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電影原聲帶(2010)【 共收藏 19 張專輯, 229 首歌 】
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魔髮奇緣電影原聲帶(Tangled) 電影配樂
1.When Will My Life Begin ?
2.When Will My Life Begin ?(Reprise 1)
3.Mother Knows Best
4.When Will My Life Begin ?(Reprise 2)
5.I've Got A Dream
6.Mother Knows Best(Reprise)
7.I See The Light
8.Healing Incantation
9.Flynn Wanted (提供)
11.Horse With No Rider (提供)
12.Escape Route (提供)
13.Campfire (提供)
14.Kingdom Dance (提供)
15.Waiting For The Lights (提供)
16.Return To Mother (提供)
17.Realization And Escape (提供)
18.The Tear Heals
19.Kingdom Celebration (提供)
20.Something That I Want
舞孃俱樂部(Burlesque) 電影配樂
1.Something's Got A Hold On Me
2.Welcome To Burlesque
3.Tough Lover
4.But I Am A Good Girl
5.Guy What Takes His Time
7.You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me
8.Bound To You
9.Show Me How You Burlesque
10.The Beautiful People
大笑江湖 國語
搖滾夏令營2:搖滾萬歲(Camp Rock 2:The Final Jam) 英文
1.Brand New Day
3.Can't Back Down
4.It's On
5.Wouldn't Change A Thing
6.Heart And Soul
7.You're My Favorite Song
8.Introducing Me
9.Tear It Down
10.What We Came Here For
11.This Is Our Song
12.Different Summers
13.Walkin' In My Shoes
14.It's Not Too Late
15.Rock Hard Or Go Home
享受吧!一個人的旅行電影原聲帶(Eat Pray Love) 配樂
1.Flight Attendant(Josh Rouse)
2.Last Tango In Paris - Suite Pt. 2(Gato Barbieri) (提供)
3.Thank You - Fallettin Me Be Mice Elf Agin(Sly & The Family Stone)
4.Der Holle Rache Kocht In Meinem Herzen From 'Die Zauberflote - The Magic Flute'(Wiener、Philharmoniker、George Solti Conductor) (提供)
5.Heart Of Gold(Neil Young)
6.Kaliyugavaradana(U. Srinivas) (提供)
7.The Long Road(Eddie Vedder feat. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
8.Harvest Moon(Neil Young)
9.Samba Da BencAo(Bebel Gilberto)
10.Wave(Joao Gilberto)
11.Got To Give It Up - Part 1(Marvin Gaye)
12.'S Wonderful(Joao Gilberto)
13.Better Days(Eddie Vedder)
14.Attraversiamo(Dario Marianelli) (提供)
實習大明星 國語
2.Remind (吼版)
3.Dance to the music
4.Remind (抒情版)
5.哥兒們 (飲酒版)
初戀紅豆冰 台國
翡翠明珠 粵國
1.一直都在 (國)
2.一直都在 (粵)
3.信今生愛過 (國)
愛你一萬年 電影配樂
3.嘿咻舞音頭(大西征也 YUKIYA)
5.歐噴你一萬年 (提供)
6.Running Away (愛情逃生) (提供)
7.Daughter's Fighting(父親的決心) (提供)
8.Papago(趴趴走跳) (提供)
9.Bus Driver Blues(藍調巴士) (提供)
10.Kissing And Leaving(吻。再見) (提供)
11.心弦眠眠 (提供)
12.情愛一萬年 (提供)
舞力全開3D(Step Up 3D) 電影配樂
1.Club Can't Handle Me(Flo Rida feat. David Guetta)
2.My Own Step(Theme From Step Up 3D)(Roscoe Dash And T-Pain feat. Fabo)
3.This Instant(Sophia Fresh feat. T-Pain)
4.Already Taken(Trey Songz)
5.This Girl(Laza Morgan)
6.Fancy Footwork(Chromeo)
7.Up(Jesse Mccartney)
8.Freak(Estelle feat. Kardinal Offishall)
