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Sam Cooke( サム・クック )【 共收藏 20 張專輯, 455 首歌 】
塞繆爾·庫克,藝名山姆·庫克(Sam Cooke,1931年1月22日-1964年12月11日),美國福音音樂、流行樂黑人歌手,同時也是美國靈魂音樂的先驅者之一,被稱為「靈魂樂之王」。

山姆·庫克於1931年生於美國密西西比州,原名塞繆爾·庫克(Samuel Cook)。父親是一位浸禮會牧師。他還有7個兄弟姐妹。1933年全家遷往芝加哥。庫克就在芝加哥完成高中學業(和納京高互為學友)。


1957年庫克和「基恩唱片(Keen Records)」簽約,並發行了他的第一支冠軍單曲《You Send Me》,該曲蟬聯R&B排行榜冠軍達六星期之久。4年後他也成立了自己的唱片公司——SAR唱片公司,錄製了許多著名歌曲如Twisting the night away, Bring it on home to me。

1964年12月11日晚,庫克在加利福尼亞州洛杉磯的一家汽車旅館被旅館經理伯莎·富蘭克林開槍射死,年僅33歲。根據行兇者富蘭克林所述,庫克闖入她的辦公處並對她實施了攻擊,她射殺庫克純屬自衛。 之後,庫克的葬禮在芝加哥舉行。成千上萬的歌迷蜂擁而至,瞻仰他的遺體,為其送行。然而關於庫克的死因細節至今仍是個謎。


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Sam Cooke The Songwriter 英文
2.I'll Come Running Back To You
3.Don't Fight It Feel It
4.Rome (Wasn't Built In A Day)
5.I'm Alright
6.Sho' Miss You Baby (提供)
7.Wade In The Water (提供)
8.Dance What You Wanna (提供)
9.Never (Coming Running Back To You) (提供)
10.You're Workin' Out Your Bag (提供)
11.I'll Keep Thinking Of You (提供)
12.Nobody Loves Me Like You (提供)
13.Meet Me At The Twistin' Place (提供)
14.The Smile (提供)
15.Somewhere There's A Girl
16.You're Pickin' In The Right Cotton Patch (提供)
17.Wildest Girl In Town (提供)
18.Hold Me (提供)
19.Jesus Be A Fence Around Me (提供)
20.In My Heart (提供)
Cooke's Tour 英文
1.Far Away Places
2.Under Paris Skies
3.South Of The Border(Down Mexico Way)
4.Bali Ha'I
5.The Coffee Song(They've Got An Awful Lot Of Coffee In Brazil)
6.Arrivederci, Roma(Goodbye To Rome)
7.London By Night
8.Jamaica Farewell
9.Galway Bay
10.Sweet Leilani
11.The Japanese Farewell Song
12.The House I Live In
My Kind Of Blues 英文
1.Don't Get Around Much Any More
2.Little Girl Blue
3.Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
4.Out In The Cold Again
5.But Not For Me
6.Exactly Like You
7.I'm Just A Lucky So And So
8.Since I Met You Baby
9.Baby Won't You Please Come Home
10.Trouble In Mind
11.You're Always On My Mind
12.The Song Is Ended(But The Melody Lingers On)
Sam Cooke At The Copa 英文
1.Opening Introduction(Live) (提供)
2.The Best Things In Life Are Free(Live) (提供)
3.Bill Bailey(Live)
4.Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out(Live)
5.Frankie And Johnny(Live)
6.Medley: Try A Little Tenderness /(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons / You Send Me(Live)
7.If I Had A Hammer(The Hammer Song)(Live) (提供)
8.When I Fall In Love(Live) (提供)
9.Twistin' The Night Away
10.Band Introductions(Live) (提供)
11.This Little Light Of Mine(Live) (提供)
12.Blowin' In The Wind(Live)
13.Tennessee Waltz(Live) (提供)
Keep Movin' On 英文
1.Ain't That Good News
2.Rome(Wasn't Built In A Day) (提供)
3.Meet Me At Mary's Place
4.Basin Street Blues
5.Cousin Of Mine
6.Tennessee Waltz
7.Falling In Love
8.When A Boy Falls In Love
9.Good Times
11.Yeah Man
12.It's Got The Whole World Shaking (提供)
13.The Riddle Song
14.I'm Just A Country Boy (提供)
15.Try A Little Love
16.There'll Be No Second Time
17.Another Saturday Night
18.Sugar Dumpling
19.That's Where It's At
20.You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You (提供)
21.Somebody Ease My Troublin' Mind
22.A Change Is Gonna Come
23.Keep Movin' On
The Wonderful World Of Sam Cooke 英文
1.What A Wonderful World
2.Desire Me
4.Almost In Your Arms(Love Song From
5.That's Heaven To Me
6.No One(Can Ever Take Your Place)
7.With You
8.Blue Moon
9.Stealing Kisses
10.You Were Made For Me
11.There I've Said It Again
