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Andre Tanneberger( ATB )【 共收藏 17 張專輯, 322 首歌 】
原名 Andre' Tanneberger 的 ATB

從小便對電子舞曲產生了極高的興趣,18歲時就成了當地Pub駐場DJ,而有幸認識到一些他音樂生涯中的貴人Thomas Kulula、a.k.a.、General Base等,開啟ATB

短短一年後隨即推出第一首單曲,也在隨後數年間發行數首自己的作品,皆是頗受好評。直到1998年,一首氣車廣告曲'9PM(Till I Come)'衝上英美電音榜冠軍及流行榜前10名,不僅讓ATB的知名度扶搖直上成為炙手可熱的人氣電音巨星,更令ATB合作邀約不斷,成為獨當一面的超級電音製作人。

AndréTanneberger(德語發音:[ʔandʁeːtanəbɛʁɡɐ]),名字為ATB,(1973年2月26日出生於德國薩克森州弗萊貝格)是德國DJ,音樂家和電子舞曲製作人。 根據DJ雜誌管理的官方世界DJ排名,ATB在2009年和2010年排名第11位,2011年排名第15位。2011年,根據“DJ榜”排名,他名列世界排名第一。 他以1999年單曲“9PM(直到我來)”而聞名,這是英國的頭號單曲。
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Under The Stars 英文
1.Street Piano (提供)
2.A Past Life (提供)
3.Thrive (提供)
4.The Flame (提供)
5.I Was Driven Into Sunlight (提供)
6.Impurity (提供)
7.Nothing More (提供)
8.Trilogy (The Final Chapter) (提供)
Contact 英文
1.Love The Silence (提供)
2.Cursed By Beauty (提供)
3.Galaxia (提供)
4.Breathe (提供)
5.Jetstream (提供)
6.Supersonic (提供)
7.Pacific Avenue (提供)
8.Red Sun (提供)
9.The Mission (提供)
10.What Are You Waiting For (提供)
11.Still Here (ATB's Anthem 2014 Version)
12.Arms Wide Open (提供)
13.Right Back To You
14.Contact (提供)
15.Trace Of Life (提供)
16.When Angels Travel (提供)
17.Now Or Never
18.Straight To The Stars
19.Walking Awake
20.Everything Is Beautiful
22.Face To Face (提供)
23.Beam Me Up
24.Hard To Cure
25.When It Ends It Starts Again
26.Raging Bull
Never Give Up 英文
1.Never Give Up - Airplay Mix(feat. Ramona Nerra)2.Never Give Up - Clubmix(feat. Ramona Nerra)
遙遠的地球來台特別盤(Distant Earth Edition) 英文
1.Twisted Love(Distant Earth Vocal Version)(feat. Christina Soto) (提供)
2.Gold(Original Mix)(feat. Jan Soon)
3.All I Need Is You(Original Mix)(feat. Sean Ryan)
4.If It's Love(Original Mix)(feat. Melissa Loretta)
5.Move On(Original Mix)(feat. Jan Soon)
6.Chapter One(Original Mix)(feat. Josh Gallahan) (提供)
7.Heartbeat(Original Mix)(feat. Amurai & Melissa Loretta)
8.Killing Me Inside(Original Mix)(feat. Sean Ryan)
9.Apollo Road(Original Mix)(feat. Dash Berlin) (提供)
10.Running A Wrong Way(Original Mix)(feat. Rea Garvey)
11.Where You Are(Original Mix)(feat. Kate Louise Smith)
12.This Is Your Life(Original Mix)(feat. Fuldner)
13.One More(Original Mix)(feat. Christina Soto)
14.White Letters(Original Mix)(feat. Melissa Loretta)
15.Vice Versa(Original Mix)(feat. Armin Van Buuren) (提供)
16.Magnetic Girl(Original Mix) (提供)
17.Be Like You(Original Mix)(feat. Jan Soon) (提供)
