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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Guy Sebastian( 蓋塞巴斯汀 )
Guy Sebastian( 蓋塞巴斯汀 )【 共收藏 20 張專輯, 203 首歌 】
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Part 1 EP 英文
2.Home (提供)
3.Set In Stone
4.Mind On You
5.Small Talk (提供)
6.Conscious (提供)
Madness 英文
2.Animal In Me (提供)
3.Lightning (Feat. Fatai)
4.Imagine The Sunrise
5.One Of Us
6.Linger (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)
7.Light And Shade (Feat. Sage The Gemini) (提供)
10.Like A Drum
11.Mama Ain't Proud (Feat. 2 Chainz)
12.The Pause
Come Home With Me (Single) 英文
1.Come Home With Me
Like A Drum 英文
1.Like A Drum
Battle Scars 英文
1.Battle Scars(featuring Lupe Fiasco)
2.Gold(Live In Concert)
3.Like It Like That(Live In Concert)
Armageddon 英文
2.Big Bad World
4.Battle Scars
6.Get Along
8.Don't Worry Be Happy
10.Summer Love
11.Died and Gone to Heaven
12.Used To You
13.Keeper (Live)
14.Out With My Baby (Live)
Don't Worry Be Happy (Single) 英文
1.Don't Worry Be Happy (Single)
Like It Like That 英文
1.Like It Like That
2.All To Myself
3.Art Of Love
6.Bring Yourself
7.Never Hold You Down
8.Fail To Mention
9.Never Be You
10.Coming Home
13.I Feel A Fire (提供)
Closer To The Sun 英文
2.Elevator Love
3.Out of Place
4.Can't Stop a River
5.Trade This Love
6.Closer to the Sun
7.Cover On My Heart
8.I'm Gon Getcha
10.Taller, Stronger, Better
11.Stars Collide
12.Takin' Me Over
13.Be Mine
14.Never Ever Said Goodbye
Beautiful Life 英文
1.Out With My Baby
2.Back In The Day
5.Oh Oh
6.Forever With You
8.Sweetest Berry
9.I Wish
10.Anthem of Why
11.Story of a Single Man
12.Make Heaven Wait
13.Fiend for You
14.Beautiful Life
Just as I Am 英文
1.Angels Brought Me Here
2.All I Need Is You
3.When Doves Cry
4.What a Wonderful World
5.So I
6.My Beautiful Friend
7.I 4 U
8.3 Words
9.Something Don't Feel Right
10.Can You Stand The Rain
11.No One Can Compare (To You)
12.Just As I Am
iTunes Live: ARIA Awards Concert Series '10 英文
1.All To Myself (iTunes Live: Aria Concert Series)
2.Elevator Love (iTunes Live: Aria Concert Series)
3.Bring Yourself (iTunes Live: Aria Concert Series)
4.Out With My Baby (iTunes Live: Aria Concert Series)
5.Art of Love (iTunes Live: Aria Concert Series)
6.Closer To the Sun (iTunes Live: Aria Concert Series)
7.Oh Oh (iTunes Live: Aria Concert Series)
8.Angels Brought Me Here (iTunes Live: Aria Concert Series)
9.Like It Like That (iTunes Live: Aria Concert Series)
Your Song 英文
1.Soul Man (Live)
2.Under the Boardwalk (Live)
3.You'll Never Walk Alone (Live)
4.Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay (Live)
5.Hold On I'm Coming (Live)
Your Song Featuring Guy Sebastian 英文
1.Soul Man - Live From Your Song
2.Under The Boardwalk - Live From Your Song
3.You'll Never Walk Alone - Live From Your Song
4.Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay - Live From Your Song
5.Hold On I'm Coming - Live From Your Song
Twenty Ten 英文
1.All to Myself
2.Like It Like That (Acoustic)
3.All to Myself (Acoustic)
4.Closer to the Sun (Acoustic)
5.Kryptonite (Acoustic)
6.Art of Love (Acoustic)
7.Angels Brought Me Here (Acoustic)
8.Elevator Love (Acoustic)
9.All I Need Is You (Acoustic)
10.Oh Oh (Acoustic)
11.Angels Brought Me Here
12.Out With My Baby (Acoustic)
13.Never Hold You Down (Radio Edit)
14.Oh Oh
15.Cover on My Heart
16.Closer to the Sun
18.Never Hold You Down
19.My Beautiful Friend
20.Who's That Girl (feat. Eve)
21.If I Really Loved You
22.Taller, Stronger, Better (Radio Mix)
23.Cover On My Heart (Radio Mix)
24.Climb Every Mountain (With Sydney International Orchestra)
The Memphis Tour 英文
1.Soul Man - Live At The Palms
2.Respect Yourself
3.Hard to Handle
4.Knock On Wood - Live At The Palms
5.Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay - Live At The Palms
6.Take Me To The River - Live At The Palms
7.I Feel A Fire - Live At The Palms
8.I've Been Loving You Too Long - Live At The Palms
9.Under The Boardwalk - Live At The Palms
10.Let's Stay Together - Live At The Palms
11.In The Midnight Hour - Live At The Palms
12.Hold On I'm Coming - Live At The Palms
The Memphis Tour (Live) 英文
1.In the Midnight Hour (Live)
2.Let's Stay Together (Live)
3.Hard to Handle (Live)
4.I've Been Loving You Too Long (Live)
5.I Feel a Fire (Live)
6.Take Me to the River (Live)
7.Respect Yourself (Live)
8.Knock On Wood (Live)
The Memphis Album 英文
1.Soul Man
2.Under the Boardwalk
3.I'd Like to Get to Know You
4.Hallelujah I Love Her Son
5.I've Been Loving You Too Long
6.Let's Stay Together
7.Hard to Handle
8.Sittin' on The Dock of the Bay
9.Respect Yourself
10.Knock on Wood
11.Take Me to the River
12.I Can't Stand the Rain
13.In the Midnight Hour
14.Hold on I'm Coming
15.Hallelujah I Love Her So
All To Myself 英文
1.The Way You Make Me Feel - Acoustic
2.You Are Not Alone (Acoustic Version)
3.The Way You Make Me Feel (Acoustic Version)
4.All to Myself (Radio Mix)
暫存 英文
1.beautiful friend
2.when i get you alone
4.Little Drummer Boy
5.Who's That Girl
6.Battle Scars (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
7.Black & Blue
8.Traces Of You
9.Tonight Again
10.Art Of Love - featuring Jordin Sparks
11.Black & Blue - Paces Remix
12.Tonight Again (Eurovision 2015 - Australia / Instrumental Version)
13.Tonight Again (Short Edit)
14.Australia: Tonight Again
15.Like It Like That (Radio Edit)
16.Ben (Acoustic)
17.Man In the Mirror (Acoustic)
18.Who's That Girl (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
19.The Christmas Song
20.Oh Oh (Cutfather & Joe remix)
21.Wish I Didn't Tell You
22.Do Life
23.Can't Stop a River (Live At the Basement)
24.Sweetest Berry (Live At the State Theatre)
25.Story of a Single Man (Live At the State Theatre)
26.Like a Drum (Nick G & Ron Reeser Radio Edit)
27.Like a Drum (Stefan Dabruck Remix)
28.Like a Drum (The Chainsmokers Remix)
29.Dare To Be Square

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