12.I Thank God
13.Steal Away
14.Deep River
15.One Hour Ahead Of The Posse (提供)
The Complete Remastered Keen Collection 英文
1.You Send Me
2.The Lonesome Road
4.Ol' Man River
5.Moonlight In Vermont
6.Canadian Sunset
8.Around The World
9.Ain't Misbehavin'
10.The Bells Of St. Mary's
11.So Long
12.Danny Boy
13.That Lucky Old Sun
14.I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
15.Desire Me
16.You Were Made For Me
17.Lonely Island
18.Stealing Kisses
19.All Of My Life
20.Win Your Love For Me
21.Almost In Your Arms(Love Song From
22.Love You Most Of All
23.Blue Moon
24.Oh, Look At Me Now
26.Along The Navajo Trail
27.Running Wild
28.Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive
29.Mary, Mary Lou
30.When I Fall In Love
31.I Cover The Waterfront
32.My Foolish Heart
33.Today I Sing The Blues
34.The Gypsy
35.It's The Talk Of The Town
36.God Bless The Child
37.She's Funny That Way
38.I've Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
39.Good Morning Heartache
40.T'aint Nobody's Bizness(If I Do)
41.Comes Love
42.Lover Girl(Man)
43.Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
44.Lover Come Back To Me
46.They Can't Take That Away From Me
47.Crazy She Calls Me
48.Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha
49.Little Things You Do
50.Ee-I-Ee-I-Oh a/k/a Ee-Yi-Ee-Yi-Oh
51.Only Sixteen
52.Let's Go Steady Again
54.There I've Said It Again
55.One Hour Ahead Of The Posse (提供)
56.No One(Can Ever Take Your Place)
57.What A Wonderful World
58.Lonely Island
59.With You
60.So Glamorous
61.Steal Away
62.I Thank God
63.Deep River
64.That's Heaven To Me
65.Steal Away
Sam Cooke 英文
1.You Send Me
2.The Lonesome Road
4.Ol' Man River
5.Moonlight In Vermont
6.Canadian Sunset
8.Around The World
9.Ain't Misbehavin'
10.The Bells Of St. Mary's
11.So Long
12.Danny Boy
13.That Lucky Old Sun
Hit Kit 英文
1.Only Sixteen
2.All Of My Life
3.Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha
4.Blue Moon
5.Win Your Love For Me
6.Lonely Island
7.You Send Me
8.Love You Most Of All
9.I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
10.Little Things You Do
11.Let's Go Steady Again
12.You Were Made For Me
13.Lonely Island
14.So Glamorous
15.Steal Away
Encore 英文
1.Oh, Look At Me Now
3.Along The Navajo Trail
4.Running Wild
5.Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive
6.Mary, Mary Lou
7.When I Fall In Love
8.I Cover The Waterfront
9.My Foolish Heart
10.Today I Sing The Blues
11.The Gypsy
12.It's The Talk Of The Town
13.Ee-I-Ee-I-Oh a/k/a Ee-Yi-Ee-Yi-Oh
Tribute To The Lady 英文
1.Good Morning, Heartache
2.She's Funny That Way
3.I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
4.T'aint Nobody's Bizness(If I Do)
5.Comes Love
6.Lover Girl(Man)
7.Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
8.Lover Come Back To Me
10.They Can't Take That Away From Me
11.Crazy She Calls Me
12.God Bless The Child
13.Blue Moon
14.I Cover The Waterfront
15.Ac - Cent - Tchu - Ate The Positive (提供)
16.The Gypsy
17.All Of My Life
18.Today I Sing The Blues
19.Oh Look At Me Now (提供)
20.My Foolish Heart
21.When I Fall In Love
Wonderful World: The Very Best of Sam Cooke 1957–60 英文
1.I Fall In Love Every Day
2.Blue Moon
3.The Wayward Wind
4.Only Sixteen
5.Wonderful World
6.Ol' Man River
7.The House I Live In
8.Galway Bay
9.South of the Border
10.Under Paris Skies
11.You Understand Me
