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Everybody's Dead (Oh, No) 英文
1.Brown Bag Of Dreams
2.Capricorn One
3.Daphne Stepping Sideways
5.Everybody's Dead (Oh, No)
6.Flinch Mob
7.Freud Was Right
8.Head Through Iowa Now
9.How Did You Meet Them?
10.Making Love In The Pew
11.Marriage At 30,000 Feet
12.Old Boxing Footage
13.Poochy Woman
14.Singles At Church
15.The Caring Song
16.Yesterday Her Lugs Exploded
17.An Appointment With Death (提供)
The Charles Mansion Pt. Iv 英文
1.Back At The Charles Mountain
2.Folkal Point
3.Getting It Down
4.God Starts To Cry
5.God Talks To The Man And The Ox
6.Memories Of A Recent Journey
7.Rolling The Bum (提供)
8.The Apology (Accepted)
9.The Charles Mountain
10.The Cleaning Of The Rock
11.The Finding Of The Foot
12.The Ox Strikes Back
13.To The Bronx
14.Tustin Coin-Op
15.Tustin Coin-Op Party
The Charles Mansion Pt. Iii 英文
1.After The Fact (提供)
2.A Thousand Hail Marys
3.Charles Mansion
6.Getting To The Root
7.I'll See You In Heaven
8.Lifting The Tissue
9.No Sign Of Danger Part Iii
11.She Lies
12.Tarla Walks
The Charles Mansion Pt. Ii 英文
1.Because (She'll Do Anything)
2.Elegant Dirt
3.Elegant Dirt Part Ii
4.History Repents
5.Intuition And Stupidity
6.Lost In Texas (提供)
7.Respect For Lawnmowers
8.Should I Go Inside?
9.The Backyard
10.The Big-Faced Girl
11.Unfair Prospects
The Charles Mansion Pt. I 英文
1.Everything's Scary (提供)
2.Goodbye, Ox
3.House On The Hillside, Stranger
4.In Retrospect
5.No Sign Of Danger
6.No Sign Of Danger Part Ii
7.Ox Chase
8.Rude Awakening
9.Should I Go In?
10.The Charles Mansion
11.The Girl (Still Running)
12.Uninvited Guest At A Dinner Party

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