9.Whachadoin ?(N.A.S.A. feat. M.I.A.、Spank Rock、Santigold And Nick Zinner)
10.Tear Da Roof Off(Busta Rhymes)
11.Move(If You Wanna)(MIMS)
12.Shawty Got Moves(Get Cool)
13.Irresistible(Wisin Y Yandel)
14.No Te Quiero(Remix)(Sophia Del Carmen feat. Pitbull)
神偷奶爸 電影配樂
1.Despicable Me
2.Fun, Fun, Fun
3.I'm On A Roll (提供)
4.Minion Mambo (提供)
5.Boogie Fever
6.My Life
7.Prettiest Girls
8.Rocket's Theme (提供)
9.You Should Be Dancing
10.The Unicorn Song (提供)
3D舞力對決 國語
1.We Dance On
慾望城市2(Sex And The City 2) 電影配樂
1.Rapture(Alicia Keys) (提供)
2.Everything To Lose(Dido)
3.Language Of Love(Cee - Lo) (提供)
4.Window Seat(Erykah Badu) (提供)
5.Kidda(Natacha Atlas) (提供)
6.Euphrates Dream(Michael McGregor) (提供)
7.Single Ladies(Put A Ring On It)(Liza Minnelli) (提供)
8.Can't Touch It(Ricki - Lee) (提供)
9.Empire State Of Mind(Part II) Broken Down(Alicia Keys)
10.Love Is Your Color(Jennifer Hudson、Leona Lewis) (提供)
11.I Am Woman(Sarah Jessica Parker、Kim Cattrall、Kristin Davis、Cynthia Nixon)
12.If Ever I Would Leave You(Sex And The City Men's Choir) (提供)
13.Sunrise, Sunset(Sex And The City Men's Choir) (提供)
14.Till There Was You(Sex And The City Men's Choir) (提供)
15.Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered(Shayna Steele、Jordan Ballard、Kamilah Marshall) (提供)
16.Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye(Liza Minnelli、Billy Stritch) (提供)
17.True Colors(Cyndi Lauper)
18.Divas And Dunes(Aaron Zigman) (提供)
T-ara & 柳時允的 Bubi Bubi OST Part.1 韓文
3.約定(With 恩善)
一頁台北 國語
1.Au Revoir Taipei 一頁台北(vocal version)
2.First Page(Opening) (提供)
3.First Page(Bridge) (提供)
4.Au Revoir Taipei (提供)
5.Au Revoir Taipei(Kai Leaving) (提供)
6.Au Revoir Taipei(Solo Piano 1) (提供)
7.Au Revoir Taipei(Solo Piano 2) (提供)
8.Love and Dumplings (提供)
9.Naive Melody(Lottery Store) (提供)
10.Naive Melody(Family Mart) (提供)
11.Naive Melody(Full Band) (提供)
12.Naive Melody(Bass Version) (提供)
13.Where Is My Baby Tonight?(Kai) (提供)
14.Where Is My Baby Tonight?(Ji-Yong) (提供)
15.Where Is My Baby Tonight?(Hong) (提供)
16.Moondance(Park) (提供)
17.Moondance(Bookstore) (提供)
18.Orange Blues(Full Band) (提供)
19.Orange Blues(With Drums) (提供)
20.Orange Blues(Love Hotel) (提供)
21.The One That Got Away (提供)
22.The One That Got Away(Drums) (提供)
23.Chasing Fools (提供)
24.Solio! Solio! (提供)
25.Solio! Solio! (drums) (提供)
26.The Nightmarket Shuffle (提供)
27.The Underpass Shuffle (提供)
28.Orange Dance (提供)
珍愛人生 電影配樂
1.I Can See In Color(Mary J. Blige)
2.He Is The Joy(Donna Allen)
3.Was That All It Was(Jean Carn)
4.Did You Ever See A Dream Walking(Sunny Gale)
5.Come Into My House(Queen Latifah)
6.Just A Closer Walk With Thee(Mahalia Jackson)
7.Love Is The Message(MFSB、The Three Degrees) (提供)
