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DC4 英文
1.On The Regular (提供)
2.Blessed Up (提供)
3.Litty (feat. Tory Lanez)
4.Shine (提供)
5.Froze (feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Nicki Minaj)
6.The Difference (feat. Quavo) (提供)
7.Lights Out (feat. Don Q) (提供)
8.Blue Notes (提供)
9.Offended (feat. Young Thug & 21 Savage)
10.You Know (feat. YFN Lucci) (提供)
11.Way Up (feat. Tracy T)
12.Two Wrongs (feat. Guordan Banks & Pusha T) (提供)
13.Tony Story 3 (提供)
14.Outro (feat. Lil Snupe & French Montana) (提供)
4/4 Part 2 英文
1.Fa Sho Feat. T Dot (提供)
2.Ricky (提供)
3.Slippin' Feat. Future & Dave East (提供)
4.War Pain Feat. Omelly (提供)
First Come First Serve 英文
2.Play to Win (提供)
3.How You Like Me Now (提供)
4.I Want the Love (提供)
5.Like Rain (提供)
6.About That Work (提供)
7.Fuck & Smoke (提供)
8.New Hoes (提供)
9.Bout Them Dollas (提供)
10.Get Clapped
11.Real Niggas Neva Die (提供)
12.Am I Wrong
13.On Me (提供)
14.New Money (提供)
15.She Don't Know
Dreams Worth More Than Money 英文
1.Lord Knows
3.Jump Out the Face
4.All Eyes On You
5.The Trillest
7.I Got the Juice
9.Pullin Up
11.Been That
12.Bad for You
13.Stand Up
14.Cold Hearted
Dreams Are Worth More Than Money 英文
1.Dreams Are Worth More Than Money (Freestyle)
2.Closing Up Shop (Ft. French Montana & Chinx Drugz) (提供)
3.16 (Ft. Tracy T)
4.Ride Wit Me (Ft. Trae & T.I.) (提供)
5.Dis Ain't What You Want (Remix) (提供)
6.No Games (Remix)
7.Shit (Remix) (提供)
8.Bad Girl Take Over (Ft. Just Ivy & DJ Khaled)
9.Lebron James (Remix)
10.Foreigners (Ft. Fabolous & Mike Davis)
11.Good Day (Ft. Tyga & Lil Wayne)
12.Hundreds (I Had A Dream) (Ft. Young Thug)
13.Lights Camera Action (Ft. Maino & Troy Ave)
14.All For Love (Ft. Spade-O)
15.Know No Better (Ft. Yo Gotti)
16.I'm Sorry (Snippet) (提供)
17.Dreams (Ft. Migos) (提供)
18.Pound Cake (Freestyle)
Dream Chasers, Vol. 3 英文
1.End (提供)
2.I'm Leanin'
3.Ain't Me
4.Lil' N*gga Snupe
5.Lil Snupe (Skit)
6.Dope Dealer
7.Money Ain't No Issue
8.Hip Hop
9.I B On Dat
10.Right Now
11.Rich Porter
12.Rich Porter (Skit)
13.My Life
14.F*ckin' Wit Me
15.Heaven Or Hell
16.Make Me
Levels 英文
Meek Mill American Dreamin (Mixtape) 英文
1.This Shit Is Lit (Remix)
2.Nobody Does It Better
3.Super Fuckin Cool
4.G5 Freestyle
5.Turn Up
6.The Latest
8.Drug Money (Remix)
9.On Everything (提供)
13.Mad Fo
14.Meek Mill (from Meek Mill American Dreamin Mixtape, 2013) (提供)
From Da Bottom 英文
1.Gutta Freestyle (提供)
2.From Da Bottom (Ft Guordan)
3.Paper (Ft Master P & Alley Boy)
4.Molly (Ft Boston George) (提供)
5.Soft (Ft Rick Ross & Fabolous) (提供)
6.Goin' Down (Ft Ace Hood)
7.Bad Ass (Ft Kid Ink & Wale)
8.In The Morning (Ft Bridget Kelly)
9.I Got That
11.Pizza Boy (Ft Chip)
12.Repo (Cassidy Diss)
13.G Season (Ft T.I.)