18.Moments In Peace(Original Mix) (提供)
19.Moving Backwards(Original Mix)(feat. Kate Louise Smith)
20.Distant Earth(Original Mix) (提供)
21.Trinity(Original Mix) (提供)
22.City Of Hope(Original Mix) (提供)
23.Expanded Perception(Original Mix) (提供)
24.Sternwanderer(Original Mix)(feat. Anova) (提供)
25.Orbit(Original Mix) (提供)
26.9 PM(Till I Come)
27.Don't Stop
29.The Summer
30.Justify(Airplay Guitar)
31.Let U Go
34.What About Us
35.Here With Me
36.Far Beyond
37.Long Way Home
38.You're Not Alone
40.Hold You
41.I Don't Wanna Stop
42.The Fields Of Love
43.Triologie Part 2 (提供)
44.Summervibes With 9 PM (提供)
45.In Love With The DJ
Distant Earth 英文
1.Twisted Love (提供)
3.All I Need Is You
4.If It's Love
5.Move On
6.Chapter One (提供)
8.Killing Me Inside
9.Apollo Road (提供)
10.Running A Wrong Way
11.Where You Are
12.This Is Your Life
13.One More
14.White Letters
15.Vice Versa (提供)
16.Magnetic Girl (提供)
17.Be Like You
18.Moments In Peace (提供)
19.Moving Backwards
20.Distant Earth
21.Trinity (提供)
22.City Of Hope (提供)
23.Expanded Perception (提供)
24.Sternwanderer (提供)
25.Orbit (提供)
Future Memories 英文
1.What About Us
2.Swept Away
3.A New Day
4.My Everything
5.Summervibes With 9PM (提供)
7.ATB Pres. Josh Gallahan: Luminescence (提供)
8.ATB Pres. Flanders: Behind
9.Future Memories (提供)
10.Still Here
11.My Saving Grace
12.Terra260273 (提供)
13.ATB Pres. Jades: Communicate
14.Talismanic (提供)
16.Horizon (提供)
17.Voices (提供)
18.ATB Pres. Flanders: Behind (ATB's Ambient Mix)
19.ATB Pres. Apple & Stone: Authentic Reaction (提供)
20.Careless (提供)
21.Twilight (提供)
22.Listen To Me (提供)
23.Living Life Over (提供)
24.Silent Meaning (提供)
25.Malibu Road (提供)
Addicted To Music 英文
1.Long Way Home
2.Do You Love Me
3.Peace Is Illusion (提供)
4.Sunset Girl (提供)
5.Cabana Moon
6.Trilogy (提供)
dedicated 英文
Radikal Records
1.You Are Not Along(airplay edit)
2.I Wanna Cry
3.Get High (提供)
4.I Can't Stand...
5.I See It
Movin' Melodies 英文
1.Killer 2000
2.Emotion (提供)
3.Too Much Rain
4.Underwater World
Two Worlds 英文
1.Feel You Like a River
2.Bring It Back
3.Fall Asleep
4.Feel You
5.Love Will Find You
6.The Summer
7.The Fields Of Love
8.Let You Go
9.See U Again (提供)
Trilogy 英文
Seven Years 英文
1.Humanity2.9PM (Till I Come)
No silence 英文
1.Here with Me
2.Collides With Beauty
3.The Autumn Leaves
4.Black Nights
7.Eternal Swells (提供)
8.Intencity (提供)
9.Mysterious Skies (提供)
Movin Melodies 英文

