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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Amazing Rhythm Aces
The Amazing Rhythm Aces【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 96 首歌 】
The Amazing Rhythm Aces是美國鄉村搖滾樂隊,其音樂特色為“美國音樂”或“根音樂” - 搖滾,鄉村,布魯斯,R&B,民謠,雷鬼和拉丁美洲的混合體。 樂隊最出名的就是70年代的“Third Rate Romance”。 它已經發行了30多年的18張專輯(一段時間包括15年的間隙)。 樂隊的音樂以其兼收並蓄的風格,文學性和古怪的歌詞以及主唱和詞曲作者羅素史密斯獨特的歌聲而聞名。

Amazing Rhythm Aces
成員: 羅素·史密斯, 比利·埃爾特, 凱爾文·霍莉, 馬克·霍恩, 詹姆斯·胡克, 鄧肯·卡麥隆, 洛爾內·瑞爾
類型: 鄉村搖滾, 軟式搖滾, 南方搖滾
獲獎紀錄: 葛萊美獎最佳鄉村組合演唱
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Out of the Blue 英文
1.Your Love Is Working In My Life (提供)
2.The Blue Room (提供)
3.This Time Ain't Gonna Be No Next Time (提供)
4.Cold, Cold Rain
5.Love's On the Way (提供)
6.Waitin' On Sundown (提供)
7.Get Down (提供)
8.One Love (提供)
9.I Feel Forever (提供)
10.Out of the Storm (提供)
11.Oh, Lucky Me
12.Out of the Blue
Their Very Best 英文
1.Two Can Do It Too (提供)
2.Ashes Of Love
3.All That I Had Left
4.The Spirit Walk
5.Lipstick Traces
6.Love And Happiness
7.Betty Jean (提供)
8.I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight (提供)
9.Mystery Train (提供)
10.Amazing Grace
11.The End Is Not In Sight
12.I'll Be Gone
13.Dancing The Night Away
14.Never Been To The Islands
15.Geneva's Lullaby (提供)
Ride Again 英文
1.Della's Long Brown Hair
2.All That I Had Left (Left With You)
3.Rodrigo, Rita and Elaine
4.King of the Cowboys
5.Third Rate Romance
6.I Pity the Mother and the Father (When The Kids Move Away)
7.Last Letter Home
8.Out of the Snow
9.The Ella B. (提供)
10.These Dreams of Losing You
Nothin' But the Blues 英文
1.She Lied On Me (提供)
2.Sensual Woman (提供)
3.The Blues, the Whole Blues, Nothin' But the Blues (提供)
4.Strong Enough (提供)
5.Snakin' Up On You (提供)
6.Reminiscing' With the Blues (提供)
7.Feels Like the First Time (提供)
8.The Chance You Take (提供)
9.Worse Than Dyin' (提供)
10.She's Not You (提供)
11.I Can Almost See It Now (提供)
12.One Tear At a Time (提供)
13.Thangamalang (提供)
14.The Kind (提供)
How The Hell Do You Spell Rhythm? 英文
1.Farther On Down The Road2.Wild Night
Too Stuffed To Jump 英文
1.Same Ol' Me
Chock Full of Country Goodness 英文
1.Jerry Fontaine and His Jammin' Guitar (提供)
2.Fake It 'till I Make It (提供)
3.The Rock
4.Yippe Yi Yo Yo
5.Makin' Nothin' Outta Somethin' (提供)
6.Guardian Angel (提供)
7.Dancin' With the One You Love
8.Rednecks Unplugged
9.Vera Cruz
10.If I Could Call You Mine (提供)
12.A Heart to Come Home To (提供)
Stacked Deck 英文
1.Emma Jean
2.Hit The Nail On The Head
3.My Tears Still Flow
Live in America 英文
1.The End Is Not in Sight (The Cowboy Tune) (Live)
2.Who Will the Next Fool Be (Live)
3.I'll Be Gone (Live)
4.I Pity the Mother and the Father (When the Kids Move Away) (Live)
5.Out of the Snow (Live)
6.Amazing Grace (Used to Be Her Favorite Song) (Live)
7.Dancing the Night Away (Live)
8.Love and Happiness (Live)
9.Anything You Want (Live)
10.Hit the Nail on the Head (Live)
11.Fool for the Woman (Live)
Burning the Ballroom Down 英文
1.Burning the Ballroom Down
2.Out of Control
3.A Jackass Gets His Oats
暫存 英文
1.A Little Italy Rag
2.Anything You Want
3.Fool For The Woman
4.Third Rate Romance (Live)
5.Out of the Blue (Live)
6.These Dreams of Losing You (Remastered)
7.The 'Ella B' (Remastered)
8.Third Rate Romance - Remastered
9.I Pity the Mother and Father (Live)
10.Typical American Boy (Live)
11.Red to Blue (When Dreams Come True)
12.Just Between You and Me and the Wall, You're a Fool
13.Why Can't I Be Satisfied

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