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The Coral( 珊瑚樂團 )【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 181 首歌 】

2008年吉他手Bill Ryder-Jones離開樂隊。然而,珊瑚繼續是五件事。他們的第七張專輯“距離Inbetween”於2016年發行。


James Skelly - 主唱,節奏吉他,打擊樂,歌詞(1996年至今)
保羅·達菲(Paul Duffy) - 低音吉他,薩克斯管,支持聲樂(1996年至今)
Nick Power - 鍵盤,器官,旋律,口琴,鋼琴,支持人聲,歌詞(1998年至今)
Ian Skelly - 鼓(1996年至今)
Paul Molloy - 吉他(2015年至今)
Lee Southall - 吉他,支持人聲(1996-2015)(目前在中斷)


Bill Ryder-Jones - 主唱吉他,低音吉他,小號(1996-2005,2006-2008)


大衛·麥克唐奈(David McDonnell) - 吉他(2005)
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Distance Inbetween 英文
2.White Bird (提供)
3.Chasing the Tail of a Dream
4.Distance Inbetween (提供)
5.Million Eyes
6.Miss Fortune
7.Beyond the Sun (提供)
8.It's You (提供)
9.Holy Revelation (提供)
10.She Runs the River
11.Fear Machine (提供)
12.End Credits (提供)
The Curse Of Love 英文
1.The Curse Of Love (Part 1)
2.Wrapped In Blue
3.You Closed The Door
4.The Second Self (提供)
5.View From The Mirror
6.The Watcher In The Distance
7.Gently (提供)
8.Willow Song (提供)
9.The Golden Bough
10.The Game (提供)
11.Nine Times The Colour Red (提供)
12.The Curse Of Love (Part 2) (提供)
Skeleton Key EP 英文
Butterfly House 英文
1.More Than A Lover
2.Two Faces
3.She's Comin' Around
4.1000 Years
5.Coney Island
6.North Parade
7.Into The Sun
8.Coming Through The Rye
9.Walking In The Winter
11.Butterfly House
12.Green Is The Colour
13.Falling All Around You
14.Roving Jewel
15.Dream In August
16.Another Way
Roots And Echoes 英文
1.Who's Gonna Find Me
2.Remember Me
3.Put the Sun Back
6.In The Rain
7.Not So Lonely
9.Rebecca You
10.She's Got A Reason
11.Music At Night
The Invisible Invasion 英文
Sony/Bmg Import
1.Late Afternoon
2.Something Inside Of Me
3.The Operator
4.A Warning To The Curious
5.She Sings The Mourning
6.Cripples Crown
7.Come Home
8.Far From The Crowd
9.Leaving Today
10.Arabian Sand
11.So Long Ago
Magic And Medicine 英文
1.Milkwood Blues2.Pass It On
The Coral 英文
1.I Remember When
3.Good Fortune
iTunes Festival: London 2007 英文
1.Who's Gonna Find Me (Live)
2.Jacqueline (Live)
3.Remember Me (Live)
4.She Sings the Mourning (Live)
5.In the Rain (Live)
6.She's Got a Reason (Live)
7.She Sings the Mourning
iTunes Festival: London - The Coral 英文
1.Who's Gonna Find Me - Live at ICA
2.Jacqueline - Live at ICA
3.She's Got a Reason - Live at ICA
4.Remember Me - Live at ICA
5.She Sings the Mourning - Live at ICA
6.In the Rain - Live at ICA
The Singles 英文
2.Sweet Sue
3.Answer Me
4.Run Run
5.Goodbye (live XFM session)
6.Dressed Like a Cow (live XFM S)
7.Good Fortune
8.Another Turn in the Lock
9.Tiger Lily
10.See-Through Bergerac
11.Dreaming of You
Singles Collection 英文
1.Being Somebody Else
2.When All the Birds Have Flown (Outtake from Last Album)
3.The Cry of the City (New Track Recorded In Practice Room)
4.Far from the Crowd (Live from Elevator)
5.She's Got a Reason (Live from Elevator)
6.Return Her to Me (Outtake from Magic and Medicine)
7.It Was Nothing (From Help Album Charity Recording) (提供)
8.Bye Bye Love (Live At Elevator) (提供)
9.Michael's Song (New Track)
10.Shadows Fall (Original Version)
11.Dreaming of You
12.Secret Kiss
13.It's in Your Hands
14.When All the Birds Have Flown
15.Michael's Song
16.Monkey to the Moon
17.Simon Diamond
18.Calendars and Clocks (demo)
19.Dreaming of You (demo)
20.Shadows Fall
Nightfreak And The Sons Of Becker 英文
1.Venom Cable
Dreaming Of You 英文
1.Answer Me
Butterfly House (Butterfly House + Butterfly House Acoustic Album) 英文
1.More Than a Lover (Acoustic)
2.She's Comin' Around
3.Coney Island
4.Two Faces
5.Green Is the Colour
6.Butterfly House
8.More Than a Lover
9.North Parade (Acoustic)
10.Coney Island (Acoustic)
11.1000 Years (Acoustic)
12.Falling All Around You (Acoustic)
13.Walking In the Winter (Acoustic)
14.Roving Jewel (Acoustic)
15.Falling All Around You
暫存 英文
1.In The Morning
2.From a Leaf to a Tree
3.Bad Man
4.Wild Fire
5.Skeleton Key
6.Waiting for the Heartaches
7.The Ballad Of Simon Diamond
8.Laughing Eyes
9.Time Travel (Hidden Track)
10.Spanish Main
11.Sorrow Or The Song
12.Why Does The Sun Come Up?
13.Dressed Like A Cow
15.Talkin' Gypsy Market Blues
16.Confessions of A.D.D.D.
17.Song Of The Corn
19.In the Forest
20.Auntie's Operation
21.Eskimo Lament
22.God Knows
23.Sheriff John Brown
24.It Was Nothing
25.Lover's Paradise
26.Don't Think You're The First
27.Short Ballad
28.Bill McCai
29.All of Our Love
30.Precious Eyes
33.Calendars & Clocks
34.Keep Me Company
35.I Forgot My Name
36.Careless Hands
37.Grey Harpoon
38.Travelling Circus
39.Boy At The Window
40.The Oldest Path
41.See My Love
42.Not The Girl
43.I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better
44.Fireflies (Live At Elevator Studios)
45.A Sparrow's Song
46.Another Turn In The Lock
47.Dreaming of You - Live Lounge
48.Depth of Her Smile
49.Who's That Knockin'
50.In the Back of My Mind

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