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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Future Sound Of London
The Future Sound Of London【 共收藏 3 張專輯, 46 首歌 】
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Environments 2 英文
1.Glacier (Part 2) (提供)
2.Glacier (Part 1) (提供)
3.Viewed From Above (提供)
4.Serengeti (提供)
5.Colour Blind (提供)
6.A Corner (提供)
7.Newfoundland (提供)
8.North Arctic (提供)
9.Factories And Assembly (提供)
10.Ice Formed (提供)
11.Small Town (提供)
12.Nearly Home (提供)
13.Boca Manu (提供)
14.Journey To The Centre (提供)
Environments 3 英文
1.Viewed From An Obscure Angle (提供)
2.Summer's Dream (提供)
3.Sunken Ships (提供)
4.The Empty Land (提供)
5.A Glitch In Cellular Memory (提供)
6.Recollection (提供)
7.Accompaniment For Melodious Expression (提供)
8.Absolution (提供)
9.The Oldest Lady (提供)
10.A Diversionary Tactic (提供)
11.The Silent Place (提供)
12.Out Of Sync Child (提供)
13.Hall Of Mirrors (提供)
14.End Of The World (提供)
15.Sense Of Being (提供)
16.Surface Water (提供)
17.Heart Sick Chord (提供)
18.Repetition Is A Form Of Change (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Moscow (提供)
2.Central Industrial
3.Hot Knives
4.Goodbye Sky
5.It's Not My Problem
6.Tingler '96
7.Just a Fuckin' Idiot (提供)
8.It's My Mind That Works
9.Cascade (live, BBC Radio 1, 1994-05-14)
10.Among Myselves (live, BBC Radio 1, 1994-05-14)
11.Everyone In the World Is Doing Something Without Me (2006 Edit)
12.While Others Cry
13.My Kingdom

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