14.Freak Show (Ft 2 Chainz & Sam Sneak)
15.Lay Up (Remix) (Ft Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Wale & Trey Songz)
16.Right Here (提供)
17.It's Me Again (提供)
18.Tell Me That I Can't (Ft Trae Tha Truth)
19.Real Niggaz
20.Never Let 'Em Stop Me (Ft K Smith & Teyana Taylor)
21.No One Greater (Ft Ashanti)
22.Zero (Ft Keyshia Cole)
Dreamin Is Believin 英文
1.Before The Rollie (Feat. Ace Hood) (提供)
2.Mad Fo (Feat. Ludacris & Chris Brown & Swizz Beatz & Pusha T)
3.Exorcism (Feat. Euroz) (提供)
4.Heaven's Afternoon (Feat. Wale)
5.This Shit Is Lit (Feat. SBOE & Fabolous) (提供)
6.Molly (Feat. Boston George & Kirko Bangz) (提供)
7.Peso (Feat. Machine Gun Kelly & Pusha T) (提供)
8.Terrorist (Feat. Lil Wayne) (提供)
9.Fly Rich (Feat. Birdman & Future & Tyga & Mystikal)
10.Don't Make Me Do It (Feat. Vado & Ace Hood & French Montana)
11.From Da Bottom (Feat. Guordan)
12.Nobody Does It Better (Feat. Lil Snupe) (提供)
13.Drug Money (Feat. Rick Ross & Future)
14.Rags To Riches (Feat. Yo Gotti & Lostarr) (提供)
15.Turn Up (Feat. Cassie)
17.Buga (Feat. Ace Hood & Wiz Khalifa & T.I. & French Montana & 2Chainz & Future & DJ Khaled & Birdman) (提供)
Dreamchasers 3 (Mixtape) 英文
1.Dreams And Nightmares (提供)
2.Money Over Bitches
3.Believe It ('Dreamchasers 3' Mixtape) (提供)
5.From Da Bottom
6.Goin Down
7.Maybach Curtains ('Dreamchasers 3' Mixtape)
8.Scared Now
9.Freak Show ('Dreamchasers 3' Mixtape) (提供)
10.Lay Up (Remix)
11.G Season
12.I Got That
13.Started From The Bottom (Freestyle)
14.Fly Rich
American Dreamin’ 英文
1.Heaven's Afternoon
2.This Shit Is Lit (Remix)
3.Mad Fo
7.On Everything (提供)
8.Drug Money (Remix)
10.Bugati (Remix)
11.The Latest
12.Turn Up
13.G5 Freestyle
14.Super Fckin Cool
15.Nobody Does It Better
16.Yao Ming (提供)
Philadelphia Eagles 3 英文
1.Meek Mill Erday (提供)
3.Lean With It
4.Faded Too Long
5.What You About It (提供)
6.I'm About Cream Rmx
7.No Church In The Wild
8.Slow Down (提供)
9.Rack City Rmx
10.Stay Schemin Freestyle
11.Last Breath
12.Tell That Hoe I Did That
13.I Miss That
Meek Mill Gang 2 英文
1.Black Magic
2.Same Damn Time Remix
3.Wild Boy Remix
4.Tell Her Again
5.Flexin On Em
6.So Sophisticated
8.A1 Everthing
9.Power Circle
10.Acitin Up
Maybach Milly 3 英文
1.Faded Too Long
2.No Church Freestyle
3.Word 2 My Muva (提供)
4.Get Paper (提供)
5.Champion (提供)
6.Who What When
7.Rush Hour (提供)
8.Cream (提供)
9.Paper Chase
10.How You Love That
11.Say It To My Face
12.You Don't Know Bout It
13.Scared Money
15.I'll Be Back
16.Lay It Down (提供)
17.Let It Fly (提供)
19.100 Bottles (提供)
20.Bag Of Money
21.The Motto
Dreams & Nightmares 英文
1.Maybach Curtains
4.Dreams & Nightmares
5.In God We Trust
6.Young & Gettin' It
8.Believe It
9.Young Kings
10.Lay Up
11.Tony Story (Pt. 2)
12.Who You're Around
13.Polo & Shell Tops
14.Rich & Famous
15.Real Niggas Come First
16.Freak Show
Dreamchasers 2 (Mixtape) 英文
1.Lean Wit It
2.Amen (Mixtape)
3.Ready Or Not
4.Burn (Mixtape)