8.Now That I Know Who I Am(Nona Hendryx) (提供)
9.System(LaBelle) (提供)
10.Somethin's Comin' My Way(Grace Hightower) (提供)
11.It Took A Long Time(LaBelle) (提供)
12.Letters(Mario Grigorov) (提供)
艋舺 電影配樂
4.Tonight Tonight(阮經天&趙又廷)
5.You Come To My Head(蔡健雅)
6.Making Love Out Of Nothing At All(李玖哲)
9.Sweet Dreams(Vamps)
10.Let Down(Instrumental)(Dead By Sunrise) (提供)
11.Making Love Out Of Nothing At All(Air Supply) (提供)
12.A Stir In Silence (提供)
13.Brotherhood (提供)
14.One Shot (提供)
15.Monga - Memoir (提供)
16.A Chase In The City (提供)
17.The Love Affair That Never Happened (提供)
18.Nightmare (提供)
19.Brotherhood In Grace (提供)
20.Brotherhood In Grieve (提供)
21.Let Down(Instrumental) (提供)
22.The Solemn Monga Theme (提供)
23.Monga Theme (提供)
情人節快樂 電影配樂
1.Today Was A Fairytale - Taylor Swift(宛若童話 - 泰勒絲)
2.Say Hey(I Love You) - Michael Franti feat. Spearhead(說嗨(我愛你) - 麥可法蘭堤 feat. 音樂鬥士)
3.I'm In The Mood For Love - Jools Holland feat. Jamiroquai(準備戀愛 - 裘斯荷蘭 feat. 傑米羅奎爾) (提供)
4.On The Street Where You Live - Willie Nelson(你住的那條街 - 威利尼爾森)
5.Everyday - Sausalito Foxtrot(每一天 - 騷沙麗杜) (提供)
6.Stay Here Forever - Jewel(永遠停留 - 珠兒)
7.Amor - Ben E. King(愛 - 班伊金)
8.Cupid - Amy Winehouse(丘比特 - 艾美懷絲) (提供)
9.The Way You Look Tonight - Maroon 5(你今晚的樣子 - 魔力紅)
10.4 And 20 - Joss Stone(4與20 - 喬絲史東)
11.Valentino - Diane Birch(黛恩 - 范倫鐵諾)
12.Te Quiero Dijiste - Nat King Cole(說我愛你 - 納京高) (提供)
13.Jump Then Fall - Taylor Swift(跳,降落 - 泰勒絲)
14.Shine - Black Gold(閃耀 - 黑色黃金) (提供)
15.Keep On Lovin' You - Steel Magnolia(一直愛你 - 鋼木蘭) (提供)
16.Somebody To Love - Leighton Meester feat. Robin Thicke(戀上一個人 - 萊頓米絲特 feat. 羅賓西克)
17.I'm Into Something Good - The Bird And The Bee(投入美好事物 - 小鳥與蜜蜂) (提供)
18.Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours - Anju Ramapriyam(簽名,密封,投遞,我是你的 - 安如)
暮光之城 2 新月 英文
1.Meet Me On The Equinox (Death Cab For Cutie) (在晝夜交會時分 (俏妞的死亡計程車))
2.Friends (Band Of Skulls) (朋友 (骷髏樂團))
3.Hearing Damage (Thom Yorke) (聽力受損 (電台司令 之 湯姆約克))
4.Possibility (Lykke Li) (這樣的可能性 (莉琦李))
5.A White Demon Love Song (The Killers) (蒼白魔鬼的情歌 (殺手樂團))
6.Satellite Heart (Anya Marina) (衛心 (貝拉之歌) (安雅瑪芮娜))
7.I Belong To You [New Moon Remix] (Muse) (我是你的 (新月混音版) (謬思合唱團))
8.Rosyln (Bon Iver & St. Vincent) (蘿絲琳 (完美艾文 & 聖文森)
9.Done All Wrong (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) (全都錯了 (黑色叛逆機車俱樂部))
10.Monsters (Hurricane Bells) (怪物 (颶風警鐘樂團))
11.The Violet Hour (Sea Wolf) (紫羅蘭花季 (海狼樂團))
12.Shooting The Moon (OK Go) (悄悄逃離 (OK GO))
13.Slow Life [with Victoria Legrand] (Grizzly Bear) (緩慢人生 (灰熊樂團))
14.No Sound But The Wind (Editors) (無聲的風 (主編樂團))
15.New Moon [The Meadow] (Alexandre Desplat) (新月(草原)(亞歷山大.戴斯培)) ) (提供)

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