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The King's Singers( 國王歌手合唱團 )【 共收藏 14 張專輯, 128 首歌 】
國王的歌手是英國無伴奏合唱團成立於1968年。他們以英國劍橋國王學院命名,由六位合唱學者組成。 在英國,它們的流行率在20世紀70年代和80年代初達到頂峰。 此後,他們開始接觸更廣泛的國際觀眾,經常出現在美國約翰尼卡森的今晚秀節目中。 1987年,他們在艾美獎獲獎作品“ABC-TV特別茱莉安德魯斯:聖誕節的聲音”中作為嘉賓特別亮相。

今天,樂團在全球範圍內進行巡迴表演,每年在大約125場音樂會上演出,主要集中在歐洲,美國和遠東地區,最近將中華人民共和國列入其巡迴演唱會名單。 近幾年來,該集團在英國皇家阿爾伯特音樂廳舉辦了三場合唱節和倫敦金融城音樂節。
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Tresors a capella 英文
1.Texas Girl At the Funeral of Her Father
2.And So It Goes
3.Good Vibrations
5.The Boxer
6.American Pie
7.Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
8.Chanson d'amour
The Best of the King's Singers 英文
1.Lux Aurumque
2.Silent Love
3.Swimming Over London
5.I'm Yours
8.She's Always a Woman to Me
9.You Are the New Day
10.Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
The Beatles Connection 英文
1.Penny Lane
2.I Want to Hold Your Hand
3.You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
4.Honey Pie
5.I'll Follow the Sun
7.Got to Get You Into My Life
8.A Hard Day's Night
10.And I Love Her
11.Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
12.Mother Nature's Son
13.Can't Buy Me Love
Simple Gifts 英文
1.Always a Woman
2.You Can Close Your Eyes
3.Gift to Be Simple
4.Swing Low
New Day 英文
1.Nouveau poor
2.The summer knows
3.Money, money, money - Summer Nights
4.Hush little baby, don't say a word
5.Here comes the sun
6.It was almost like a song
7.The Gambler
8.The rhythm of life
9.Can't buy me love
10.Three times a lady
11.Could it be magic
Great American Songbook 英文
1.The Best Is yet to Come
2.Night and Day
3.Cheek to Cheek
4.I've Got You Under My Skin
Good Vibrations 英文
1.Good Vibrations
2.That Lonesome Road
3.Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
4.American Pie
5.And So It Goes
6.Seaside Rendezvous
7.The Boxer
8.Father to Son
10.M. L. K.
Folk Songs Of The British Isles 英文
1.Annie Laurie
2.Danny Boy
3.Loch Lomond
4.Sally Gardens
Circle of Life 英文
1.Kiss From a Rose
2.I Will Always Love You (提供)
3.The Rose
4.Everything I Do, I Do It for You
5.I Heard It Through the Grapevine
6.The Time of My Life
7.Live and Let Die
8.It Had to Be You
9.Wind Between My Wings
10.Groovy Kind of Love
Chanson d'amour 英文
1.Chanson d'amour
2.Now Those Days Are Gone
3.All I Ask of You
4.My Romance
5.She's Like the Swallow
6.If Music Be the Food of Love
7.Down With Love
Cappella 英文
1.All I Ask of You
2.The Boxer
3.Good Vibrations
4.Chanson d'Amour
5.The Rose
Beatles' Collection 英文
1.And I Love Her
2.Eleanor Rigby
3.Black Bird
America 英文
1.Bridge Over Troubled Water
2.The Sound of Silence
3.Homeward Bound
暫存 英文
1.The Wexford Carol
2.Strawberry Fields Forever
3.Love Is Stronger Than Pride
4.The Gift to Be Simple
5.Please Let Me Wonder
6.Short People
7.Early one morning
8.Since Robin Hood (1987 Digital Remaster)
9.Down To The River To Pray
10.The Water Is Wide
11.Black Is the Color
13.Funeral Ikos
14.The little drummer boy
15.Helplessly Hoping
16.Born On a New Day
17.The Oak and the Ash
18.Magic Castle
19.Now Is the Month of Maying
21.She Moved Through the Fair
22.Skye Boat Song
23.Weather with You
24.All by Myself
25.The Green Leaves of Summer
26.Life on Mars
27.I Love You Samantha
28.One of Those Songs
29.She's Always a Woman
30.In the Bleak Midwinter (Arr. Alexander L'Estrange)
32.Greensleeves: Greensleeves
33.Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire (The Christmas Song)
34.The Half-Of-It-Dearie Blues
35.The Fool on the Hill

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