5.A1 Everything
6.Use To Be
8.I Get It
10.Racked Up Shawty
11.Big Dreams
12.Take U Home
13.The Ride
14.Face Down
15.Str8 Like That
16.House Party (Remix)
18.On My Way
House Party (Single) 英文
1.House Party (Single)
Dreamchasers (Mixtape) 英文
1.I'ma Boss
2.Y'all Don't Hear Me (Freestyle)
3.Intro* (提供)
4.Get Dis Money
5.House Party
7.Tony Montana (Freestyle)
8.Body Count
9.Tony Story
10.Middle Of Da Summer
12.Realest U Ever Seen
13.Im Me
14.Derrick Rose
15.Don't Panic
16.Sparkles (提供)
17.Love Done Live Here
18.Im On One (Freestyle)
19.Wont Stop
20.Niggas Paris (Freestyle)
21.She Likes It
Mr Philadelphia (Mixtape) 英文
1.Love My Team (提供)
2.Indian Bounce (提供)
3.Rose Red (Remix) (提供)
4.Hate Is My Motivator (提供)
5.Hard In Da Paint (提供)
6.Legggo (提供)
7.Miss Me
8.Light Up A Candle (提供)
9.This Is How We Do It (提供)
10.Raw (提供)
11.Power (提供)
12.Ain't Gonna Sleep (提供)
13.Throw It Back (提供)
14.Ballin (提供)
15.Hardbody (提供)
16.Bricks (提供)
17.Banned From TV (提供)
18.Where Dey Do Dat (提供)
19.Dope Boy (提供)
20.Gotta Get It (提供)
21.Show Out (提供)
22.Stuck In Da Trap (提供)
23.Bullet Wit Ya Name (提供)
Flamerz 3: The Wait Is Over (Mixtape) 英文
1.Wait Is Over (S&C) (提供)
2.Rose Red (S&C) (提供)
3.I'm Tryna (S&C) (提供)
4.Be Alright (S&C) (提供)
5.Swagga Surfin' (S&C) (提供)
6.I Be Gettin Money (S&C) (提供)
7.The Real (S&C) (提供)
8.40 On My Hip (S&C) (提供)
9.I'm Clean (S&C) (提供)
10.Make Em Say (S&C) (提供)
11.Money Like A Mufucka (S&C) (提供)
12.Here We Go Again (S&C) (提供)
13.Shit On The Industry (S&C) (提供)
14.I Want Em All (S&C) (提供)
15.They Don't Care (S&C) (提供)
16.All Good A Week Ago (S&C) (提供)
17.Philadelphia Born And Raised (S&C) (提供)
18.It Takes Two (S&C) (提供)
19.I'm Killin Em (S&C) (提供)
20.Set The Stage On Fire (Outro) (S&C) (提供)
21.Gimme More (S&C) (提供)
Flamers 3 (Mixtape) 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Wait Is Over (提供)
3.Rose Red (提供)
4.Im Tryna (提供)
5.Be Alright (提供)
6.Skit 1 (提供)
7.Swgga Surfin'
8.I Be Gettin Money (提供)
9.The Real (提供)
10.40 On My Hip (提供)
11.Im Clean (提供)
12.Money Like A Motha Fucka (提供)
13.Here We Go Again (提供)
14.Shit On The Industry (提供)
15.I Want Em All
16.They Dont Care (提供)
17.All Good A Week Ago (提供)
18.Skit 2 (提供)
19.Philadelphia Born And Raised (提供)
20.It Takes Two (提供)
21.Im Killin Em (提供)
22.Black Thought (提供)
23.Skit 3 (提供)
Flamers 2.5: The Preview (EP) 英文
2.Make 'Em Say
3.What Part Of The Game
4.Run This Town
Flamers 2 (Mixtape) 英文
1.So Many Girls
2.36-24-26 Bad Body (提供)
3.Gettin' To The Money (提供)
4.The Future
5.Do My Thang (提供)
6.Brush Em
7.Big Freestyle (提供)
8.I'm Back (How You Like Me Now)
9.In My Bag (Autotune Remix) (提供)
10.Can't Let You Go (提供)
12.Goons Gone Wild (提供)
14.I'm So Fly
15.Ain't I (提供)
16.Hottest In Tha City
17.Living At The Speed Of Light
18.Flamers Freestyle
19.Prolli (提供)
20.Money Galore (提供)
暫存 英文
1.I'ma Boss (Remix)
2.Tupac Back
3.The Get Back Freestyle

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