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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Mike Oldfield( 麥克歐菲爾德 )
Mike Oldfield( 麥克歐菲爾德 )【 共收藏 23 張專輯, 226 首歌 】
麥克·戈登·歐菲爾德(英語:Michael Gordon Oldfield,1953年5月15日-),是英國一名作曲家、新世紀音樂家、電子音樂家。Mike Oldfield 10歲學習吉他,14歲與姐姐Sally組成樂隊,15歲開始單飛自組樂隊。1971年通過多軌錄音製作《Tubular Bells》在兩年後通過Virgin Records公司發行而大獲成功(銷售量1600萬張)。

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Man on the Rocks 英文
3.Man on the Rocks
6.Dreaming in the Wind
9.Following the Angels
10.Irene (提供)
11.I Give Myself Away
Five Miles Out(Deluxe Edition) 英文
1.Taurus II 2013 Remaster
2.Family Man 2013 Remaster
3.Orabidoo 2013 Remaster
4.Mount Teidi 2013 Remaster (提供)
5.Five Miles Out 2013 Remaster
6.Waldberg(The Peak) (提供)
7.Five Miles Out Demo
8.Tubular Bells Part One Live In Cologne/ 6th December 1982 / Five Miles Out Tour (提供)
9.Sheba Live In Cologne/ 6th December 1982 / Five Miles Out Tour
10.Mirage Live In Cologne/ 6th December 1982 / Five Miles Out Tour
11.Family Man Live In Cologne/ 6th December 1982 / Five Miles Out Tour
12.Taurus II Live In Cologne/ 6th December 1982 / Five Miles Out Tour
13.Mount Teidi Live In Cologne/ 6th December 1982 / Five Miles Out Tour (提供)
14.Five Miles Out Live In Cologne/ 6th December 1982 / Five Miles Out Tour
15.Guilty Live In Cologne/ 6th December 1982 / Five Miles Out Tour (提供)
Crises(Deluxe Edition) 英文
1.Crises(2013 Remaster)
2.Moonlight Shadow(2013 Remaster)
3.In High Places(2013 Remaster)
4.Foreign Affair(2013 Remaster)
5.Taurus 3(2013 Remaster)
6.Shadow On The Wall(2013 Remaster)
7.Moonlight Shadow(2013 Unplugged Mix)
8.Shadow On The Wall(2013 Unplugged Mix)
9.Mistake(2013 Remaster)
10.Crime Of Passion(Extended Version / 2013 Remaster)
11.Jungle Gardenia(2013 Remaster) (提供)
12.Moonlight Shadow(12' Single / 2013 Remaster)
13.Shadow On The Wall(12' Single / 2013 Remaster)
14.Taurus I Live At Wembley Arena / 1983
15.Taurus II Live At Wembley Arena / 1983
16.Crises Live At Wembley Arena / 1983
17.Moonlight Shadow Live At Wembley Arena / 1983
18.Shadow On The Wall Live At Wembley Arena / 1983
19.Family Man Live At Wembley Arena / 1983
Tubular Beats 英文
1.Let There Be Light (提供)
2.Far Above the Clouds (提供)
4.Guilty (提供)
5.Tubular Bells (提供)
6.Northstar Mike Oldfield & York Remix (提供)
7.Tubular Bells, Pt. 2 (提供)
8.Never Too Far (提供)
Qe2 英文
1.Taurus 1 (提供)
3.Conflict (提供)
4.Arrival (提供)
5.Mirage (提供)
6.Qe2 (提供)
8.Molly (提供)
9.Polka (提供)
10.Shiva (提供)
Music Of The Spheres 英文
1.Harbinger (提供)
2.Animus (提供)
3.Silhouette (提供)
5.The Tempest (提供)
6.On My Heart
8.Prophecy (提供)
9.Harmonia Mundi (提供)
10.The Other Side (提供)
11.Empyrean (提供)
12.Musica Universalis (提供)
Heaven's Open 英文
1.Gimme Back
2.Heaven's Open
3.Make Make
4.Mr. Shame
5.No Dream
6.Music from the Balcony (提供)
Earth Moving 英文
2.Far Country
3.Blue Night
4.Earth Moving
5.Nothing But / Bridge To Paradise
8.Runaway Son
9.See The Light
Islands 英文
1.When The Night's On Fire
3.Flying Start
4.North Point
5.The Time Has Come
6.Magic Touch
7.The Wind Chimes (Part One and Part Two) (提供)
Discovery 英文
1.The Lake (提供)
2.Saved By A Bell
3.Talk About Your Life
4.To France
5.Tricks Of The Light
7.Poison Arrows
8.Crystal Gazing
Crises 英文
1.Taurus 3 (提供)
2.Foreign Affair
3.Shadow on the Wall
4.Moonlight Shadow
6.In High Places
Five Miles Out 英文
2.Mount Teidi (提供)
3.Five Miles Out
4.Family Man
5.Taurus II
Two Sides: The Very Best of Mike Oldfield 英文
1.Tubular Bells (Part One) (Two Sides Excerpt)
2.Crises (Two Sides Excerpt)
