Girl
5.Homemade Wine
6.Following The Way That I Feel
7.Jackie Blue
8.Walkin' Down The Road
9.You Made It Right
10.Fly Away Home
11.If You Wanna Get To Heaven
12.You Know Like I Know
Ozark Mountain Daredevils 英文
1.Empty Cup
2.Fool's Gold
3.Jump At The Chance
4.Lovin' You
5.Oh, Darlin'
7.Runnin' Out
8.Sailin' Around the World
9.Take You Tonight
10.Tuff Luck
Volume 8 - Concert Classics 英文
1.Road Master
2.Homeade Wine
3.Beauty in the River
4.Chicken Train
5.Commercial Success
6.Country Girl
7.Homemade Wine
9.Love Makes The Lover
10.Look Away
11.If You Wanna Get To Heaven
13 英文
1.Bad Road
2.Bar Hoppin'
4.Everywhere She Goes
5.If It's True
6.I'm Still Dreamin'
7.In The Day, In The Night
8.Love is Calling
9.New York
10.Over Again
11.Standing On The Corner of Live &Learn
12.Tear In The Rain
13.Where Are We
Archive Alive! 英文
1.Absolute Zero
2.Beauty in the River
3.Chicken Train
4.Commercial Success
5.Country Girl
6.Homemade Wine
7.I Threw Away The Chains
8.Mountain Range
10.Reudi Valley Boogie
11.River To The Sun
Now Hear This 英文
1.Flame of Laredo
2.Gonna Buy Me A Car
3.Hilltop Girl
4.There Oughta Be A Law
5.Everywhere She Goes
6.I'm Still Dreamin'
7.Love is Calling
8.Over Again
9.The River
10.True Love
Modern History 英文
1.True Love
2.I'm Still Dreaming
3.Everywhere She Goes
4.I'm Still Dreamin'
5.Love is Calling
6.Over Again
7.Heart of the Country
8.Heatin' Up
9.Lonely Knight
10.The River
11.Turn It Up
Heart of the Country 英文
1.Fishin' In The Dark
2.Give 'Em My Number
3.Heart of the Country
4.Heatin' Up
5.Lonely Knight
6.The River
7.Turn It Up
8.Wilder Days
9.Everywhere She Goes
10.I'm Still Dreamin'
It's Alive 英文
1.A Satisfied Mind
2.Black Sky
3.Fly Away Home
4.Horse Trader
5.If You Wanna Get To Heaven
6.It's All Over Now
7.Ooh Boys (It's Hot)
8.You Know Like I Know
9.Followin' The Way That I Feel
10.Chicken Train
11.Commercial Success
12.Homemade Wine
14.River To The Sun
15.Following The Way That I Feel
16.Jackie Blue
17.Walkin' Down The Road
Hearts On Fire 英文
1.Black Leather
2.Crazy Over You
3.Gettin' Higher
4.God Speed (Your Love)
5.Outside The Law
6.So Close To The Feeling
7.Stolen Away
8.Sweet Love
9.The Sun's Gonna Shine
10.Within A Dream
Don't Look Down 英文
2.Crazy Lovin'
3.Following The Way That I Feel
4.Giving It All To The Wind
5.Love Makes The Lover
6.Moon On The Rise
8.Stinghead (提供)
9.The Fox
10.True Believer
11.River To The Sun
Men From Earth 英文
2.Breakaway (from those chains)
3.It's How You Think
4.The Red Plum
6.Homemade Wine
7.Mountain Range
9.Fly Away Home
10.You Know Like I Know
The Car Over The Lake Album 英文
1.Cobblestone Mountain
2.From Time To Time
3.Gypsy Forest
4.If I Only Knew
5.Mr. Powell
6.Out On The Sea
7.Southern Cross
8.Thin Ice
10.Keep On Churnin'
It'll Shine When It Shines 英文
1.E. E. Lawson
2.It Couldn't Be Better
3.It'll Shine When It Shines
4.It Probably Always Will
5.Jackie Blue
6.Kansas You Fooler
7.Look Away
9.Tidal Wave
10.Walkin' Down The Road
11.What's Happened Along In My Life
12.You Made It Right
The 'Quilt' Album 英文
1.Colorado Song
2.Spaceship Orion
3.Standing On The Rock
4.Within Without
5.Beauty in the River
6.Chicken Train
7.Country Girl
8.Black Sky
9.If You Wanna Get To Heaven
10.Road to Glory
Rhythm and Joy 英文
1.Standing On the Rock (Live)
2.A Satisfied Mind (Live)
3.Jackie Blue (Live)
4.Arroyo (Live)
5.Thin Ice (Live)
6.Cobblestone Mountain (Live)
7.Country Girl (Live)
8.Look Away (Live)
9.Walkin' Down the Road (Live)
10.Black Sky (Live)
11.If You Wanna Get to Heaven (Live)
It's Alive (Live) 英文
1.You Know Like I Know (Live)
2.Jackie Blue (Live)
3.Black Sky (Live)
4.Walkin' Down the Road (Live)
5.It's All Over Now (Live)
6.Homemade Wine (Live)
7.Ooh Boys (It's Hot) [Live]
8.Horse Trader (Live)
9.Fly Away Home (Live)
10.River to the Sun (Live)
11.If You Wanna Get to Heaven (Live)
Secrets of the Universe Revealed 英文
1.Establish Yourself
2.Journey To The Center Of Your Heart
3.Time Warp
Marooned 英文
1.Don't Talk
2.Hang On
4.Just Another Girlfriend
6.Number One Girl
7.Only Seventeen
8.Satisfaction Guaranteed
(I Could Give You Love)

9.The Best Is Yet To Come
10.Waiting To Let Go
暫存 英文
1.If You Wanna Get to Heaven
2.Standing on the Rock
3.Sometimes You Earn
4.Running Away
5.Following the Way That I Feel
6.Moon Come Up
7.Colorado Song
9.Standin' on the Rock
10.Chicken Train Stomp
11.Better Days
12.Breakaway (From Those Chains)
13.In the Day, in the Night
14.Within Without
15.Keep on Churnin'
16.If You Want to Get to Heaven
17.Jackie Blue (Theme from Nurse Jackie) (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
18.Black Sky (Re-Recorded)
19.Jackie Blue (Re-Recorded)
20.What's Happened Along My Life
21.If You Wanna Get in Heaven
22.Roscoe's Rule
23.A Dollar's Worth Of Regular
24.Absolute Zero (Remastered) - Live At The Roxy, La 11 Dec 75
25.Out On The Sea (Remastered) - Live At The Roxy, La 11 Dec 75
26.Time Warp (Remastered) - Live At The Roxy, La 11 Dec 75

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