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The Trews【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 99 首歌 】
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Time Capsule 英文
1.Lotta Work_Little Love (提供)
2.Rise In The Wake
3.Paranoid Freak (提供)
4.Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me
5.Chinese Kites (提供)
6.Can't Stop Laughing
7.Highway of Heroes (feat. Kid Rock) [Alternate Version] (提供)
8.Beautiful and Tragic (提供)
9.Ishmael and Maggie
10.Beautiful And Tragic (提供)
The Trews 英文
1.65 Roses
2.New King
3.In The Morning (Feat. Serena Ryder)
4.Under the Sun
5.The Sentimentalist
6.Permanent Love
7.Age of Miracles
8.Rise In The Wake
9.Where There's Love
10.What's Fair Is Fair
11.Living The Dream
Hope & Ruin 英文
1.Misery Loves Company
2.One By One
3.People Of The Deer
4.Stay With Me
5.Hope And Ruin
6.If You Wanna Start Again
7.The World I Know
8.Dreaming Man
9.I'll Find Someone Who Will
10.Love Is The Real Thing
12.You Gotta Let Me In
No Time For Later 英文
1.No Time For Later
2.Dark Highway
3.Be Love
4.Feel The Pain (提供)
5.Paranoid Freak (提供)
6.Can't Stop Laughing
7.Man Of Two Minds
8.Hold Me In Your Arms
9.Gun Control
10.Will You Wash Away
11.End Of The Line
12.Burning Wheels
13.Ocean's End
14.Mistress Misery (提供)
House Of Ill Fame 英文
1.Not Ready To Go
2.Why Bother
4.Black Halo
5.Every Inambition
6.When You Leave
7.Tired of Waiting
8.Hollis And Morris
10.Fleeting Trust
11.You're So Sober
The Trouser EP 英文
1.Thru Me Cool2.Effy
Live from Montreal 英文
1.Hope & Ruin - Live from Montreal
2.One by One - Live from Montreal
3.Not Ready to Go - Live from Montreal
4.So She's Leaving - Live from Montreal
5.Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me - Live from Montreal
6.The World I Know
Friends and Total Strangers 英文
1.I Can't Stop Laughing
2.Gun Control
3.Den Of Thieves
4.Sing Your Heart Out (提供)
5.When You Leave
6.Man Of Two Minds
7.Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me
Den of Thieves 英文
1.Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me
2.Ishmael & Maggie
3.The Traveling Kind
4.Got Myself to Blame
5.Montebello Park
7.Ana & Mia
8.The Pearl (More Than Everything)
10.I Can't Say
12.Makin' Sunshine
13.Fire Up Ahead
14.Poor Old Broken Hearted Me
...Thank You & I’m Sorry 英文
1.The Power of Positive Drinking
2.Herm-Aphrodite (She Was a Guy)
3....And We Are the Trews
暫存 英文
1.Your so sober
2.Highway of Heroes
3.Hope & Ruin
4.The Pearl
5.Black Halo (Live Version)
6.Sing Your Heart Out (Remix Radio Edit) - Single
7.Fleeting Trust (Live) (Live Version)

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