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Whigfield【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 90 首歌 】
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Best Of Whigfield (Saturday Night) 英文
1.Was A Time
2.Amazing And Beautiful
3.Beep Beep
4.Boys Boys Boys
5.I Knew Before
6.My Love' Gone
7.Get Get Get
8.Take Me To The Summertime
9.Outside Life
10.Welcome To Fun
11.My My (提供)
12.Every Single Day And Night (提供)
13.Gotta Getcha
14.Right In The Night
16.Much More (European Radio) (提供)
17.Much More (DJ N.U.K.K. Radio) (提供)
18.Much More (Radio Edit) (提供)
19.Much More (Rmx By Grand Luke-France) (提供)
20.Much More (DJ N.U.K.K. Extended) (提供)
21.Much More (European Full Extended) (提供)
22.Much More (Extended Version)
23.Gotta Getcha (Radio Mix) (提供)
24.Gotta Getcha (Album Version)
25.Gotta Getcha (Extended Mix) (提供)
26.Gotta Getcha (Abigails Party Remix) (提供)
Whigfield II 英文
1.Givin' All My Love
2.Forever On My Mind
3.Summer Samba
5.Through The Night
6.What We've Done For Love
8.No Tears To Cry (Organ Mix)
9.Baby Boy (Original Radio)
10.Gimme Gimme
11.Whiggy Whiggle
12.Saturday Night (Edit 97)
13.Last Christmas (Major Cut)
14.Mega Ricks Mix (提供)
Whigfield III 英文
1.Upon A Star
2.Much More
3.Makin' My Day
Whigfield 英文
1.Close To You
2.Another Day
3.Out Of Sight
4.Sexy Eyes
5.Ain't It Blue
6.Big Time
7.Don't Walk Away
8.I Want To Love
9.Saturday Night
10.Think Of You
Whigfield IV 英文
Best of [X-Mas Edition] 英文
1.Another Day - Original
2.Think of You - Original
3.Was a Time (Radio Edit)
4.Sexy Eyes
5.Think of You
暫存 英文
1.Last Christmas
2.Baby Boy
3.It's Alright
4.No Tears To Cry
5.Whiggy Wiggle
6.Close To You - Original
7.Sexy Eyes - Original
8.Big Time - Original
9.I Want to Love (Yakoo Boyz Radio Edit)
10.Think Of You - Dmc Remix
11.Saturday Night (Radio Mix) - Radio Mix
12.Another Day (U.S. Remixes '95) / (The Glee club mix)
13.Big Time (Summer Zone remix)
14.Saturday Night (Hex Hector/Darrin Friedman Classic Vocal Mix)
15.Right In the Night (Favretto & Battini Radio Edit)
16.Think of You (SunLoverz Big Room Remix)
17.Saturday Night (remix)
18.C'est Cool (Candlen Rmx Instrumental)
19.Stay In My Head
20.Behind the Sun
21.Givin' All My Love (original radio edit)
23.Think Of You - Another Day - Saturday Night - Sexy Eyes - Be My Baby
24.Was a Time (Favretto Remix)
25.Doo Whop (Rivaz Tune Club)
26.Another Day (radio nite mix)
27.Sexy Eyes (Single Version)
28.Sexy Eyes (David's epic edit)
29.Saturday Night (Max K. Remix Edit)

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