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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Viper( The Viper )
Viper( The Viper )【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 81 首歌 】
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Theatre Of Fate 英文
1.A Cry From The Edge
2.At Least A Chance
3.Living For The Night
5.Prelude To Oblivion
6.Theatre Of Fate
7.To Live Again
8.Illusions (提供)
Vipera Sapiens 英文
1.Silent Enemy
3.Wasted Again
4.Killing World
5.The Spreading Soul (acoustic version)
To Live Again (Ao Vivo) 英文
1.Nightmares - Ao Vivo
2.Wings of the Evil - Ao Vivo
3.H.R. - Ao Vivo
4.Soldiers of Sunrise - Ao Vivo
5.To Live Again - Ao Vivo
Theatre of Fate / Soldiers of Sunrise 英文
1.A Cry From the Edge
2.Signs of the Night
3.Soldiers of Sunrise
5.Wings of the Evil
6.The Whipper
8.Knights of Destruction
9.Theatre of Fate
10.Prelude to Oblivion
11.Law of the Sword
Soldiers Of Sunrise 英文
Maniacs in Japan 英文
1.The Shelter
2.Dead Light
3.We Will Rock You
4.Acid Heart
6.Rebel Maniac
7.I Wanna Be Sedated
Evolution 英文
1.Pictures Of Hate
2.Dead Light
3.Dance Of Madness
Coma Rage 英文
1.The Last Song
2.Straight Ahead
3.Makin' Love
4.If I Die By Hate
5.God Machine
6.Far And Near
7.Coma Rage
8.405 South (提供)
All My Life 英文
1.All My Life
2.Rising Sun
5.Do It All Again
6.Cross The Line
7.Love Is All
8.Not That Easy
9.Miles Away
10.Come On Come On
暫存 英文
1.Lucinha Bordon
2.I'm a Snake
3.Life Starts Here
4.You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack
5.I Sell Dope Boy
6.Like I Always Do
7.I Miss U
8.Very Interestin' Swag
9.Take A Chance
10.Count on Me
11.No Surprise
12.Very Interestin'
13.Neon Lights
14.Why These Cats Want Me Killed
15.Not Ready to Get Up
16.The One You Need
18.Life's Lessons
19.Coming Home
20.Nothing To Lose
21.Coming Home (Edit Version)
22.Coming Home - Edit

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