3.Amarok (Part One) (Two Sides Excerpt)
4.Heaven's Open
5.Moonlight Shadow
6.On My Heart
Tubular Bells 英文
1.Sailor's Hornpipe (Viv Stanshall version) (5.1 mix)
2.The Sailor's Hornpipe (提供)
3.Tubular Bells (Part One) BBC 2 '2nd House' 1973
4.Tubular Bells, Part One (提供)
The Mike Oldfield Collection 1974-1983 英文
1.Incantations Part Four (Excerpt)
2.Guilty (Long Version) (提供)
3.Blue Peter (提供)
4.Taurus II (Excerpt)
5.Wonderful Land (提供)
6.In Dulci Jubilo (提供)
7.Ommadawn (Excerpt)
8.Portsmouth (提供)
9.William Tell Overture (提供)
10.Tubular Bells Part One (提供)
11.Tubular Bells Part Two (提供)
12.Mike Oldfield's Single (提供)
13.Sailor's Hornpipe (提供)
Platinum 英文
1.Woodhenge - 2000 Digital Remaster
2.Into Wonderland - 2000 Digital Remaster
3.I Got Rhythm - 2000 Digital Remaster
Ommadawn 英文
1.Ommadawn Part One - 2010 Mix / Previously Unreleased
2.Ommadawn Part One / On Horseback - 2010 Mix / Previously Unreleased
3.Ommadawn Part One - 1975 Stereo Mix
Incantations 英文
1.Incantations, Parts Three & Four (live, 1979-04: Wembley Conference Centre)
2.Hiawatha (2011 stereo mix)
3.Diana - Desiderata (2011 stereo mix)
Five Miles Out (Remastered) 英文
1.Taurus II (Remastered)
2.Family Man (Remastered)
3.Orabidoo (Remastered)
4.Five Miles Out (Remastered)
Discovery (Remastered) 英文
1.Crystal Gazing (Remastered)
2.To France (Remastered)
3.Poison Arrows (Remastered)
4.Tricks of the Light (Remastered)
5.Discovery (Remastered)
6.Talk About Your Life (Remastered)
7.Saved by a Bell (Remastered)
Discovery (Remastered 2015) 英文
1.To France - Remastered 2015
2.Poison Arrows - Remastered 2015
3.Crystal Gazing - Remastered 2015
4.Tricks Of The Light - Remastered 2015
5.Discovery - Remastered 2015
6.Talk About Your Life - Remastered 2015
7.Saved By A Bell - Remastered 2015
8.To France - Extended Version / Remastered 2015 / Bonus Track
Crises (Remastered) 英文
1.Crises (Remastered)
2.Moonlight Shadow (12' Single) (Remastered)
3.Crime of Passion (Extended Version) (Remastered)
4.Mistake (Remastered)
5.Shadow On the Wall (2013 Unplugged Mix)
6.Taurus 3 (Remastered)
7.Foreign Affair (Remastered)
8.In High Places (Remastered)
暫存 英文
1.High Places
2.Bridge To Paradise
3.The Deep Deep Sound
4.Mister Shame
6.Incantations Part4
7.Into Wonderland
9.Song Of Hiawatha
10.Moonlight Shadow (Extended Version)
11.Rite Of Man
12.Altered State
13.Nothing But
14.On Horseback
15.Crime Of Passion
17.Man In The Rain
18.Pictures In The Dark
20.Discovery (Remastered 2015) (The 1984 Suite Version)
21.Moonlight Shadow - Remaster 2013
22.Moonshine - Track By Track
24.Tubular Bells (Theme From the Exorcist)
25.Far Above the Clouds (edit)
26.To Be Free (Pumpin' Dolls Radio-friendly edit)
27.Let There Be Light (BT's Pure Luminesence remix)
28.Sailing (Radio Edit)
29.Dreaming in the Wind (Instrumental)
30.Nuclear (Instrumental)
31.Chariots (Instrumental)
32.Man On The Rocks - Instrumental
33.Castaway - Instrumental
34.Minutes - Instrumental
35.Hergest Ridge, Part Two (demo)
37.Incantations, Part 2
38.Moonlight Shadow (2000 Remaster)
39.Innocent (12'' mix)
40.Ommadawn, Part I
41.Far Above the Clouds (reprise)
42.Ommadawn, Pt. 1 / On Horseback (1975 Stereo Mix)
43.Incantations Part Two (Remastered Stereo Mix)
44.Incantations Part Four (Remastered Stereo Mix)
45.To Be Free (Spanish Version)
46.Tubular Bells, Pt. I (Live from The European Adventure, 1981)
47.To Be Free
48.The Bell (Tubular Bells II)
49.Tears of an Angel
51.Song for Survival (feat. Anuta Tribe)

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