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The O'Jays( 歐傑斯合唱團 )【 共收藏 3 張專輯, 90 首歌 】
O'Jays是俄亥俄州Canton的一個美國R&B集團,成立於1958年,最初由Eddie Levert(1942年6月16日出生),Walter Williams(1943年8月25日出生),William Powell(1942年1月20日 - 5月) 1977年),Bobby Massey和Bill Isles。 O'Jays於1963年首次以“寂寞的流浪者”出場,但是一旦Gamble&Huff,一個製作人和歌曲作者團隊,在1972年簽下他們的費城國際品牌,他們的成功達到了最高水平。借助Gamble&Huff O'Jays(現在是Isles和Massey離開後的三人組合)以“Back Stabbers”(1972)出現在費城靈魂的最前線,並在第二年以“Love Train”登上Billboard Hot 100榜首。 許多其他的點擊是在20世紀70年代到80年代和90年代,O'Jays於2004年被引入聲樂集團名人堂,並於2005年入選搖滾名人堂。
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Live In London 英文
1.When The World's At Peace - Live Version
2.Wildflower - Live Version
3.Sunshine - Live Version
4.Put Your Hands Together (Live)
5.Wildflower (Live)
6.Sunshine (Live)
7.Love Train (Live)
Back Stabbers 英文
1.Back Stabbers (mono version)
2.Love Train (A Tom Moulton mix)
4.Love Train
5.Who Am I
暫存 英文
1.Back Stabbers
2.For The Love Of Money
3.I Love Music (part 1)
4.Used to Be My Girl
5.Use To Be My Girl
6.Now That We Found Love
7.Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
8.Something For Nothing
9.Forever Mine
11.I Love Music
12.Give The People What They Want
13.Love Train (Album Version)
14.Sing A Happy Song
15.Lovin' You
17.Put Your Hands Together
18.Let Me In Your World
19.Made It Back
20.What Am I Waiting For
21.You And Me
22.Message In The Music
23.Let Me Make Love to You
24.Use Ta Be My Girl
25.Help (Somebody Please)
26.Family Reunion
27.Cry Together
28.You Got Your Hooks in Me
29.Keep On Lovin' Me
30.Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet Tender Love)
31.One Night Affair
32.Christmas Ain't Christmas
33.You Are The One
34.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
35.Stairway to Heaven
36.I Should Be Your Lover
37.I Don't Know
38.Livin' for the Weekend
39.Emotionally Yours
40.When the World Is at Peace
41.Time To Get Down
42.I Want You Here With Me
43.Carol Of The Bells
44.Losing My Touch
45.Hurry Home
46.Loves Me Like A Rock
47.Girl, Don't Let It Get You Down
48.What's Stopping You
49.Used Ta Be My Girl
50.She Used To Be My Girl
51.Ship Ahoy - Edited Version
52.Sunshine, Pt. 1
53.Message In Our Music (Re-Edit) - Re-Edit
54.Now That We Found Love - Previously released material
55.Now That We Found Love - Edit
56.Back Stabbers (Tom Moulton Mix)
57.Use Ta Be My Girl (3:20 Version)
58.For the Love of Money (long version)
59.I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I Was Today) (Live)
60.I Love Music (Live)
61.Give the People What They Want (Live)
62.When the World's at Peace
63.Christmas Ain't Christmas Without the One You Love
64.You'll Never Know (All There Is to Know 'bout My Love)
65.Love Train (Re-Recorded)
66.Use to Be My Girl (Live)
67.Stairway To Heaven (Live)
68.You Got Your Hooks in Me (Live)
69.Use ta Be My Girl (Live)
70.Backstabbers (Re-Recorded) [Remastered]
71.Deeper (In Love With You)
72.Your Body's Here with Me (But Your Mind's on the Other Side of Town) (提供)
73.Cause I Want You Back Again
74.Where Did We Go Wrong
75.Brandy (I Really Miss You)
76.For The Love Of Money - Radio Edit
77.I Love Music (Tom Moulton Mix)
78.Extraordinary Girl

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