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More Fun In The New World 英文
1.I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
X-Aspirations 英文
2.I Don't Wanna Go Out
The Paradise, Boston, MA, July 31st 1986 (Remastered) [Live FM Radio Broadcast Concert In Superb Fidelity] 英文
1.The New World (Remastered) (Live)
2.Devil Doll (Remastered) (Live)
3.Soul Kitchen (Remastered) (Live)
4.Wild Thing (Remastered) (Live)
5.Breathless (Remastered) (Live)
6.Some Other Time (Remastered) (Live)
7.True Love (Cuts In) [Remastered] (Live)
8.Los Angeles (Remastered) (Live)
9.See How We Are (Remastered) (Live)
10.Sugarlight (Remastered) (Live)
11.Blue Spark (Remastered) (Live)
12.I'll Stand Up For You (Remastered) (Live)
13.4th of July (Remastered) (Live)
14.In This House That I Call Home (Remastered) (Live)
15.Because I Do (Remastered) (Live)
Sugarlight 英文
Live in Los Angeles 英文
1.Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not - Live
2.It's Who You Know (Live)
3.Because I Do (Live)
4.The Hungry Wolf (Live)
5.Year 1 (Live)
6.The World's A Mess, It's In My Kiss (Live)
7.Soul Kitchen (Live) (提供)
8.True Love (Live)
9.Johnny Hit and Run Paulene (Live)
10.We're Desperate
11.The Unheard Music
12.Johny Hit And Run Paulene (Live)
13.Nausea (Live)
14.The New World (Live)
15.Beyond And Back - Live
16.White Girl - Live
17.Los Angeles - Live
18.I'm Coming Over - Live
19.Blue Spark - Live
20.Motel Room In My Bed - Live
21.Devil Doll - Live
22.In This House That I Call Home (Live)
23.The Unheard Music (Live)
24.Los Angeles
Live at the Whisky A Go-Go on the Fabulous Sunset Strip 英文
1.In This House That I Call Home (Live Version)
2.Year One (Live Version)
3.Unheard Music (Live Version)
4.The Hungry Wolf (Live Version)
5.My Goodness (Live Version)
6.Burning House of Love (Live Version)
7.Because I Do (Live Version)
8.Surprise Surprise (Live Version)
9.Around My Heart (Live Version)
10.The New World (Live Version)
11.Johnny Hit and Run Pauline (Live Version)
Live At L'Amour, NY 26 Nov '83 (Remastered) [Live FM Radio Broadcast Concert In Superb Fidelity] 英文
1.We're Having Much More Fun (Remastered) (Live)
2.Motel Room In My Bed (Remastered) (Live)
3.We're Desperate (Remastered) (Live)
4.Johnny Hit and Run Paulene (Remastered) (Live)
5.Nausea (Remastered) (Live)
6.Poor Girl (Remastered) (Live)
7.Beyond and Back (Remastered) (Live)
8.The Hungry Wolf (Remastered) (Live)
9.True Love (Remastered) (Live)
10.White Girl (Remastered) (Live)
11.Make the Music Go Bang (Remastered) (Live)
12.Year One (Remastered) (Live)
13.Real Child of Hell (Remastered) (Live)
14.It's Who You Know (Remastered) (Live)
暫存 英文
1.4th of July
2.I See Red
3.All or Nothing
4.Adult Books
5.Wild Thing
6.Wild Thing (Single Edit)
7.Soul Kitchen (Record Plant Demo)
8.Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
9.Little Honey
10.Because I Do
11.Devil Doll (Dreamship Demo)
12.Drunk in My Past
13.Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not
14.Surprise Surprise
15.Poor Girl
16.White Girl
17.In This House That I Call Home
18.Motel Room in My Bed
19.Some Other Time
20.Universal Corner [Live]
22.4th of July (Demo)
23.Painting the Town Blue
24.We're Having Much More Fun
25.Riding With Mary [Single Version]
26.Sex And Dying In High Society
27.The Have Nots
28.Riding With Mary
29.Love Shack
30.I'll Stand Up For You
31.See How We Are (Demo)
33.Johnny Hit And Run Paulene (Demo)
34.The New World
35.Blue Spark
36.Back 2 the Base
37.My Goodness
38.Beyond and Back
39.Blue Spark (Demo)
40.Unheard Music
41.What's Wrong With Me?
42.Johny Hit and Run Paulene
43.It's Who You Know
44.The Once Over Twice (Unissued Single Mix)
45.I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (1997 Mix)
46.True Love
47.Universal Corner
48.See How We Are
49.Watch The Sun Go Down
51.How I (Learned My Lesson)
52.Real Child Of Hell
53.Cyrano De Berger's Back
54.Year One
55.Make The Music Go Bang
56.True Love, Pt. 1
57.Come Back To Me
58.The Once Over Twice
59.The World's a Mess, It's in My Kiss
60.I'm Coming Over (demo)
61.Universal Corner (Live Version)
62.How I (Learned My Lessons) [Live Version]
63.I'm Lost
64.Wild Thing (45 Version)
66.Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

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