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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Mavis Staples
Mavis Staples【 共收藏 7 張專輯, 69 首歌 】
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Livin' on a High Note 英文
1.Take Us Back
2.Love and Trust
3.If It's a Light
5.High Note
6.Don't Cry
9.History, Now
10.One Love
11.Jesus Lay Down Beside Me
12.MLK Song
Your Good Fortune 英文
1.Your Good Fortune
2.Fight Master
3.See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
4.Wish I Had Answered
One True Vine 英文
1.Holy Ghost
2.Every Step
3.Can You Get To That
4.Jesus Wept
5.Far Celestial Shore
6.What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
7.Sow Good Seeds
8.I Like The Things About Me
9.Woke Up This Morning(With My Mind On Jesus) (提供)
10.One True Vine (提供)
You Are Not Alone 英文
1.Don't Knock
2.Wonderful Savior
3.Wrote A Song For Everyone
4.You Are Not Alone
5.Downward Road
6.I Belong To The Band Hallelujah (提供)
7.In Christ There Is No East Or West
8.Last Train
9.Losing You
10.Only The Lord Knows
11.Too Close To Heaven (提供)
12.We're Gonna Make It
13.Creep Along Moses
We'll Never Turn Back 英文
1.Down In Mississippi
2.Eyes On The Prize
3.We Shall Not Be Moved
4.In The Mississippi River
5.On My Way
6.This Little Light
7.99 And 1/2
8.My Own Eyes (提供)
9.Turn Me Around (提供)
10.We'll Never Turn Back (提供)
11.I'll Be Rested
12.Jesus Is On The Main Line (提供)
Live Hope At The Hideout 英文
1.For What It's Worth
2.Wade In The Water
3.Waiting For My Child (提供)
4.Why Am I Treated So Bad
5.Freedom Highway
6.Circle Intro (提供)
7.Will The Circle Be Unbroken
8.I'll Take You There
9.Down In Mississippi
10.Eyes On The Prize
11.We Shall Not Be Moved
12.On My Way
13.This Little Light
暫存 英文
1.Christmas Vacation
2.House Is Not A Home
3.Step Into The Light
4.Can You Get to That
5.Woke Up This Morning (With Jesus On My Mind)

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