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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Peter Frampton( 彼得佛萊普頓 )
Peter Frampton( 彼得佛萊普頓 )【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 225 首歌 】
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Hummingbird in a Box: Songs for a Ballet 英文
1.The Promenade's Retreat (提供)
2.Hummingbird in a Box (提供)
3.The One in 901 (提供)
4.Friendly Fire
5.Heart to My Chest (提供)
6.Shadow of My Mind (提供)
7.Norman Wisdom (提供)
Frampton Comes Alive! 英文
1.Introduction / Somethin's Happening
2.Doobie Wah
3.Lines On My Face
4.Show Me The Way
5.It's A Plain Shame
6.Wind Of Change
7.Just The Time Of Year
8.Penny For Your Thoughts (提供)
9.All I Want To Be(Is By Your Side)
10.Baby, I Love Your Way
11.I Wanna Go To The Sun
12.Nowhere's Too Far For My Baby
13.I'll Give You Money
14.Do You Feel Like We Do
15.Shine On
16.White Sugar
17.Jumping Jack Flash
18.Days Dawning
19.Do You Feel Like We Do
The Best Of Peter Frampton 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection 英文
1.Show Me The Way
2.I'm In You
3.Nassau / Baby I Love Your Way
4.Lines On My Face
5.Baby(Somethin's Happening)
6.All I Want To Be(Is By Your Side)
7.Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
8.I Can't Stand It No More
9.Breaking All The Rules
10.Do You Feel Like We Do
I'm In You 英文
1.I'm In You
2.Putting My Heart On The Line
3.St. Thomas(Don't You Know How I Feel)
4.Won't You Be My Friend
5.You Don't Have To Worry
6.Tried To Love
7.Rocky's Hot Club
8.I'm A Road Runner (提供)
9.Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
Gold 英文
1.It's A Plain Shame
2.Jumping Jack Flash
3.All I Want To Be(Is By Your Side)
4.I Got My Eyes On You
5.All Night Long
6.Lines On My Face
7.Baby(Somethin's Happening)
8.Doobie Wah
9.Nowhere's Too Far(For My Baby)
10.Nassau / Baby I Love Your Way
11.The Crying Clown
12.Penny For Your Thoughts (提供)
13.I'll Give You Money
14.Show Me The Way
15.Shine On
16.Do You Feel Like We Do
17.I'm In You
18.Putting My Heart On The Line
19.Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
20.I Can't Stand It No More
21.Breaking All The Rules
22.Theme From Nivram (提供)
24.More Ways Than One
25.Holding On To You
26.The Bigger They Come
27.I Won't Let You Down
28.Day In The Sun
30.Waiting For Your Love
31.Greens (提供)
32.While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Peter Frampton 英文
1.Day In The Sun
2.You Can Be Sure
3.It All Comes Down To You
5.Can't Take That Away
6.Young Island (提供)
7.Off The Hook (提供)
8.Waiting For Your Love
9.So Hard To Believe
10.Out Of The Blue
11.Shelter Through The Night
12.Changing All The Time
13.You Can Be Sure
14.Baby I Love Your Way
15.All I Want To Be(Is By Your Side)
16.Show Me The Way
Wind Of Change Frampton's Camel 英文
1.Fig Tree Bay
2.Wind of Change
3.Lady Lieright
4.Jumpin' Jack Flash
5.Oh For Another Day
6.All I Want To Be
7.The Lodger
10.I Got My Eyes on You
11.Which Way the Wind Blows
12.I Believe
13.White Sugar
14.All Night Long
15.Don't Fade Away
16.Do You Feel Like We Do
17.Lines on My Face
18.It's a Plain Shame
19.Just the Time of Year
Thank You Mr. Churchill 英文
1.Thank You Mr Churchill
3.Road To The Sun
4.I'm Due A You
5.Asleep At The Wheel
6.Suite Liberte (提供)
8.I Want It Back
9.Invisible Man
10.Black Ice
11.Vaudeville Nanna & The Banjolele
12.I Understand (提供)
Show Me The Way: The Collection 英文
1.Do You Feel Like We Do - Live Version/Single Edit
2.Show Me The Way - Live In The United States/1976
3.Baby, I Love Your Way (Live Version)
4.Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
5.Show Me the Way (Live Version)
6.I'll Give You Money
7.I Can't Stand It No More
8.Baby, I Love Your Way
Beat The Bootleggers: Coming Live 英文
1.A Woman
暫存 英文
1.All I Wanna Be
2.Almost Said Goodbye
3.Call Of The Wild
4.For Now
5.Most Of All
6.Talk To Me
7.I Need Ground - Live
8.'Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours'
9.80's Music
11.She Don't Reply
12.Apple Of Your Eye
13.Wasting The Night Away
14.Putting My Heart on the Line
15.It's A Sad Affair
16.Everything I Need
18.Magic Moon (DA DA DA DA DA!)
19.You Had to Be There
20.Got My Feet Back on the Ground
22.Black Hole Sun
23.Where I Should Be
24.We've Just Begun
25.I Don't Need No Doctor
26.Verge of a Thing
27.Hour of Need
28.Introduction / Something's Happening
29.Going to L.A.
30.One More Time
32.Dig What I Say
33.Golden Goose
35.Love Stands Alone
36.Mia Rose
37.Take Me by the Hand
38.Lost a Part of You
39.May I Baby
40.Sail Away
41.Something's Happening
42.All I Wanna Be Is By Your Side
43.You Don't Know Like I Know
44.You Kill Me
45.This Time Around
46.Baby, I Love Your Way-Live
47.If You Say Goodbye
48.I Can't Stand It No More (07 79 #14)
49.Hang On To A Dream
50.You Know So Well
51.I'll Give You Monet
52.I Don't Wanna Let You Go
53.Road Runner, (I'm A)
54.How Long Is Forever
55.Hiding From A Heartache
57.Moving A Mountain
58.Into View
60.Grab A Chicken (Put It Back)
61.All Eyes On You
62.Do You Feel Like We Do?
63.I'll Give You) Money
64.Do You Feel Like We Do (Live - Remixed Version)
65.I'll Give You Money (Live)
66.Show Me the Way (Live)
67.Do You Feel Like We Do - Live
68.Baby, I Love Your Way (live, 1976)
69.Lying - 1995/Live At The Fillmore
70.I'm In You - 1995/Live At The Fillmore
71.Talk To Me - 1995/Live At The Fillmore
72.Lines On My Face (1995/Live at the Fillmore)
73.Most of All (1995/Live At The Fillmore)
74.Hang on to a Dream (1995/Live At The Fillmore)
75.Can't Take That Away (1995/Live At The Fillmore)
76.Almost Said Goodbye (1995/Live At The Fillmore)
77.Do You Feel Like We Do (Stereo)
78.All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side) - live/acoustic
80.White Sugar (Live)
81.Baby, I Love Your Way (Remixed Version)
82.I Don't Want to Let You Go
83.Shine On (Live In The United States/1976)
84.I Wanna Go To the Sun (Live In The United States/1976)
85.Something's Happening (Live In The United States/1976)
86.I Don't Need No Doctor (Live)
87.Just the Time of Year (Live)
88.While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Live)
89.Road to the Sun (Live)
90.I Don't Need No Doctor (Live from Beacon Theatre, New York City, NY / 2012)
91.Do You Feel Like I Do
92.The Long and Winding Road

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