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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手You Me At Six( 活力小子 )
You Me At Six( 活力小子 )【 共收藏 11 張專輯, 127 首歌 】
來自英國東南部的Surrey郡的的流行龐克搖滾樂團「活力小子You Me At Six」,在2010年以出道第二張專輯《Hold Me Down》突破重圍,專輯晉升英國金榜第五名,專輯中的單曲〈Liquid Confidence〉贏得英國搖滾雜誌Kerrang!「最佳單曲獎」,隨後獲邀在The Reading與 Leeds音樂祭擔任主要舞台的演唱,樂團在2011年獲得倫敦奧運聖火傳遞大會主辦廠商可口可樂圈選為Future Flames奧運聖火親善大使,同時也在連續四年提名後,首度拿下Kerrang!雜誌「最佳英國樂團」的頭銜,這支由平均年齡21-22歲的成員所組成的樂團,在2011年歲末推出組隊以來,創作視野最遼闊、與創作風格最成熟的專輯《Sinners Never Sleep》。專輯發行首週勇奪英國搖滾專輯榜冠軍,晉升英國流行金榜第三名!首支單曲〈Loverboy〉與力邀Bring Me The Horizon樂團主唱Oli Sykes跨刀的黑暗搖滾國歌〈Bite My Tongue〉雙雙晉升英國搖滾單曲榜亞軍!樂團挾著英倫排行氣勢,準備在2012年開春殺進美國搖滾叢林。
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Night People 英文
1.Night People
2.Plus One
3.Heavy Soul
4.Take on the World
5.Brand New (提供)
7.Make Your Move (提供)
8.Can't Hold Back (提供)
9.Spell It Out (提供)
Cold Night 英文
1.Cold Night
2.Lived A Lie
3.Fresh Start Fever
4.Come Together (提供)
Cavalier Youth 英文
1.Too Young To Feel This Old
2.Lived a Lie
3.Fresh Start Fever
4.Forgive and Forget (提供)
5.Room To Breathe
6.Win Some, Lose Some
7.Cold Night
8.Hope for the Best
9.Love Me Like You Used To
10.Be Who You Are
11.Carpe Diem
12.Wild Ones (提供)
13.Champagne Wishes
The Swarm (Single) 英文
1.The Swarm
Sinner Never Sleep(罪惡不夜城) 英文
2.Jaws on the Floor
3.Bite My Tongue
4.This Is the First Thing
5.No One Does It Better
6.Little Death
9.Time Is Money
10.Little Bit of Truth
11.The Dilemma
12.When We Were Younger
13.Takes One To Know One
Hold Me Down 英文
1.The Consequence
3.Playing The Blame Game
4.Stay With Me
5.Safer To Hate Her
6.Take Your Breath Away
7.Liquid Confidence
8.Hard To Swallow
9.Contagious Chemistry
10.There's No Such Thing As Accidental Infidelity
11.Trophy Eyes
Take Off Your Colours 英文
1.The Truth Is A Terrible Thing
3.Call That A Comeback
4.Jealous Minds Think Alike
5.Save It For The Bedroom
6.Take Off Your Colours
7.You've Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It)
8.If You Run
9.Tigers And Sharks
10.If I Were In Your Shoes
11.Always Attract
12.Nasty Habits
13.The Rumour
We Know What It Means To Be Alone (EP) 英文
2.New Jersey
3.This Turbulence Is Beautiful
4.The Liar And The Lighter
5.Promise, Promise
The Final Night of Sin At Wembley Arena (Live from Wembley Arena) 英文
1.The Swarm (Live from Wembley Arena)
2.Bite My Tongue (Live from Wembley Arena)
3.Stay With Me (Live from Wembley Arena)
4.Fireworks (Live from Wembley Arena)
5.Reckless (Live from Wembley Arena)
6.Liquid Confidence (Nothing to Lose) [Live from Wembley Arena]
7.Playing the Blame Game (Live from Wembley Arena)
8.Finders Keepers (Live from Wembley Arena)
9.Crash (Live from Wembley Arena)
10.Always Attract (Live from Wembley Arena)
11.Save It for the Bedroom (Live from Wembley Arena)
12.Take Off Your Colours (Live from Wembley Arena)
13.Jaws On the Floor (Live from Wembley Arena)
14.The Consequence (Live from Wembley Arena)
15.The Dilemma (Live from Wembley Arena)
16.Kiss and Tell (Live from Wembley Arena)
17.Little Death (Live from Wembley Arena)
18.Loverboy (Live from Wembley Arena)
19.Underdog (Live from Wembley Arena)
Liquid Confidence (Nothing to Lose) 英文
1.Liquid Confidence (Nothing to Lose)
2.The Consequence (Live from Wembley Arena, London)
3.Kiss and Tell (Live from Wembley Arena, London)
暫存 英文
1.All Your Fault
2.Tigers & Sharks
3.You've Made Your Bed
4.Finders Keepers
5.Sweet Feet
6.Blue Eyes Don't Lie
7.Rescue Me (Instrumental)
8.Rescue Me
9.Moon Child
11.My Head Is A Prison And Nobody Visits
13.Knew It Was You
14.Starry Eyed - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
15.Sugar We're Goin' Down
16.Fresh Start Fever (Piano Intro Version)
17.Wild Ones (Acoustic Version)
18.Room to Breath (Acoustic Version)
19.Cold Night (Acoustic Version)
20.Lived a Lie (Acoustic Version)
21.Champagne Wishes (Hidden Track)
22.Lived a Lie (Acoustic)
23.Fresh Start Fever (Acoustic)
24.Wild Ones (Acoustic)
25.Forgive and Forget (Radio Edit)
26.Poker Face
27.Starry Eyed
28.Loverboy (Acoustic Version)
29.No One Does It Better (Acoustic Version)
30.Room to Breath
31.Room To Breathe (Radio Edit)
32.Kiss and Tell (acoustic)
33.Rescue Me (Explicit)
34.Take on the World (AlunaGeorge Remix)

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