1.The First Ton. (提供)
2.Emotion (提供)
3.Underwater (提供)
4.Zwischenst. (提供)
5.9 Pm (提供)
6.Killer 2000
7.Too Much (提供)
8.Don't Stop
9.Obsession (提供)
10.My Dream (提供)
12.Beach Vibes (提供)
13.Movin' Melo. (提供)
14.Sunburn (提供)
15.9 Pm (提供)
Could You Believe (Single) 英文
1.Could You Believe
暫存1 英文
1.Love Will Feel You
4.9 PM (Till I Come) [Radio Mix UK]
5.Hold You (Clubb Mix)
6.Summer Rain
7.After the Flame
8.9 PM (Till I Come) [Club Mix]
9.We Belong
10.Don't Stop! (ATB Remix)
11.The Summer (Ibiza Influence Version)
12.9 PM (Till I Come) [Radio Edit]
13.Long Way Home (Original Mix)
14.Killer (Video Edit)
15.9 PM (Till I Come) [9PM Mix]
16.Long Way Home (original Edit)
17.Killer (Radio Edit)
18.Don't Stop (X-cabs Radio Edit)
19.9 PM (Till I Come) [Radio Mix]
20.Long Way Home (Steve Murano Remix)
21.Let U Go (Wippenberg Remix)
22.Sun Goes Down
23.9 PM (Till I Come) [U.K. Radio Mix]
24.Long Way Home (Starfighter 2 Remix)
25.I Don't Wanna Stop (Radio Edit)
26.Marrakech (A and T Remix)
27.You're Not Alone (2nd Clubb Mix)
28.Let U Go (2005 Reworked)
29.You Are Not Alone
30.Long Way Home (Clubb Mix)
31.Everything Is Wrong
32.Here With Me (A&T Remix)
33.Marrakech (Airplay Mix)
34.I Will Not Forget
35.Break My Heart
36.Wait for Your Heart
37.Killer (Original Mix)
38.Ecstasy (Clubb Mix)
39.Let U Go (Airplay Mix)
40.Let U Go (Clubb Mix)
41.Long Way Home (Radio Edit)
42.Ecstasy (Original Airplay Mix)
43.Desperate Religion
44.Hold You (M.O.R.P.H. Mix)
45.Believe In Me
46.Take Me Over
47.Better Give Up
48.Ecstasy (AT&B Airplay Mix)
49.9 PM (Till I Come) [Sequential One 1999 Remix]
50.Loose The Gravity (提供)
51.Hypnotic Beach (提供)
52.Repulse (提供)
53.Here With Me (Airplay Mix)
54.Ecstasy (A&T Remix)
55.Let U Go (ATB Remix)
56.I Don't Wanna Stop (Kenny Hayes Remix)
59.9 PM (Till I Come) [Signum Remix]
60.Feel Alive
61.These Days
62.In Love With The DJ (New Vocal Clubb Mix)
63.Marrakech (Clubb Mix)
64.Hold You (Club Mix)
67.Stars Come Out
68.Made Of Glass
69.The Summer (Club Mix)
70.Flash X
71.What About Us - Radio Edit
72.Could You Believe (Taylor & Gallahan Remix)
73.9 PM Reloaded
74.What About Us (album version)
75.Here With Me - Short Edit
76.Marrakech (Live @ Nowhere Mix)
77.I Don't Wanna Stop (Original Mix)
78.9 PM (Til I Come)
79.9pm (Till I Come) (Original Mix)
80.Let You Go (ASOT 757) [ASOT Radio Classic]
81.Could You Believe - Original Mix
82.Justify (Club Mix)
83.Humanity (Live)
84.Ecstacy [Mix Cut] - Intro Edit
85.Ecstacy (Intro Edit)
86.You're Not Alone - Airplay Mix
87.You're Not Alone (1st Clubb Mix)
88.Could You Believe - Airplay Edit
89.Could You Believe - Original Mix Edit
90.Wouldnt Change A Thing - Retrobyte Club Edit
91.Could You Believe - Airplay Mix
92.Don't Stop (original)
93.9 PM (Till I Come) (album version)
94.Autumn Leaves
95.9 PM (Till I Come) (2008 rework)
96.Raging Bull (Extended Mix) [with Boss and Swan]
97.9PM Reloaded
98.Let U Go (club mix edit)
99.In Love With the DJ (single version)
暫存 英文
1.9 pm Til I Come (radio mix)
2.I Don't Wanna Stop (Pascal mix)
3.Behind (ATB vs. Callea re-edit)
4.Killer 2000 (Lock 'n Load remix)
5.Believe in Me (exclusive director's airplay cut)
6.9 PM (Till I Come) (Gary D's Northern Light remix)
7.Here With Me (radio edit)
8.Move On (feat. Jansoon)
9.Illuminated Mind (vocal sample)
10.Raging Bull (Richie Romano Remix) [with Boss and Swan]
11.9pm (Till I Come) (Original Radio Edit)
12.Twisted Love (Otto Knows Remix)
13.Feel Alive (airplay mix)
14.Wrong Medication (Radio Edit)
15.Renegade (Airplay Mix)
16.Move On (Airplay Edit)
17.Never Give Up (Airplay Mix)
18.Never Give Up (Stefan Dabruck & Tocadisco Remix)
19.When It Ends It Starts Again (feat. Sean Ryan) [Radio Edit]
20.9 PM (Till I Come) - Radio/Airplay Edit
21.Face to Face (Junkx Remix Radio Edit)
22.Killing Me Inside - Original Mix
23.Killing Me Inside (Josh Gallahan RMX)
24.Summer Rain (136 BPM Mix)
25.Flash X (Deon Custom Remix)
26.Desperate Religion (Cunningham remix)
27.Sun Goes Down (Savi & Lema Remix Edit)
28.Where You Are (Mike Foyle remix)
29.Face To Face (feat. Stanfour)
30.Let U Go (Schiller Remix)
31.Sunset Girl (Limited Clubb mix 2.3)
32.Long Way Home (airplay edit)
33.Renegade (Ronski Speed remix)
34.Hold You (Clubb mix 1)
36.Gravity (2010 ATB club mix)
37.Summer Rain (132 BPM mix)
38.The Chosen Ones

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