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TeraBrite【 共收藏 2 張專輯, 94 首歌 】
所屬唱片公司: TeraBrite
類型: 搖滾
專輯: Livelavalive
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Compilation 英文
1.Can't Feel My Face
2.Bad Blood
3.See You Again
暫存 英文
1.I Knew You Were Trouble (提供)
2.In Honor of Her Heart
3.Die Young (提供)
4.We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (提供)
5.Chris Pirillo Vlog Intro (Lockergnome) (提供)
6.As Long As You Love Me (提供)
7.Take a Dump (Parody of 'Take it Off') (提供)
8.I've Never Written a Love Song (提供)
9.I'm So Emo (提供)
10.Scream (提供)
11.Wide Awake (提供)
12.Turn to You (提供)
13.Hot Problems (Double Take Parody) (feat. Toby Turner)
14.Girl Gone Wild (提供)
15.Live My Life (提供)
16.My First Hardcore Song Response (提供)
17.Princess of China (提供)
18.Where Have You Been (提供)
19.The Champ (提供)
20.Safe & Sound (提供)
21.Epic Christmas (提供)
22.When the Kids Go to Sleep Version 1 (提供)
23.When the Kids Go to Sleep Version 2 (提供)
24.Decisions (提供)
25.Casey Lavere Intro (提供)
26.Vidcon 2011 (提供)
27.Livelavalive Intro (提供)
28.Mitchell Kyle Middletro (提供)
29.Do The Livelavalive (提供)
30.Mitchell Davis and Kyle Sibert Outro (提供)
31.My Own Path (提供)
32.Epic Meal Time Intro Theme (提供)
33.Buck Factor Theme (提供)
34.Katers Daily Capers Theme (提供)
35.Two Piece Band Living in YouTube Land (提供)
36.Just Ask iJustine (Ask iJ Theme) (提供)
37.What Does It Take (提供)
38.I Love Food and You (提供)
39.CTFxC Internet Killed Television Theme (提供)
40.Shaytards Intro Theme (提供)
41.Logan Mckay Theme (提供)
42.VleraBrite Theme (提供)
43.This Christmas Card from Me (提供)
44.We Wear the Mask (提供)
45.No One Knows (Original Rough Mix) (提供)
46.No One Knows (Is There Anyone) (提供)
47.Hump the Air (提供)
48.Running With Scissors
50.Drag Me Down
51.I'll Show You
53.Dangerous Woman
54.Good For You
55.Cool for the Summer
56.On My Mind
58.What Do You Mean
59.The Divine Zero
61.Fly Away
62.Something's Gotta Give
63.The Heart Wants What It Wants
64.Welcome To New York
65.Shake It Off
66.Slow Down
67.Best Song Ever
68.You and I
69.Forever Love
70.Wasting All These Tears
71.My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)
72.Heart Attack
73.Crazy Stupid Love
75.Can't Help Falling in Love
76.We the Kings Greatest Hits Medley: Say You Like Me / Check Yes Juliet / Skyway Avenue / She Takes Me High / Party Fun Love and Radio / Secret Valentine / Friday Is Forever
77.Flappy Bird (Parody of 'Happy')
78.Out of the Woods
79.Adore You
80.Rock N Roll
81.Still Into You
82.Love Never Felt so Good
83.The Other Side
86.Perfect Illusion
87.Told You So
88.Hard Times
89.Look What You Made Me Do
91.Say Amen (Saturday Night)

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