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The Wombats( 袋熊樂團 )【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 133 首歌 】
袋熊隊是2003年在利物浦組建的一支英國搖滾樂隊。樂隊由主唱和吉他手馬修墨菲,鼓手丹哈格斯和貝司手托德奧弗蘭德努森組成,並且自成立以來就一直如此。樂隊簽署了英國的14樓唱片和美國的Bright Antenna。 Wombats的專輯在全球售出超過100萬份。

他們在大學時遇到了他們,並在2006年發行的專輯“Girls,Boys and Marsupials”之前發行了幾張EP,該專輯僅在日本發行。他們的首張錄音室專輯“愛,失落與絕望指南”於第二年發行,其中一些曲目首次發行於女孩,男孩和有袋類動物。在2008年推出另一張EP之後的三年,樂隊在2011年發布了他們的第二張專輯This Modern Glitch。兩年後的2013年,單曲“Your Body Is a Weapon”在他們的第三張專輯Glitterbug之前發行,直到2015年中才發布。樂隊於2018年2月9日發布了他們的第四張專輯“美麗的人會毀了你的生命”。
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Live At The Old Blue Last EP 英文
1.Greek Tragedy [Live at the Old Blue Last] (提供)
2.Give Me A Try [Live at the Old Blue Last] (提供)
3.The English Summer [Live at the Old Blue Last] (提供)
4.Your Body Is A Weapon [Live at the Old Blue Last] (提供)
Glitterbug 英文
1.Your Body Is a Weapon
2.Greek Tragedy
4.Give Me a Try
5.Be Your Shadow
7.This Is Not a Party
9.The English Summer
10.Pink Lemonade
12.Sex and Question Marks
Your Body Is a Weapon (Single) 英文
1.Your Body Is a Weapon
This Modern Glitch 英文
Bright Antenna
1.Our Perfect Disease
2.Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
3.Jump Into The Fog
5.Last Night I Dreamt
6.Techno Fan
8.Walking Disasters
9.Girls,Fast Cars
10.Schumacher The Champagne
Techno Fan (EP) 英文
2.Techno Fan (EP)
4.Shock Goodbyes And P45's
Our Perfect Disease (EP) 英文
1.Our Perfect Disease (EP)
4.Reynold's Park
Jump Into The Fog (Single) 英文
1.Jump Into The Fog (Single)
Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) 英文
1.Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) (Single)
A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation 英文
1.Lost In The Post
2.Party In A Forest (Where's Laura?)
3.School Uniforms
4.Here Comes The Anxiety
5.Kill The Director
6.Let's Dance To Joy Division
7.Dr Suzanne Mattox PhD
8.Moving To New York
9.Backfire At The Disco
10.Little Miss Pipedream
11.Patricia The Stripper
12.My First Wedding
13.Tales Of Girls, Boys & Marsupials
14.Derail And Crash
15.Metro Song
iTunes Festival: London 2011 英文
1.Our Perfect Disease (Live)
2.Kill the Director (Live)
3.Jump Into the Fog (Live)
4.Here Comes the Anxiety (Live)
5.Techno Fan (Live)
6.Our Perfect Disease
7.Techno Fan
This Acoustic Glitch (EP) 英文
1.Techno Fan (Acoustic) (提供)2.Anti-D (Acoustic)
The Wombats Proudly Present ... This Modern Glitch 英文
1.Jump Into the Fog (Acoustic)
2.Our Perfect Disease (Plastic Plates Remix)
3.Anti-D (This Acoustic Glitch)
4.Techno Fan (This Acoustic Glitch)
5.Schumacher the Champagne
6.Techno Fan
Let's Dance To Joy Division 英文
1.Let's Dance To Joy Division - Full Length Version
2.Let's Dance to Joy Division (KGB remix)
3.Derail and Crash
4.Tales of Girls, Boys and Marsupials (live)
5.School Uniforms (live)
Kill the Director 英文
1.Kill the Director (Kut Fm Live Acoustic Session)
2.There She Goes (live)
3.Sunday TV
Jump Into The Fog (EP) 英文
1.Jump Into The Fog (EP)
2.Valentine (EP)
3.Addicted To The Cure
Glitterbug B Sides 英文
1.Right Click Save
2.21st Century Blues
3.Wired Differently
Girls, Boys And Marsupials 英文
1.Metro Song
Girls, Boys & Marsupials 英文
1.Party in a Forest (Where's Laura?)
2.Sunday T.V.
3.Caravan in Wales
4.Little Miss Pipedream
5.Derail & Crash
6.Metro Song
7.My First Wedding
8.Backfire at the Disco
9.Patricia the Stripper
10.Lost in the Post
11.Girls, Boys & Marsupials
12.Party In the Forest
13.Little Miss Pipe Dream
Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life 英文
1.Lemon To a Knife Fight
2.Dip You in Honey
3.Ice Cream
4.I Only Wear Black
5.Out of My Head
6.Lethal Combination
7.White Eyes
8.Black Flamingo
9.Cheetah Tongue
11.I Don't Know Why I Like You But I Do
Anti-D 英文
1.I'm a Robot Like You
2.Dear Hamburg
3.Wonderful Distraction
暫存 英文
1.Girls/Fast Cars
3.Give Me a Try (Don Diablo Remix)
4.Moving To New York - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
5.Kill The Director - Exclusive Acoustic Version
6.Do You Remember
7.My First Wedding (Includes Hidden Track)
8.Is This Christmas? (Radio Edit) [Bonus Track)
9.How I Miss Sally Bray
10.True Faith
11.1996 (James Njie Remix)
12.My Circuitboard City
13.Ostrich Song
14.Bleeding Love
15.Dr. Suzanne Mattox (BBC radio 1 session)
16.Backfired at the Disco
17.Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) (Grum mix)
18.Is This Christmas?
20.Greek Tragedy (Oliver Nelson Remix)
21.Greek Tragedy (Bastille Remix)
22.Is This Christmas? (Radio Edit)

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