12.Almost in Your Arms (Theme From Houseboat)
13.If I Had You (I'd Be Happy)
14.Chain Gang
The Wonderful World Of Sam Cooke (Remastered) 英文
1.With You - Remastered
2.I Thank God - Remastered
3.Blue Moon - Remastered
4.Summertime (Part 1) - Remastered
5.Deep River ((Remastered) [Bonus Track])
6.Steal Away ((Remastered) [Bonus Track])
7.There I've Said It Again (Remastered)
8.One Hour Ahead Of The Posse - Remastered [Bonus Track]
9.Blue Moon
Shake 英文
Sam Cooke: Wonderful World et ses plus belles chansons (Remasterisé) 英文
1.What a Wonderful World (Remasterisé)
2.Having a Party (Remasterisé)
3.Love You Most of All (Remasterisé)
4.Nothing Can Change This Love (Remasterisé)
5.Only Sixteen (Remasterisé)
6.Summertime, Pt. 1 (Remasterisé)
7.That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On (Remasterisé)
8.Win Your Love for Me (Remasterisé)
9.Cupid (Remasterisé)
10.Bring It On Home to Me (Remasterisé)
11.Chain Gang (Remasterisé)
12.You Send Me (Remasterisé)
13.Twistin' the Night Away (Remasterisé)
14.For Sentimental Reasons (Remasterisé)
One Night Stand! Live At the Harlem Square Club, 1963 英文
1.Feel It (Don't Fight It) (Live)
2.Chain Gang (Live)
3.Cupid (Live)
4.Somebody Have Mercy (Live)
5.Bring It On Home to Me (Live)
6.Nothing Can Change This Love (Live)
7.Having a Party (Live)
Hit Kit (Remastered) 英文
1.Lonely Island - Single Version [Remastered - Bonus Track]
2.Blue Moon
3.Only Sixteen
4.I Love You For Sentimental Reasons - Remastered
5.Blue Moon - Remastered
6.You Were Made For Me (Remastered)
7.Let's Go Steady Again ((Stereo) [Remastered])
8.Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha ((Stereo) [Remastered])
9.Steal Away - Single Version [Remastered - Bonus Track]
10.Little Things You Do
Ain't That Good News 英文
1.Good Times
暫存1 英文
1.For Sentimental Reasons
2.She Was Only Sixteen
3.Ain't nobody's bizness if I do
5.Bring It On Home To Me
6.Send Me Some Lovin'
7.Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha
8.Having A Party
9.I'll Come Running Back to You
10.Little Red Rooster
11.Nothing Can Change This Love
12.Win Your Love (For Me)
13.Sad Mood (Unreleased Version)
14.The Best Things In Life Are Free
15.All The Way
16.Lawdy Miss Clawdy
17.I'm so Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always)
18.Love Me
19.You Belong to Me
20.I Need You Now
21.Be with Me Jesus
22.Mean Old World
23.It's All Right
24.Don't Cry On My Shoulder
26.Nearer To Thee
27.Don't Go (On My Knees)
28.Were You There?
29.Stand By Me Father
30.Driftin' Blues
31.Sad Mood
32.Get Yourself Another Fool
33.Please Don't Drive Me Away
34.I Lost Everything
35.Cry Me a River
36.Trouble Blues
37.Nothin' Can Change This Love
38.Baby, Baby, Baby
39.Until Jesus Calls Me Home
40.Hold On
41.One More Time
42.What A Wonderful World This Would Be
43.You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
44.No One Can Take Your Place
45.He'll Make A Way
46.Jesus Gave Me Water
47.I Have A Friend Above All Others
48.Sugar Dumpling (Original Version)
49.Talkin' Trash
50.'That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On'
51.Just For You
52.Working On The Chain Gang
53.Any Day Now
54.I'm Gonna Forget About You
55.Another Saturday Night (Alternate Take)
56.Another Saturday Night (Previously Unreleased, Alternate Take)
57.That's All I Need To Know
58.Love Will Find A Way
59.Must Jesus Bear This Cross Alone?
