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Vibrators( The Vibrators )【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 127 首歌 】
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Pure Mania 英文
1.Into The Future
2.I Need A Slave
3.Bad Time
4.Baby Baby
5.She's Bringing You Down
6.You Broke My Heart
7.Stiff Little Fingers
8.Yeah Yeah Yeah
9.Sweet Sweet Heart
10.Keep It Clean
11.No Heart
12.Petrol (提供)
13.London Girls
14.Whips And Furs
15.Wrecked On You
Energize 英文
2.Fading Away
3.So Far Down
4.New Brain
5.Rock The Kids
6.3/4 Angelina
9.Brand New
10.General Purpose Human Being
11.Jukebox Light
12.Tears Are Falling
14.I Knew It Must Be Love
16.No More
On the Guest List 英文
1.View from My Cadillac (提供)
2.Long Beach Police (提供)
3.The Ohio (提供)
4.Rock 'n' Roll Clown (提供)
5.My Stalker (提供)
6.One More (提供)
7.Birdland Is Closed (提供)
8.Rain to Town (提供)
9.Turn Up the Heat (提供)
10.Prisoner in the Mirror (提供)
11.Every Dog (提供)
12.2nd Skin (提供)
13.Voodoo Eye (提供)
V2 英文
1.Automatic Lover
2.Troops Of Tomorrow
3.Pure Mania
4.Flying Duck Theory
5.Public Enemy No. 1
7.Nazi Baby
8.Wake Up
10.24 Hour People
11.Fall In Love (提供)
12.Feel Alright
13.War Zone
Under The Radar 英文
1.DNA Robot
2.Free Spirit
3.I Don't Need It
4.We're The Dead
6.Darkest Before Dawn
7.How Beautiful You Are
8.Nightmare Town
9.I Don't Wanna Sleep Alone
10.Under The Radar
11.Fried On Booze
12.No Way
13.The Altar At Midnight
14.Everything I Do Is Wrong
Hunting For You 英文
1.She's The One You Need
2.Hunting For You
3.The Kid's A Mess
4.Fever (You Gimme A) (提供)
5.Please Please Please (提供)
6.No No No (提供)
7.Modern World
8.Another Day Without You (提供)
9.Goodbye You Stupid Cow (提供)
10.Keep Away From Me (提供)
11.Hey Hey (提供)
12.Radium City (提供)
Meltdown 英文
1.Office Girls (提供)
2.Dont'cha Lean On Me
3.So Young (提供)
4.Speedtrap (提供)
5.The Otherside Of Midnight (提供)
6.Cruel To You (提供)
8.Dynamite (提供)
9.Letting You Go
10.Danger Street (提供)
11.Let's Go (提供)
12.Baby (提供)
13.The Sally Gardens (提供)
Plutonium Express 英文
1.Rip up the City (Live in Germany 1985)
2.Yeah Yeah Yeah (Live in Lyon 1984)
3.Bad Time (Live in Lyon 1984)
4.London Girls (Live in Lyon 1984)
5.Troops of Tomorrow (Live in Lyon 1984)
6.Baby Baby (Live in Lyon 1984)
7.Amphetamine Blue (Live in Lyon 1984)
8.Whips & Furs (Live in Lyon 1984)
9.Automatic Lover (Live in Lyon 1984)
10.Disco in Mosco (Live in Spain 1987)
11.Wrecked on You (Live in Lyon 1984)
12.Sweet Sweet Heart (Live in Lyon 1984)
13.Judy Says (Live in Lyon 1984)
暫存 英文
1.U238 (Na Na Na)
2.Every Day I Die A Little
3.Whips & Furs
4.No Getting Over You
5.Juice On
6.Disco in Mosco (live)
7.Hot For You - Live
8.Wrecked on You (live)
9.Sweet Sweet Heart (live)
10.Bad Time (Live)
11.Turning Japanese (from Beverly Hills Ninja)
12.Teenage Kicks
13.No Getting Over You (Live)
14.Nothing Else Matters
15.New Rose
16.White Riot
17.Come as You Are

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