60.A Change Gonna Come
61.Happy In Love
62.I Wish You Love
63.You Gotta Move
64.I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
65.I Ain't Gonna Cheat On You No More
66.Cool Train (First Stereo Release)
67.Nobody Knows You When Your Down And Out
69.Come, Let Us Go Back To God
70.Blowin' In The Wind
71.He'll Welcome Me
72.Frankie and Johnny
73.Somebody Have Mercy
74.Please Send Me Someone To Love
75.The Things That I Used To Do
76.Pink Champagne
77.I Got A Right To Sing The Blues
78.It's Got The Whole World Shakin'
79.Movin' and Groovin'
80.A Whole Lotta Woman
81.Jesus Paid The Debt
82.Fool's Paradise
83.Little Girl
84.Jesus, Wash Away My Troubles
85.Lost And Lookin'
86.Let Me Go Home
87.Laughin' And Clownin'
88.Dizzy Miss Lizzy
89.They Call The Wind Maria (From Paint Your Wagon)
90.Soothe Me
91.Touch The Hem Of His Garment
92.Chains of Love
暫存 英文
2.Smoke Rings
3.Ain't Nobody's Business
4.Farther Along
5.Bring It On Home
6.The Song From Moulin Rouge
7.Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
8.The Great Pretender
9.Don't Know Much About History
10.How Far Am I From Canaan?
11.Stand By Me
12.Pilgrim Of Sorrow
13.I Don't Want To Cry
14.Somebody's Gonna Miss Me
15.Born Again
16.I Belong To Your Heart
17.I'm Leaving It All Up To You
18.Mona Lisa
19.'Shake, Rattle and Roll'
20.Summertime, Pt. 1
21.Bill Bailey
22.Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
23.Medley: It's All Right / For Sentimental Reasons - Live
24.Grandfather's Clock
25.Oh, Look At Me Now (Remastered)
26.That Lucky Old Sun - Remastered
27.Danny Boy - Remastered
28.So Long - Remastered
29.Canadian Sunset - Remastered
30.Moonlight In Vermont - Remastered
31.God Bless The Child - Remastered
32.That's Heaven To Me (Remastered)
33.Lonely Island (Remastered)
34.Running Wild (Remastered)
35.Along the Navajo Trail (Remastered)
36.Stealing Kisses (Remastered)
37.Nothin' Can Change This Love (unreleased version)
38.Wonderful World (From the 'Inherent Vice' Movie Trailer) (Remastered)
39.It Won't Be Very Long
40.Long, Long Ago
41.I Dream of Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair
42.Twilight on the Trail
43.If I Had You
45.The Coffee Song
46.Summertime (Part 2)
47.My Foolish Heart (Remastered)
48.They Can't Take That Away from Me (Remastered)
49.All of My Life (Remastered)
50.The Twist
51.You, You, You
52.Feel It (Don't Fight It)
53.There, I've Said It a Again
54.Twistin' the Night Away (Live)
55.Jesus, I'll Never Forget (Take 5) [Alternate Version]
56.Win You Love for Me
57.The Song From the Moulin Rouge
58.Twistin' the Kitchen With Dinah
59.I'm Walkin' Behind You
60.Another Saturday Night (Remastered)
61.Little Red Rooster (Remastered)
62.The Great Pretender (Remastered)
63.Wonderful World (Remastered)
64.Crazy in Love With You (Remastered)
65.Blowing in the Wind
66.Amazing Grace
67.Comes Love (Remastered)
68.Jesus Paid My Debt
69.Sittin' In the Sun
70.Sugar Dumpling (Remastered)
71.One More Time (Remastered)
72.Jesus Gave Me Water (Remastered)
73.Secret Love (Remastered)
74.Somebody Gonna Miss Me
75.Teenage Sonata (Remastered)
76.Peace in the Valley (Remastered)
77.Come and Go to That Land
78.He'll Make a Way (Take 2 Alternate)
79.God Is Standing By
80.Lead Me Jesus
81.Jesus I'll Never Forget
82.Just Another Day
83.I'm On The Firing Line
84.The Last Mile of the Way
85.Everybody Loves to Cha Cha

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